Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

With the New Year, comes LOTS of New Year Resolutions. My Top ones? Saving Money, spending more time at home, and keeping my house CLEAN. We stayed home and watched movies the last couple weekends and I tried to pull my camera out when I remembered. Hannah crawled up and rested with Dad while we watched The New Tinkerbell movie.

I cleaned our our hall closet and the kids found a new fort. Even after I put our vacuum back in, they still have some room. They had alot of fun...stayed in for a long time before I put the doors back on. Who needs toys??
And look what we got last week? SNOW! Just enough to look pretty but not enough to stay home :( Hunter got to go in two hours late, though.
Anyway, have a GREAT Thursday. I have an early meeting this morning but I get off at 3 to take Hannah to the doctor for a checkup. Take Care!

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