Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Sunday

Today was a great day! I was so tired of being in bed, afraid to get up and not knowing how my stomach would feel until I stand for a minute. Well, I slept all yesterday afternoon when not watching movies with my little guy. I went to bed early last night and we slept in this morning. (except all those times I woke up thinking about my Pop and how he was feeling through the night) We cleaned a little around the house while Hunter took a great nap and then went out to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon. We didn't intend on staying as long as we did but they had a Magic Pumpkin Hayride and a Haunted Hayride after the normal activities so we decided to stay. They were both awesome and we had a lot of fun. It was a little muddy so we put Hunter's boots on him, which he loved. Mike wore flip flops, even though I warned him it might be muddy. We got a good laugh at HOW messy his feet were. He tried to dodge the mud piles but after dark, he couldn't see and that's ALL he seemed to walk into...his feet were filthy! But It felt good to be outside, to feel the finally, cool weather and to be with the two most important people in my life. It was a great Family Day! These are some of the shots I got, which weren't, technically wonderful but very special memories to us. I hope everyone has a great Monday. I'm headed to bed now.

Tomorrow, we're carving our pumpkin and roasting Pumpkin seeds. We have a busy week! We need to see our grandparents one day, we have "Trunk or Treat" on Halloween Night, we need to go out for Mike's birthday, still, with our family and I have some other errands to run. Hopefully, I can get it all accomplished. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. SO happy that we finally got some Fall temps!! Good Nite!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

*Prayer Request...and an UPDATE*

These are my grandparents and I'd like to ask that you could remember my grandfather in prayer. He fell today and has broke his nose and pinkie finger. He's strong as a bull, didn't complain once while at the hospital. He and a friend were moving a heavy air compressor into his truck when he slipped on the wet ground and fell on the machinery. They checked him out really good and gave him a Tetanus shot, as well as several stitches in his finger. He's so lucky that he didn't injure his eye and that it wasn't worse than it was. I just hurt for him because I know that over the remainder of the weekend, he's going to start hurting. My grandparents are the most thoughtful people I know. They still come see us whenever we're sick and have since we were kids. They could care less if they get sick too or what they could catch. They would do anything for us. They love helping their kids and we just love them being a part of our lives. Just minutes before his fall, I left their house after having lunch with them. I had been so sick and haven't eaten much lately but all I wanted was my grandmother's homemade soup. So, she invited us over. My grandfather is 82 and still works in his yard and garden every day. He fixes old appliances and sells them. He still does his "rounds" with my cousin Caleb or husband, Mike on a, sometimes, daily basis, just looking for a washing machine or dryer. He has tons of vegetables and keeps buckets of them out for all his friends and family. He's a Deacon of our church and someone who everyone looks up to. They're always visiting someone, taking someone some fresh vegetables or taking someone to a doctor's appointment. I wish I had HALF their energy! Today, we were so lucky. I love my Pop and Nanny so much. Thank you for your prayers! Good Night!

Prayer is an awesome thing! I know we've had a lot of prayers going up for my Pop and it must have worked. He took a pain pill right before going to bed and he slept all night. This morning, he's feeling good, no pain and plans on resting the entire day. I went to bed early and got a lot of sleep. I have been so sick lately and was so tired from being at the hospital yesterday. Today, although not feeling perfect, we're going to do something outside. I really want to spend some quality time with my family, which we haven't been able to do lately. Hoping to go to the Pumpkin Patch. We go every year and this is last day it's open. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank God It's Friday!

Well, Mike got through his test. He's not overly happy but it's over...for now. He thinks he will have to retake it in the Spring but there's no use in thinking that until we get the letter in the mail. And who cares? It's not the end of the world even if he does. He was so down on the way home and even though, I REALLY didn't feel like going to dinner, I took him to Ruby Tuesdays. My parents were keeping Hunter since they had picked him up from Daycare and offered to keep him while we ate out. He couldn't get his mind off the test. Just figuring out questions in his mind, solving equations on his dinner napkin and staring into space. I'm just hoping he sleeps in late in the morning and feels refreshed tomorrow. I wish I could make him see how proud everyone is of him, whether he passed or not. He's brilliant and I'm SO proud of him

I guess I spoke too soon and I'm really feeling yucky today. I couldn't get my sugar up today for the life of me. I ate, drank Ginger Ale, checked my blood sugar several times but it wouldn't come out of the 60-70 range. SO, I was pretty pooped. I finally went to Taco Bell for lunch since I was already out buying the biggest container of Glucose Tablets I could find and felt better after. It still wasn't perfect but it really made me full for most of the afternoon. I'm just so tired of dealing with sugar issues. I'm really trying not to complain but sometimes, I CANNOT figure it out. So, I'm pouting. I'm just exhausted.
I had a yummy salad bar at Ruby Tuesday tonite and it was delicious. We came home and I'm getting ready to go to bed now. Tomorrow, I think I'll get up and clean a little bit. I haven't felt like it all week and although my house isn't too messy, I DO need to vacuum and clean the bathroom. I hope I can stay in my pj's all day. It's supposed to rain all day again and be yucky weather. Nothing really sounds good but I hope my grandmother has some homemade soup made. (she always has a ton of it in the freezer) She and my Pop went out tonite but I left her a message that that's what I had thought about eating all day. We'll see.
Hope everyone has a great Saturday. I'm wishing for feeling better and a restful weekend. Please say a prayer for my Mike. I'm hoping he'll cheer up soon. thanks!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why do they call it MORNING SICKNESS?

Why DO they call it Morning Sickness when it last ALL DAY LONG?This is what gets me through the day and makes me smile when I get home at night..
First, Hunter is showing off his Halloween outfit on Mommy's bed. He doesn't usually stand up on my bed but likes to in order to get his picture taken. Then, he's showing off his outfit that he wore today for Picture Day. Tonite, he's showing his enormous laugh, after pouring freezing cold water on his head. He likes to help me wash his hair and believe it or now, likes taking a COLD bath. He doesn't even like any warm to it. He's SO much like his Daddy:)
He's been so good to me since I haven't felt good. He asked me the other night if I was sick. I didn't want to worry him so I said a little bit. For the rest of the week, he keeps asking me if I'm still a little bit sick. How cute! And it sounds clear too. He's come along way through Speech.
I've been feeling a little better the last day or two except still exhausted. I'm just ALWAYS hungry. I eat my lunch, and then an apple, a banana, some pudding, and a sting cheese and I'm STILL hungry! If I don't eat enough, my sugar bottoms out pretty quick. I'm doing really good at staying away from sweets and carbs so we'll see but if I don't eat enough, I'm so sick on my stomach. Luckily, I've only thrown up once..UGH!
I'm hoping for a quiet, family weekend. Just staying in and enjoying each other's company. We haven't had a stress free weekend for a while. He's been studying and I've been sick as a dog. My sugar has definitely paid the price for it lately. I'll be so glad when this part is over but I'm so thankful for this opportunity to be pregnant again. Hunter is excited at the thought of having a brother or sister and sharing some of his toys. We're looking forward to completing our family and sharing even more joy with each other. Hunter is such a good little boy and he blesses our life even more every day. We thank God for all our many blessings !
Friday is my husband's HUGE -P.E.Exam- and he's been studying for it for almost a year. This is the biggest test he'll probably ever study for. He took off all week and spent most of his time in the library, going over study material and organizing. (He has a STACK of books he has to take with him)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember him in prayer, as he sits in this test from 7 A.M until after 6 P.M with a 1 hour lunch break. He deserves to pass this test. He's brilliant and I've never been more proud of him. The amount of stress he's endured lately is grueling.
SO, I'm on my way to bed. I just wanted to catch up because I've hardly wanted to even look at my computer or blog this past week. And I wanted to ask for some prayers for Mike. Please be thinking of him in this VERY important time in his life..
Thanks and Good Nite!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quick Update

Hi, Guys...I've got pictures I REALLY want to post but completely don't feel like it. I'm still utterly nauseous and sleepy...You have to love those first weeks of pregnancy. I'm super excited about that part but the nausea is the worst. I can't stand to be sick. If I thought about it, I could sit in the house all day and sleep. Just kinda afraid to get up, you know? It's playing havoc with my sugar levels but I know if I don't get up then it'll never get better. SO, I'm getting up now at 9:57 A.M. and heading downstairs for some oatmeal. Then, Hunter and I are going to Busch Gardens with Grandma. I think it will be nice to just walk around and get out. Maybe the fresh air will make me feel refreshed. Mike has to work today and possibly tomorrow. He's off all week to study for his BIG Engineering test on Friday. Can't wait until it's over! Have a great day! I'm going to make the most of the day with my little man and looking forward to it! Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mike and Finally, some camping Pics

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Mike,
Happy Birthday to you!
This was Mike and Hunter at a rest stop near Charlottesville on the way home. We had a very nice picnic lunch. Mike is a wonderful husband, father and friend. I love him more every day. So, Happy Birthday, Love. You're the BEST!

Our Family

The Waterfall at the Campground

My Pumpkin Lover

Mom's Little Worm

A Beautiful Day

Pumpkin Love

We went Camping in the Mountains weekend before last. It was nothing like Fall. It was hot and in the 90's. We went to the Apple Orchard and got some apples and pumpkins. To be honest, though, I just wanted to get back. The heat has killed me this year and I KNOW I haven't done as much as I wanted to but it's been HOT! Plus, early pregnancy exhaustion is sitting in nicely. No Nausea yet and hopefull not at all but I definitely have some strange underlying feeling. Not complaining but can't wait to get to this part. My first Ultrasound is coming up...November 1st! (The peanut picture I like to call it but I should be able to tell if he or she is right on time and normal size or large again like Hunter..hmmmm)

Anyway, I thought these turned out great but I'm off to bed. Hope to post more later in the week if I have time. Wednesday is my hubby's birthday and Thursday is Family Night at my son's school. I can't wait...SUCH an important night for us all!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Star Spangled Banner

I had a couple pictures I was planning to post but I think this is, by far, the most amazing story and much more important. I love my Country and all the men who died protecting it. Listen carefully, and have tissues nearby.

We too often forget the prices that our forefathers freely and willingly paid for the freedoms that we now enjoy. The freedom from tyrannical rulers and from tyranny itself. The freedom to enjoy the unalienable rights endowed on us by our creator, among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Great Day and Not So 75 Miles an Hour:)

So, this week has felt like it's going a mile a minute! But tonite, even though I went out, I feel good. I went to see my doctor today about my pregnancy and everything looks great. Looks like I'm looking at June 17th as my due date but I don't think I'll make it that long. With Hunter, I have a history of BIG babies. I've already been told, before and today to plan on a Cesarean. My practitioner said she doubts they will even attempt a VBAC. If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have opted for a scheduled C-Section before. I was in labor all day, after they thought it wouldn't work. But the biggest reason I say that is my little Hunter man had a rough start. He had the worst case of cone head and he was blue for hours. He also went to the Neo-Natal Unit for a while after his birth because his Apgar score was so low. (5 and then 9) He had some labored breathing and I hate what he must have gone through. He was fine the next day but that evening was so sad! So, if I don't go though labor, it would be fine by me. I experienced it once (although not completed that way) and it was amazing. The entire process of Pregnancy is just a miracle and I thank God for just the chance again to experience it.
I'd be lieing if I said we weren't concerned about the financial impact this will have on our family but we have faith it will all work out. God is so good and we are really trying to cut back on our spending.

Tonite was my Photo Fun Club Meet up and it was great. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, and lots of information. I love the pace of this club. I love that I don't have to be a Pro or ever want to be to get along with all these terrific people. We all just love Photography and want to learn as we go. There's several opportunities to go on shoots together and more about the Photoshop class coming up. I can't wait! I'm looking to get CS2 in the next couple months, which is what most people have in the group. I also got to HOLD the new Sony DSLR. It was incredible! I don't want this one anytime soon but it sure was nice taking a look. It's a REAL beauty!
Well, Good Nite...I'm going to bed. Hope everyone has a great Thursday:)
(And I PROMISE to post my weekend camping pictures Thursday night while watching Grey's Anatomy:)

Another 75 Miles An Hour Week:)

I've got pictures of this weekend camping but didn't get the time to edit and post them. I'll try to do that tonite.

I've got my Photo Fun Club Meetup tonite also so not sure what time I'll get home. I can't wait. There are more and more people joining and there's also a new Photoshop Group that has developed from this Meetup. They kindof work together and between the two, they're trying to get a Photoshop class together. That would be awesome!! I'm so glad that I've joined this group!

I have my first Doctor's appointment today with the OB/GYN at 10:45 AM. I'm looking forward to it, even though it is total technicality. According to, I seem to be 5 weeks Pregnant today! They gave me a due date of June 12th but I'll probably get something more definite today. I still can't believe it!

OK, Guys! I've got to run and get my little guy up and ready for Daycare. Hope everyone has a good day and I'll see if I can't post some of my Camping pictures soon. (As soon as I got Hunter Man to bed last night, I was in bed myself....I was exhausted!!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy News!

Yep, here's my happy news. We're expecting another little one sometime around June of next year. It really hasn't sank in yet but I'm sure by the end of the week it'll feel more real. We're so excited!! I know Hunter will be the best big brother!!
I think that news was a real helper since I was a little down last night. We wanted to go see our Granny and PaPa and Nanny Puckette after coming back from camping and not seeing them for a little while. Well, Papa got home late from his Dialysis and Granny wasn't feeling well. She had either some pain or numbness in her hand. After taking some medicine, I think she got better but it's still a worry. They do really well for being in their 90's and every visit with them is well spent. Hunter LOVES to go see them, as much as we do. So we decided they needed their rest. We went and saw Nanny Puckette, who suffers from Alzheimers and is in a Nursing Home. She usually doesn't remember that she's asked us something several times or how old my son is and who keeps him
Today, she didn't remember me at all.
She said she didn't think she had met me before or Hunter. She looked at me as if she was happy to see me, a nice girl with a cute little boy. It was about 6:30 P.M. when we were there and she was sitting up in bed, watching the news. I know she is better in the morning than night and Mike kept reminding me of that. I DO realize that but I couldn't help the tears as soon as I left her room. We used to go downtown together and shop, after she got her hair done. We went to Woolworth and had lunch, after strolling through the store to see what we could find. I know the obvious but I can't explain how bad it hurt for her to not recognize me. We have always shared a special bond because I stayed with her so much as a child. She made the best oatmeal...Just the right consistency of sugar and butter. Quaker Oats couldn't touch it! Anyway, I'm praying I went on a bad day. My family is my life...I don't know what I'd do without them.
Anyway, hope everyone has a good day. I have some pictures of camping this weekend but gotta finish up my mound of laundry before work and taking Hunter Man to school. ......sigh...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Momma's Bed

This is a picture of Hunter, laying in, what he calls Mommas bed. He loves to watch his cartoons (Clifford or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse usually) in our bed before getting up for breakfast. I usually get ready for work and he's there until it's time for me to make it up and get him ready. He's had a Sinus Infection this past week and has been a little run down. His nose ran like a faucet and the Dimetapp I gave him for his cough had that wonderful reverse effect on him. He was hyper and NOT sleepy. (but still a good boy)
We're camping from Staunton, Va this weekend and it's hard to believe it's Fall. The temps are supposed to be in the Upper 80's and it's beautiful! I'm getting ready to get up and moving. The sun is pouring through my Bedroom window and it's definitely gorgeous outside! We're going to a big festival today and then the Apple Orchard tomorrow. (they're actually having a festival there this weekend also) I just hope I can have a little time to take some shots here. There's a great waterfall here I've been dieing to get a shot of. They have several Red Maple trees all around the campground but the leaves really have not changed enough to catch.
And a small prayer request....Sigh...There's a small possibility I may be pregnant and I don't want to get excited and jink myself. If I'm not, and I'm kinda thinking not, I'll be OK but something is definitely going on. It's in God's hands now but a couple prayers wouldn't hurt, right?
Have a wonderful Day and Enjoy it to the Fullest =:)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunday Sunshine

We went to a picnic with our family this past Saturday. The MaMa and PaPa were there, Aunts, Uncles, and all the cousins. We had a great time! It was nice being outside and the things to do were endless! Unlimited Ice Cream, Barbecue, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Cotton Candy, Jump Rooms, Large Inflated Slide, The Rock Climbing Wall, Horseshoes, Horse and Pony Rides and a great big Playground. What else could a kid ask for? These are some of the best shots I got.
Unfortunately, it ended in a trip to our local Patient First. We were in and out within 30 minutes and a prescription in hand. Hunter had a Sinus Infection and right before leaving, he fell right on his face on the asphalt. We thought he had scratched up his face pretty bad until we realized it was from his face painting:( What a scare. He had already scratched up his knee last week and when he fell, he reinjured it. Poor Guy. He's better today but still has a runny nose. We've been giving him some Dimetapp for his cough and I'm hoping his other medicine dries him up before getting in that Mountain air this weekend. He was really lethargic tonite, even fell asleep this afternoon watching Shrek. Mike had class so we snuggled in "Mommas Bed" and watched Dumbo. What a wonderful evening with my little Hunter.
I'm going to dinner Wednesday night with one of my bestest friends and a lil' light shopping at Old Navy. Hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day=:)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Kings Dominion Funnies

These are about half of my "keeper" shots from Kings Dominion last weekend. Hunter and his cousin Dnk had lots of fun together. They got to ride some things together, walk together and see Dora! My son was SO in love...aaawww
It was a fun day. BUT very muggy hot and dirty. I had dirt all over my legs by the time we left. My cold shower when I got home felt awesome. Anyway, I'll try to post the rest Tuesday but I'm exhausted. I've been taking care of my little boy, who is awfully nasal sounding due to a Sinus Infection. Poor Guy!! I gave him his antibiotics tonite, as well as some cough medicine and I'm hoping he will be better in the Morning. We're headed out to the Mountains of Va this weekend with the entire family and I can't wait. I want us ALL to be feeling god since we have lots of fun! It's a busy week for us since Mike has class at ODU Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be packing up our camper those nights so we'll be on our way bright and early Friday morning. . Hope you all have a great Tuesday!! Good Night!!