Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tired Night

Hello. It's been a great night! I went to my first Photo Fun Club Meeting of Newport News and really enjoyed it. There's a great group of people that I got to meet and share information with. It felt good to talk technical stuff with them and realize that more and more is making sense. I've been doing my reading and I'm hoping this weekend to play around a lot with my camera. I've been lazy for WAY too long. I've got that desire pushing me now.

I'm hoping to use my birthday money toward my External Flash and start being able to take more shots of us and Hunter. I know I've really got some reading to do on that subject. I'm thinking about buying a new bag too with the money I won. I'd really like a Crumpler but didn't want to put the money in it. Well, it seems much more reasonable with money that I WON:)
I think that's about it for now. I've GOT to get packing up the camper. I'm actually getting everything together and going out tomorrow morning. We're leaving Saturday morning but we have plans with friends tomorrow. Just a yummy dinner at the Hot Dog King and then the girls are getting a pedicure while the guys hang out at home. I think it's been JULY since my last one. I lost track of time but it's been a while and I've been wanting to get mine done before the holiday. I better get before my Buttercup fusses at me! (kidding)
Have a wonderful Friday. Maybe I'll post a little from North Carolina this weekend
Good Night!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Questions

Well, it's been a busy week but I'm here. I had a work meeting tonite at the Virginia Living Museum that was lots of fun. We had a guest speaker who was really comical and had lots of good information to share. His two points were the questions, Why Not and What If. How many times are we dealt a situation and we make it much bigger than it is? He was saying to set a goal on how you're going to work it out and then do it. How many times have you started a statement with "In a Perfect World". I KNOW I have but we should write down our goal and work on it. It doesn't matter when and how but if you never strive for that goal, will you really ever get there?

I know I get down about life at times but I have SO much to be thankful for. I won $100 tonite!! I'm REAL thankful for that! I think I'll put it with my birthday money this coming week and save it until I completely make up my mind. I'm interested in getting an External Flash for my Camera. I know that I won't have the money for it otherwise and I don't know how to use it but that could be one of my goals. I HAVE set some Photography goals lately to really STEP out of my comfort zone and practice practice practice.
Thursday night, I'm going to my first meeting with a meet up group I joined. It's called the Photo Fun Club of Newport News and I'm excited to see what it's all about. I think it would be so wonderful to meet people just like me that enjoy Photography and not being worried that I'm not technical enough. I'm pretty much a MWAC, a mother with a camera. I want to take great pictures and that's it. I want to learn to be super creative with my camera and all the accessories I have to go with it. I'm praying about it.
I would be lying if I said I said I didn't have self worth issues. I sometimes wonder, Am I good at anything? I know I am. I'm a Mom, A Wife, A Member Service Rep, a Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Friend, Lover, Scrapbooker, Want to be Photography Hobbyist, and someone who likes to know from time to time that she's good at something.

I'm "Chinning Up" and looking at the bright side of life and setting new goals. I just wondered if there's others in the world who have ups and downs and sometimes question where you are in your life

Good Night and I hope everyone reading this has a Wonderful Thursday!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Joys

We had a busy weekend! We went to the Pool Saturday and enjoyed some sun before Hunter's nap. Great time, a quick lunch and lots of fun.
With Mike's skin, I decided I'd cut the grass for him after. It was SO HOT! I took a couple water breaks, thank Goodness. I don't know how anyone could work in that kind of heat everyday. I could hardly do it for a couple hours for ONE day! But, it made me feel good that it was done and we wouldn't have to worry about it this week.
Saturday night, we went to Mike's brother and SIL's house for Game Night with the Family and had a blast. We played Apples to Apples, which I never had played before then and found it to be hilarious! The kids had fun playing together and enjoyed the yummy cake!
After church on Sunday, we went by and saw my Nanny Puckette in the Nursing Home and my grandfather, who just had Dental Surgery this past week. We ended the running around with a visit to Grandma and Grandad's, after their request to fulfill their Hunter Withdrawals!! They are TOO funny! Hunter knows exactly where to go when he gets there; to their Sunroom, where there are baskets of books and movies. He think it's his big playroom and usually will sit there as long as you let him!
We came home and all took a nice nap during the storm. I LOVE Sunday afternoon naps.
Ok, It's late and I'm headed to bed.
Have a wonderful Monday!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still recovering from Vacation last week:)

What a week!! (LAST week, that is) I was off because my hubby's brother and his family were here. We did alot in the afternoon and evening so Mike and I were able to clean around the house, get furniture delivered one day, convert Hunter's bed to a full size bed, go to the pool one day and go to Busch Gardens. Saturday, we finished cleaning a ton and Sunday, we took Hunter to see Shrek 3. See why I'm still tired??? LOL! Actually, I went to back to work on Monday and today, Hunter and I were sick. Our Daycare Provider called yesterday to say he had a 103 fever. (actually, she called me after his temp got to 103 on the thermometer...could have been higher) Just a Viral Infection and feeling MUCH better. Hope to be completely over it by the weekend. (Just headache, body aches and fever..Thank Goodness NO Nausia) Here are some pictures of the kids playing at Busch and at my SIL's pool. FUN!

This is Hunter's new big bed. It's comfy and he LOVES it!!
Here's our new bedroom set and new color we painted a couple weeks ago. I just walk in and can't BELIEVE this is my room. I love laying in bed, watching a movie. Our mattress and box spring were broke and old. We got a Super Pillow top Mattress Set and we're can't wait to go to BED every night. Hunter has a hard time getting up since it's much higher but he's getting the hang of it..Doesn't want much help and does it by himself (Me, Me!)
It's called Terrace Cherry; These pictures make it look darker than what it is but it's a beautiful, warm cherry and prettier than it looked in the Showroom! (with my old Cherry tv stand that needs cleaning and new black hardware I haven't replaced yet:(

My new dresser with the box beside it that Mike gave me years ago. It came with Bath Stuff and when my bathroom is done, hopefully this Spring, I'm going to put some towels in it. It matches my room perfect!

That's pretty much what's going on. We really did have a great week. It had been several years since seeing Rich and his Family. The cousins were inseparable and seemed to have lots of fun. It was so adorable to see them all together . I hope we can work it out to see them again more often. It was hard to see them leave, knowing the wonderful week that we won't soon forget.

They brought us a new plant, that I already love taking care of. It's with my other ones on the back porch that Hunter helps me water. They also brought us some Extra Sharp Cheese that we've been REALLY enjoying.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. No plans tomorrow night but maybe staying home and resting. Saturday, we're planning to go to Water Country. Mike had an appointment for the Dealership to look at our car on Saturday. The Check Engine light was on and it had been running a little off a couple days ago. But the light is off now and it's running normal again. (sometimes, I think that if you buy bad gas with a lot of dirt or something in it, it can mess things up)

Hope he can go with us to WC after, but he has a lot of studying for his PE Exam this Fall. Saturday night, we're planning to go to our Brother and SIL's house for Game Night and take out dinner. Sounds like alot of fun and I know Hunter will enjoy spending time with Miss K. And, maybe lunch or dinner with some friends on Sunday. Hope there's a nap somewhere in there:)

Take Care and Enjoy your day =:)

Oh, Please say a prayer for my Hubby. Friday is his Dermatologist appointment and we've been looking forward to it. He has Excema and spent a night in the emergency room during the beginning of the month. He's been having some pretty bad flair ups with it lately that have caused other health problems. Please remember him in prayer, that the doctors will be able to find something that can help him. I love him so much and hate seeing him in so much pain.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Watch out when the Boys get together...

We had dinner tonite with Mike's family at his parent's house. It had been a really long time since we had all been together and it was really fun. Mike's brother was here with his wife and 3 of their 5 children this week so we're doing things every day together. (one is married and the other has school or is working I believe) It was SO many people in the house that there were several conversations, and kids playing, movies on (Spiderman) and LOTS of good food. The Kayos isn't a was very nice. I found myself just sitting back and laughing.

The kids were playing and copying each other, the boys were driving their parents and spouses NUTS, being funny. They kept moving the furniture, cracking jokes, moving things around...and The T's (as I call my Mother and Father In Law) looked A LITTLE nervous in this picture. It was like they were all kids again, laughing and playing tricks. They are all real characters:) Hunter and Miss K go to Daycare together and so they are used to being around each other and copying one another.. hilarious to watch them together.

I enjoyed pulling them up in my lap and reading to them. They both sat for a long time and listened so quietly.

Lorrie set up her tripod and did get a good picture of the family. The kids were making faces so we also got a funny one of EVERYONE making a face. My cheeks hurt from laughing...
Tonite was really great. We enjoyed being with the family again and Hunter being able to play with all his nieces and nephews. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week:)

Anyway, if this doesn't make sense then please forgive me. I feel delirious I'm SO exhausted. Woke up at 5:30 A.M. to get some things done when Mike left for work and didn't fit a nap in. Tomorrow, we're all headed out to Busch Gardens. It should be a really good time and not TOO hot, hopefully. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

This is the new candle tart burner I got from Wal-Mart that I had to share. It was $3.96 and I love it!!

Good Night, Everyone!!

Happy Monday!!

Monday again....I can't believe how FAST this year is going!! I'm off this week FINALLY to spend some time with family and get some things done. Getting ready to head out to pick up some things from Walmart, going to the pool for a couple hours and then home to finish cleaning up. I've got SO much to do before getting our furniture this week and can't wait...

Anyway, just thought I'd post a cute picture of my Hunter, showing off our mattress:)

I asked him to stand by it so I could take a picture and see how high it will be..
And then one of my new pillows....I love anything Garden themed!!
I bought the hardward for my desk so that the bottom drawer can be a filing cabinet. I installed it myself and can't wait to start cleaning out our office this week. I'm hoping to get the desk outside and paint it; ivory with an antique finish. How Home and Gardenish...(is that a word?)
I was up at 6 this morning, cleaning out under my sink, throwing out old stuff, cleaning my living room and dusting. When I get back this afternoon, I've got to make some pasta salad, start throwing some things in boxes, get a rocking chair in my car to take to the Thrift Store, finish dusting and laundry and that's after getting Hunter down for a nap and getting a bath. It's a busy day but I'm looking forward to it!
Have a great day!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm having Withdrawals....

OK, I haven't blogged a couple days and I really need that THERAPY! It's been a busy weekend. I had to close Friday night so we had tacos for dinner and then ordered our new furniture and mattresses. I can't wait....I CANNOT sleep in a V shaped bed anymore and have a back ache.
Our new stuff will be here on Thursday so I've got a lot of work to do. I'm off all week since Mike's brother is going to be here from WI. I'm looking forward to spending some time with the family. It's been a while and we've got lots of stuff planned. I am hoping to do some playing with my camera. I'm SO tired of being self conscious with my Sony DSLR. I get so discouraged and then I don't mess with it like I should. I went out the other day in my backyard and even though the shots weren't great, I practiced some different things. I LIKE what I came up with.

Mike had to work yesterday and today. I went to Water Country with my bf, Robin, my mom and Hunter. It was awesome...very cool and not so humid. We had lunch at Pierce's Pitt BBQ and then home for a nap. I colored my hair, tried out some highlights, and then had a ladies night out.

Nothing crazy or anything, but we did a little shopping and then went to Cheddar's to sit outside and catch up. It was wonderful...a much needed evening! I got 2 or 3 cute things from NY & Company on Clearance...Jess, if you're reading this, you were right about the sales and you're in TROUBLE for telling me about that place... =:)

I'm headed out to church today and then need to pick up some office organizers and boxes. I'm hoping to pay bills tonite and start putting stuff from our dresser drawers in boxes to clear out our room. I have to have the room empty for Thursday when they deliver our furniture. I can't wait....I WON'T know what to do, sleeping on a nice high Jumbo Pillow top Mattress.

Hope everyone has a great day....I'm SUPPOSED to be cleaning the house, getting some of my old Dreamsicles figurines ready to sell on EBay, making dinner, filling up boxes, moving furniture out and apart...UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH...I need a break already:(
Also, planning to go see the Grandparents and my grandmother when Mike gets home..

I'd also like to mess around with my Photoshop too tonite, if I have time. I've wanted to learn some new things but that darn lack of patience I have is SO annoying =:)

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

One More of Isabelle

One more picture of Isabelle. She is SO beautiful. This is Aunt Lindsay holding her. She looks so proud!

Ok, gotta run and spend time with my hubby. We've been out all night, buying new furniture and mattresses to be delivered next week...Woo Hoo:)

Good Night!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome, Baby Isabelle!

I just wanted to post a couple pictures of Baby Isabelle, who was born at 6:21 P.M. tonight. I went to high school with her mommy and am SO happy for her and her hubby. I haven't seen her yet but these were taken by her Aunt Lindsay. She didn't have her camera so these were taken with her camera phone. How cute!! She looks JUST like her Grandma...I can't believe how much she resembles her! I can't wait to see more pictures. Lindsay said she'd take her camera tomorrow so hopefully, I'll have some more later! (Thanks, Aunt Lindsay) Awww...She's smiling!

Not so sure of life out here...
It must be kinda cold!

Look at that SWEET face!

Congrats, Melissa and Paul! Your little girl is just beautiful!! Mike, Hunter and I are SO happy for you all!


OK, I've also got some pictures of OUR baby, Hunter. He's growing up so quick. I was listening to a song today in the car and got all teary eyed, thinking about how grown he is. He still loves hugs and kisses and DOES NOT like it when Mommy holds other babies. (He says, "No, MY Mommy" and then he says "Play with Hunter") We're even learning about sharing but not his mommy. It's kinda sweet but I wouldn't admit it if you asked:)

I KNOW I'm going to cry when he goes to Preschool this Fall. He's also going to Speech to improve his vocal skills. He's already shown improvement since going through testing so I'm reall looking forward to him being able to pronounce things correctly, and more recognizable to us.

Some look at little boys differently than girls and can't understand the big differences with boys and girls but I declare, he is such a sweet little boy. I think that every day gets better and more touching. I know we loved the baby days but now, he's makes us smile and laugh constantley. I just love watching him grow and learn. He has the cutest little personality and I CAN'T WAIT to spend next week with him!

These pictures are from Tuesday night when we pulled out his Nemo Slip and Slide. It was so HOT ; I had some cotton running shorts and an Old Navy "Wife Beater" tank on while Mike had a t-shirt and jean shorts on. We had no intentions of getting wet/soaked with Hunter but he wanted us to try it out first. What the heck...that's why I have a privacy fence, right? Kids grow up so quick. WHO CARES if you look silly? WHO CARES what people think? Not us, Hunter had a ball and I'd do it over a million times again. I pay TOO much attention to what people may think of me..

Mom and Dad, showing Hunter how to do it=:)

I guess that's why I've decided not to pursue my education again. I haven't gone for over a year but I love my job and my life. I also love hanging out with my friends and enjoying the time we have left. I struggled with self worth for a long time (what have I done special with my life?) and now, I realize that I DO mean something to some people. I'm a Wife and a Mom and a Friend and a Confident. My friends and my family make me feel good. I'm doing what I believe God wants me to be doing.

I also went to the Doctor this week to make sure that there is nothing wrong and to possibly get an answer of why I haven't gotten pregnant in the last 1.5 years. I cry almost every day that I get "my friend". We're trying the last ditch effort of temperature tracking (which didn't work before) and if this fails, I have to start meds. (For Fertility) They suspect that although, I've had a child and can physically have one, I may have diminished Fertility. I almost cried on the way back to work. I feel so selfish because I have such a wonderful HEALTHY little boy. I would just like to give him a sister or brother. I think , eventually, I'd be OK if I didn't have another one but to be faced with that, initially, or not having the choice is hard for me. We're giving it to God since he is in control.

Good Night; It's almost Midnight and I'm paying for the Latte from Starbucks I picked up tonite. Can't stop blogging... Should have gotten decaf instead:(

I'm closing at work Friday night, then to Water Country Saturday and maybe out that night. Sunday, I hope to see my grandparents and then get cleaned up at home. I have a couple more things to do at home before enjoying the week off. Also, hope to look at the furniture we've been looking at, as well as some mattresses while they're all on sale. (It would be so nice to have them delivered while I'm off:)


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wonderful Water Country

These pictures are from Water Country last weekend. They're ALSO from a waterproof camera CD so they aren't the BEST quality but I don't think they were too bad. This is Hunter with my friend's nephew. Mike, Hunter and I went with our previous neighbor's son, Justin who was visiting from WI this past weekend, my best buddy, Robin with her boyfriend, Drew, her nephew and his friend, Mark with his daughter. Not sure who had more fun..the kids or the adults. Spent most of the day there and it felt WONDERFUL!

Hunter, with his new friend, Travis. He really looked up to him and I think Travis LOVED the attention!!

Hunter is SUCH a flirt!! (He did this posing on his own when I told him I was taking a picture)

Hunter and Mike in the Lazy River, which felt awesome being lazy with the heat!

My best friend, Robin looking MUCH better than me at the end of the day=:)

Sticking together in the Lazy River!
Three Amigos!
Such a sweet couple!! Me and Mike, showing our fatigue at the end of the day

(back in Hubba Hubba Highway before closing time)

Can't wait to go back this weekend with my parents. I went to the pool this evening with my son and parents and the water wasn't even refreshing! It was like bath water but we still had fun. Hunter is finally in the big pool and jumping of the side, almost before I can catch him! He had fallen in love with his freedom in the baby pool since he can play and w/ some great friends! But now, he loves the big pool and the steps he can play on. I can't wait until Hunter can play with his cousins next week. I LOVE this age. He's such a happy little man

I'm exhausted and headed off to bed. The countdown....2 more days until the week is OVER for me! Got a busy day tomorrow. Hoping to spend time with Mike during the evening. He's been working Overtime the last 2 nights and has to work Saturday and Sunday. I miss him SO much but I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. I have to run around to order a bag for my dining room table's leaves and get some new pillows for my bed. I'm going to run during lunch so I can spend as much time as possible with the guys tonite. I still need to vacuum, dust and clean a little after Hunter goes to bed. We're started making Thursday our cleaning day so by the weekend, the house is clean and less we have to do. There's still plenty....I need MORE time sometimes but I'm thankful for the time I have=:)

Have a GREAT Thursday!


After posting this, I decided to change the look of my blog a little. I'm trying to make it more likea family page...not completely decided on the text on my banner and title. What do you think? Any ideas would be GREAT! I love the colors though; Bright and Cheery! I'm not super creative so it takes an act of Congress sometimes to do something different=:)

I'll finish cleaning it up and updating info tonite!!