Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WOW..A New Toy

Mike was home with Hunter today since he had the flu ALL night last night. He seems to be feeling better today but still very tired. Not sure how he will be later. He ate some crackers and fruit snacks for dinner while we had Veggie Pasta. I was so glad he ate something and kept it down. We were so exhausted last night but it could always be worse. I'm counting my blessings! The worst part was watching our little boy so scared and feeling so bad. Glad that's over, atleast for now. We're all watching Charlotte's Webb of my favorite movies! He loves it too!

Anyway, Mike was looking on Ebay today and found this great lens. It's a Super Wide Angle Fisheye lens!! Ya..I know this will take some great shots...We're BOTH super excited. (It's actually like a filter that goes on the end of my current lens) I LOVE that Mike and I are both enjoying Photography so much! It's nice to learn together and have that enthusiasm! Plus, one of the lenses I've been looking at is on sale and they're going to hold it for me until Saturday. I love my 2 local camera shops!

Other than that, nothing new. I'm going to go try to work on organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I've been without a computer since Mike was formatting it. We organized our pictures in the program that came with my Sony. I love it!! It 's already making things so much easier!!

Have a good night and PRAY PRAY PRAY for snow. I heard we may get it tomorrow morning and that would be wonderful!!

Hunter is STILL sick. It's 10:15 PM and he just got sick again. I just hope that he will have a better night than last. He's so tired he can hardly cry. But I know he's hydrated enough since he has been able to hold down a mix of Kool-Aide and Pedialyte. He usually doesn't like the Pedialyte, but with the extra flavoring he does, thanks to Mike's boss, Trip. {THANK YOU!}

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Girls Just want to have fun!

Well, didn't get QUITE as much as I wanted to do tonite but got most of the important stuff done. I finished my light box FINALLY that I got the stuff for over a week ago. I was right in the middle of it when I left to meet Lynn and Kim for a yummy coffee at Starbucks. (Even with a tooth ache, it was yum yiscious!) We needed to dish, to be, to reflect on life, and what's going on in each

other's life. And Kim, well, she had her first coffee! YA! She liked it, I think. It was a nice time just hanging out. (Be PS isn't loaded yet since Mike reformatted. These are "naked", not cropped or edited a bit:( Not that these lovely ladies need much editing. (Lynn, I know what you're thinking..." I'll photoshop that out" LOL...ha ha Just kidding:)

Doesn't look like we're getting any snow, as I predicted. The news said it was snowing in some other areas but not here. Hmmm. And I don't have to

go to Jury Duty another week. HOORAY, again. Just have to call next week.

(my last week:)

I went to Michael's too to pick up a little something for some Wedding Shower Invites I'm Making. I got these stamps on clearance too and these are adorable. I was actually looking for something just like this. Yes, Jess, these are for you, Girlie! I also picked up a huge embellishment set that will be a great addition to my scrap stuff. Hope I can get to it this week. Tomorrow, is our Photog class at Ritz. We haven't been there for 2 weeks since we were out of town the first week and last week, the instructor had the flu. I can't wait to go! It's so neat! Well, I'm headed off to bed. Hunter finally went to bed and I'm tired! Good Nite:)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What a Great Day!

Hunter, learning from Mommy and Daddy! This is my old SLR that I got about 8 years ago. It's much lighter than my current DSLR, obviously but we only let him hold it with us right there. Mike wants to learn how to develop film so we're keeping it. It has lots of great sentimental value too. I love it! This picture was so funny to me!! I just had to share it!

Mike worked late last night and all day today so Hunter and I have had fun hanging out while he's been sick. He's so sweet, but his fever is still SO high, with Tylenol AND his antibiotic. It's SCARY so we're going to pick up some Motrin tomorrow. B the time Mike got home Saturday afternoon I I needed a little Jenn time so I went to Ritz Camera to pick up a new printer, had a return from Toys R US and Circuit City and stopped by Barnes and Noble for a large Cinnamon Dolce Latte while reading a great Photography Magazine from the UK. It was so relaxing...don't worry, Lynn. I didn't forget you. I'm going to call you tomorrow!

Our new printer!! I got my camera from Ritz Camera and they have so many perks! They gave me a whole folder with coupons. One being this printer is free after 2-$5o mail in rebates. (when you make certain purchases) I've already got them ready to mail off....this printer is awesome. Now, we'll put this photo printer upstairs for our desktop computer and our current HP Photo smart Printer is downstairs for use with the laptop in my Scrapping corner. I use it all the time! When did we become such Electronic Junkies? LOL!

Mike has been formatting and cleaning up our computers now. Before doing so, he was messing around with some of our pictures, reminiscing. We have really grown to love Photography together. He's always a big help with that and Photo shop when I need him. It's nice having several things we enjoy doing together. Running, Photography, Editing pictures; He's the BEST! He's taught me so much lately!

My new camera bag!! I've been searching for one for a while, since getting my new Sony DSLR. I have a big, bulky, shoulder bag that really makes me sore. This one is incredible because I love backpacks. (Even Hunter's diaper bag is a backpack) This has plenty of room for all my stuff and extra room for another lens and flash that I hope to get later. I can also put my wallet, etc in the front, zippered pocket so I don't have to take my purse all the time. I love this bag!!
Well, today has been a great day. I've had a little cabin fever since being in the house since Thursday. I took Hunter to the doctor and then came home. Friday, I was in the house all day and today only went out for Hunter's swim lesson and then ran a couple errands this afternoon by myself. We weren't sure if he was going to go to his lesson today but his fever had gone down, I got him some ear plugs to wear and I tried not to get his ears wet. He still isn't feeling perfect but his fever is hopefully, getting better. It had been around 103 and he felt like he was burning up!! I hate seeing those rosy red cheeks since I know what that meant. He did really well. He's learning so much! They base it on making cookies. It's fun; they mix it up, add their favorite food, put them in the oven and look in the oven to see if they're done. Hunter just LAUGHS:)
Mike went to his brother's graduation ceremony last night. I couldn't go since Mom, Dad, Jeff, Nanny and Pop were all out of town so noone to watch Hunter. Congrats, Dave! We're so proud of you!

Hunter's cousins, D & K. How cute!!

What an incredible hallway!! Talk about leading lines! Mike got a couple of these shots but this one is defentley my favorite!!

Well, Good Nite! I'm going to go get some cleaning done so I can play with my camera tomorrow and have some fun stuff at home. I think I might have time to get a little scrapboking done and maybe post some of my current layouts to TwoPeas. The weather is calling for some snow flurries but I'm sure we won't be that lucky. I have to call in Sunday night to see if I have Jury Duty again. I had to go this past Tuesday but they didn't have a case for the week so I got to leave. Good Nite!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dinner at The Piccadilly

We ate at Piccadillythe other night for my cousin, Caleb's birthday. Hunter wore his little Lovasaurus shirt...ain't he a cutie? He likes dinosaurs and saw it...I was planning to wait until Febuary for him to wear this shirt!

My Nanny Arnette and Aunt Kitty

My brother, Jeff and Pop

Getting ready to leave; Dad, Hunter, Jeff and Mom
Just wanted to post these pictures that I hadn't done yet. Hunter is sick again today. He's the happiest sick child I've ever met. But, his fever got up to 103 last night and we were getting worried! That's with Tylenol and his antibiotic. He's so hot, but clingy and smiling. I think I'm going to hold him all day. I love him so much and HATE to see him burning up. Mike's working all weekend so it'll be just us. I think we're going to have some fun. May make some cookies that I have left over, watch a movie and make some Orange Julius. (my old time favorite)
I've got some cleaning to do while he's napping. I might try to post some layouts this afternoon. Have a great day. It's in the 20's here but I'm SURE we won't be lucky enough for any snow!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's snowing!

It's's snowing!! I know it's not going to stick but it sure is pretty falling. Hunter and I stood at the door to watch it for a few moments. We don't get it much AT ALL so we were excited. I wish it would ALOT and there is still talk of some this weekend. I'm home today with Hunter since he has the beginning of an ear infection in his left ear. He got a high fever last night at my parents house and by the time I got him home, he was burning up. He gets them fast and high so we take them very serious. He doesn't ever complain, usually until he gets real tired and worn down. That's how I can usually tell something is up. He's hardly ever sick and we've been lucky this year, none of us have had anything. Sometimes, he's just fighting something off but he sounded congested too. I could hardly get him out of the bathtub or dressed last night he was so tired. He just wanted me to hold him and I have NO problem with that. I think he's feeling better today. He's in a great mood. He's just clingy and cute:) I changed him into clean pj's before going to the doctor today and his little cheeks are so red. I've given him Tylenol but he's still burning up. I've had a great time holding him. I took him to Hot Dog King after the doctor visit since he's been saying it for a couple days now. He's such a joy! It's hard to believe he'll go to First Step next year! When I was at Jury Duty the other day waiting, I remembered that and teared up. He's not a baby anymore and although every day is better than the one before, it's kindof sad. He still likes to be treated like one, though. He still wants to rock in my arms before going to his bed and he still wants to curl up with Boots, Diego, Mickey and Donald. He still likes Mommy and Daddy Kisses and Hugs, which we adore! Mike has to work all weekend so I think we're going to plan on a nice weekend at home. I might make a big pot of chilli and maybe pickup a good movie for us. We might get some snow again. Just my luck, probably not but a girl can wish. I just wish Hunter could play in it. He'd have a ball, with that cute little mischevious laugh of his. Hope everyone has a great day. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!
This is my little, weak eyed Hunter. He LOVES his hat, or mine. He wanted to wear it around the house today! I made his take it off so he wouldn't get too warm but not before catching a cute picture!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!

Today is my cousin's 17th birthday! Ya! It's hard to believe; I stil remember the day he was born! I've got so many memories of babysitting him, playing down at "The Lake", swimming, skiing and just enjoying our time together. He has really become a fine young man. (I sound like my dad:) He's on the honor roll at his school, plays soccer, he's a member of the National Honor Society and he wants to be a Vetinarian. He spends a lot of time at his grandparents and helps my "POP" with all the animals. He's a great guy, I'm so proud of the person he is and has become and I hope you don't mind I brag a little on him. Just wanted to introduce him to all my blogging readers.

The first picture is Caleb at dinner last night at the Piccadilly. The other pictures were he and my son, Hunter last weekend when we went to Massanutten. He and Hunter have defentley become buddies!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Where does the time go?

How does the night fly by so fast? We went to see Mike's grandparents tonite, shortly after I came home from work. Mike had already given Hunter his bath and gotten him in his pj's. I found these Elmo slippers on clearance at Kmart today. He LOVED them. He looked so cute. Granny, PaPa and Ellen were laughing big time with his shoes on . He didn't mind. He was watching one of the Dora Dvd's from the set they gave him for Christmas. He loves it, and he's so cute the way he answers questions Dora asks:) Anyway, we visited and had a nice time. Came home from there, put Hunter to bed and I'm on my way. I'm so tired. I have to be downtown again for Jury Duty. If I get another murder case, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown! What a stresser, qute interesting though. Well, too tired to blog. I'll post more tomorrow night. Good night!

no snow?

My Little Swimmer
Well, I guess we won't be getting any snow this season. They called for a wintery mix yesterday and that's just what we got. Sleet...rain...NO snow...What's a girl to do? We did get to enjoy a little of the cold weather yesterday. Mike and I drove around and got some great pictures of my photo challenge this week: water. I started out this week slow, with Hunter's swim lesson smile. I'll move in the week with the better ones later. We got our flannel pj's back on right after getting home. We got out and look out from one of the overlooks....BBBRRR! But it was fun being together. Mike has really taken an interest too. We made Orange Julius and Hunter loved it. He is really talking so much more. I was telling him what it was after he made a funny face. He said Orange Juice...too funny. My baby is growing up...It's a love like no other. I could eat him with a spoon, as my mom says:) Anyway, Mike is supposed to work on my laptop this week since it's so slow and we need to organize the pictures. We keep a backup of all of them on cd's but just need to organize the older ones. I've got some pictures of Jeff's wedding I'm planning to finish up in an album and hope to post some layouts this week. I finally got back on Sony 101 and plan to see what classes they're offering. Hoping to find a class really soon, maybe this summer at TNCC. I mentioned it to Mike again this weekend and he said he had already checked into it for sweet!! My class at Ritz was cancelled tonite since the instructer has the flu. I was really looking forward to it too. (Glad I've avoided that so far) Also, need to sign up for the Shamrock Run for all o us and move my treadmill on the other side of the room. HUNTER is running this year too. I can't wait! There's a special run for him and he gets a tshirt and goodie bag. I can't wait. That's it for today. Have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A COLD COLD Saturday

My New Backdrop Fabric
The BEST Models
AND...the most adorable!I love his little sweet face, as he plays
Boys will be boys, playing aroundHunter, learning all about swim strokesMy Beautiful Church Well, I'm watching 48 Hours Mystery and glad to be in flannel pj's! It's so cold!! Just got back a little while from church for our monthly crop and Wal-mart, picking up some little things, including some stuff to make my light box tomorrow. I still have to pick up some material but got everything else. I played around with my back drop last night; I got a new black, thick bottom weight backdrop and it turned out perfect. My mom found me a beautiful, red, long piece of material too at the thrift store she stops by. It looks really nice for Valentine's day!Hunter looked cute but had a dirty, little face. I asked if he'd sit up there for me and he did really well. He moved just where I wanted him but was laughing in a lil' mischievous way...Just TOO cute! Some of the shots turned out really funny. I borrowed Diego, Boots and Mickey Mouse and they were very accommodating! It was all about fun anyway, no serous stuff! I was tired..I closed at work and had yummy homemade chili when I got home. It made me sleepy...
Anyway, got up this morning and cleaned up my cropping area, went to Hunter's swim lessons and went to the crop this afternoon. I had fun. I had a ready to go Wedding Album that I added my brother's wedding photos in. I completely finished that one and am starting to work on another 12x12 just for that one. It shouldn't take that long since I have almost everything ready to go. Tomorrow, I'm going to church and going to visit a little after. I DEFINITELY want to get home before we get a possible shower of winter mix. I want snow SO bad but it will probably only be rain and sleet. YUCK...Virginia can't get a break! We've had so much warm weather here lately but looks like the cold has really moved in the last week. My church is right on the water, overlooking the James River Bridge and the Shipyard. I took some pics but need to edit a little since there was some harsh sunset. I did use my Polarise filter to take some of the glare off. It looks like it did help. But, it was SO cold. My friend ran out with me and we were just RUNNING so we could hurry and get the shots:) It was really bitter. I'm glad...and ready for snow!! Did I mention that I love snow? Anyway, I'm going to go work on some pictures and I'll post them tomorrow. I'm ready for a snack and a little time with my darling hubby, Mike. He's downloading another book on audio on his IPOD but getting ready to quit for the evening. Good Night!!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Just wanted to post a couple pictures of Hunter at his first Swimming Lesson. He was really excited and did great. He even practiced his arm strokes and kicks this weekend at the indoor pool there. I can't wait until tomorrow to go to his next one. I'll post more pics later of the weekend. Have a wonderful Friday!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Fun Night

Mike, Hunter and I went to Starbucks tonite. I decided to be funny and give Hunter a little whip cream from my latte. First, putting it on his nose, then gave him a taste. He REALLY liked it, and then wanted more more more!! He was laughing was so cute!!
This is one of Hunter's photos from Sears Portrait Studio. He put that hat on himself and gave us that look. The session was actually over. We ALWAYS get atleast 1 black and white photo. We -LOVE- this face!
Michelle on TwoPeas was talking about this very cool backdrop stand that she made. Mike and I put it together tonite. (This is the biggest size of course) I love it..I tried my green velour blanket on it, just to get an idea of what it would be like. That's me posing for Mike, looking terrible, after vacuming the house, making a Hashbrown Casserole for work and cleaning..ugh! I couldn't say no, though, after he went with me to buy the stuff and he cut the pieces for me. He's so great...I'm so lucky..he's so supportive of my interests:) (and an INCREDIBLE handy man too)
This is just a smaller size I can use for small stuff. Since I took the engineer with me, he insisted on these sturdy and stronger clamps. They're actually very cool and the dfferent sizes are nice. I can't wait to mess with the sizes available. I think now that I'm familiar with it, I'll probably go back to make a small table top size one for more small things. What a great idea..Thanks, Michelle!! Have a great night. Off to bed, and up early for an eye exam and checkup. PRAY FOR's going to be really cold, maybe some ice and rain but hopeing for the white stuff! I adore snow!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finally Home..

Well, back from the Mountains. It was beautiful of course! NOT skiing weather and mostly in the upper 60's but we still had a great time. We left Saturday morning but not before Hunter's first swimming lesson. YA!! He did really good. But he's so much bigger than the kids his age so he's going to a different time slot next week. We took our time getting up to Mass, then, went grocery shopping and came back to chill out in our condo. It was SO relaxing. We had a yummy steak dinner. YUM! Slept in the next day, went swimming, then a little shopping and back to the condo for a little R&R. We watched Cars that morning after a BIG breakfast. Monday, everyone left and Mike, Hunter and I stayed an extra day. Mom and Dad were argueing about snoring and not sleeping so I was glad to get a little rest. We took a long nap while Hunter did the same and then went back to the pool. When we got back, we took showers, then out to dinner. We had Red Lobster gift cards and it was so delicious. We hadn't been there for a long time. After sleeping in again on Tuesday, we went to the ski store and stopped to get a couple photos. It's been warm the whole time we were there but this morning, it was 40's. Boy, did I want to stay and tube. But, it had started to rain and there was almost NO snow there. We really did have an awesome time no matter the circumstances. I was glad to be home, though. We got all unpacked and the laundry is already in the works. I also got my Creative Memories camera shoulder strap that I got on Ebay in the mail already..It was really fast. This one is padded and really neat. I only paid $1! (she was going out of buisness) Aren't all photos Creative Memories? That's what I thought:) But I'm too tired to post more pictures since I had to update the POTD blog. Take care and tune in tomorrow for some photos:) Good Nite!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Much Ado about Nothing:)

My 2 Get Well Cards

Hunter's got a Firm Foundation! Just got our ski's and snowbouard back from getting a tune up...
Well, not much going on today. Just catching up about the past week. I made 2 cards this week for a friend and uncle who just had surgery. Not very fancy, but quick thoughts. I used my Stampin' Up "Under the Weather" set. This is one of my favorites. We also got Hunter some new shoes. He's growing like a week. These are size 12 and it's the last size in the Munchkin shoes. We get his from Stride Rite in Williamsburg since they fit him the best. He has a wide foot and most of their shoes are naturally, made wide. I can't believe he's getting so big. Every day is a new experience and better each day but it's hard to fathom how fast he's growing up! He's still my baby though:) Saturday, we have his FIRST swimming lesson. I can't wait. He loves the water and so I bet he will really enjoy it. After that's over, my family is leaving for Harrisonburg to stay at the Massanutten Resort through Tuesday. We love hitting the slopes but not sure how the weather will turn out for us this weekend. It's supposed to be warmer but no matter what we do, we always have a blast. There's several indoor pools, a new indoor water park and lots of good shopping in the area. (not sure about scrapbooking but there IS a really nice camera shop I want to check out:) Anyway, looking forward to just relaxing. It's been a VERY emotional and stressful week of Jury Duty. I got excused next week but will have it after that until February 9th. I don't want to rush the year away but have to say I'll be relieved when it's over. I've enjoyed the experience of doing my "Civic Duty" but it's very hard in some ways.
Anyway, Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. I'm planning to post my picture of the day tonite!!