Friday, October 31, 2008

Carter Mountain Orchard

The "Apples of our Eyes"
Our Family
Hannah's first "Pumpkin Picture"
Apple Cider Donuts that I'd drive to the mountains for!!
The Cousins

Well, Everyone, hope you all have a Happy Halloween. I have my 8 am appointment today and then, to work I go. Hunter has a Halloween party today at The Kids Program he's all excited about. Tonite, we're going to the local Church we always go to for "Trunk or Treat". It's always a blast, not that he needs MORE candy. I'm so glad it's Friday. Mike is working Saturday and the only place I'm planning to go is to see our Pa Pa, who's out of the Hospital but staying in a Nursing Home to recover and get some therapy. I have lots of cleaning to do in the morning (while the kids take their nap) and then, hoping to have a nice Family Night at home.
Take care and God Bless!!
Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Costume Fun

Cousin DNK holding Hannah, Little K and Hunter

What a cute little Penguin!

This ladybug would rather sleep

Our Cat in the Hat

Cousin DNK as Tinkerbell
Do you THINK he got enough candy, and he still has FRIDAY?

Just thought I'd post some pictures of the Cousins, trick or treating this weekend at the Campground. It rained all night Friday and most of Saturday morning. Somehow, it cleared up before it was time for the Costume Contest and Trick or Treating. It was awesome. They had a lot of fun. I'll post more pictures later of the Fall Foliage our decorated campsite and more fun last weekend. I'm tired...I've been in bed every night by 9:15. I'm getting old:)
Tonite, we have leftover tacos for Dinner and then, we're going to try to go see our Pa Pa.
Tomorrow is my appointment with the Gastroenterologist, because of complications with my last Cesarean. I've had alot of pain since my incision opened and some of my insides came out. I'm looking forward to finding out if there's anything that can be done to prevent the pain and discomfort I have because of this. I'd appreciate any prayers. I'm kinda nervous
Have a great Thursday. Tomorrow is Halloween and we're headed to a local Church in our neighborhood we've gone to for the last couple years. (since Hunter's first year trick or treating)
We're looking forward to it, as it's always a lot of fun. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
God Bless!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Week

Just a quick post to say hello and say I didn't have time to post pics because I went to bed at 9:15 PM. I was super tired and went to bed right after getting things done.

I've got to be at work at 8 for an early meeting so I'll post some Camping pictures tonite.
It's HUMP DAY! YA! Half the week is over and I'm ready for the weekend. Hopefully, a nice time at home. Hope you all have a great day!! God Bless!

Oh, and thanks for the prayers for our Pa Pa. We went to see him but he's been very tired. I know he's working really hard to get better. I really appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. We love him a lot!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayers Please

This is our Pa Pa and I LOVE this smile of his. My son had it shortly after he was born. When I saw Hunter, I saw Pa Pa. Hunter has changed a bit but one thing that hasn't is the smile Pa Pa can put on his face. We go see him, our Granny and our Aunt Ellen every Sunday afternoon. We didn't go this past weekend because we were camping in Verona, Va. We missed them. My little boy looks forward to that visit every week, as we all do. We're not sure if we're helping them or they're helping us. It's nice to be with them. Well, Pa Pa is in the hospital and we could sure use some prayers. He goes to Dialysis three times a week, he's in his 90's and getting more frail every day. He's had a headache for a while that the Doctors can't seem to find out what is coming from. Now, he has Pneumonia, and it's serious. We're praying for him. This is the most beautiful smile that I LOVE him to show us.

This is Hunter, showing some love every week when he sees them.
He adores his grandparents!!

And here, he's telling him about a story he's read or heard. He loves to talk to them and
"show off". And we love to hear their stories when they were growing up.

Thanks, in advance for your prayers. We really appreciate them, as our Pa Pa (as well as ALL of our family) means the world to us. thanks and God Bless!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Camping Time

OK, TODAY is the day. We're leaving for the Mountains this afternoon. We're picking up Hunter

from School and then, we're headed out. The car will be packed with our wagon, Hunter's lap

tray full of crayons and coloring books, a little scrapbook stuff for me, the DVD player, some

music and some books to keep us occupied in case of rain. Lots of fun stuff planned and just an

opportunity to get some rest. This morning, I've got to run to the Grocery store, make two

meals for next week to freeze and finish getting everyone's clothes ready for next week. Monday

is Hunter's picture day so I had to find him a new shirt last night for him to wear. Done and off

my list. I LOVE being organized. So, I'm headed off the computer to feed my baby girl, then

getting ready for the day, waking up Hunter, headed downstairs for Breakfast and then, out the

door we go. Have a great weekend and God Bless!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Little Readers

Hunter is doing his Nightly reading in Mom and Dad's bed. He LOVES his Dora booksWhat's UP with the socks he picked out after his shower?
Hunter loves the way teachers read to him. He has said he wants to be a teacher someday. He likes to pretend to be reading to his class. He, especially, likes this with Hannah.
Hannah always enjoys our reading time at night. Here, she's watching Big Brother.

And here is Hunter, talking to his Lil Sister when he got up Wednesday morning. He likes to see her as soon as he wakes up and if she's awake, he'll turn her music on for her. She was singing right before I took this picture. My cute babies...

Busy day for today, since we're leaving tomorrow for Camping. We'll finish putting everything ready to go out tomorrow in the camper. We also need to pick up a couple groceries and a couple things from Target or Walmart.

I'm planning to have everyone's clothes ready for next week and make a couple meals to freeze for next week before we leave. It makes our schedule SO much easier. Hunter is having School pictures taken on Monday. I'm not sure what's he wearing yet but I'll have it ready before we leave. Tonight, we're having Lasagna, since Mike cooked it last night for us while I fed the baby.

I'm planning to take my Portrait album and add all of the pictures of the kids that I need to update. It's something I definitely need to catch up on and doesn't require a lot of stuff to take with me. (just some papers and my Cricut plus cartridges) I have all the portraits, all the Halloween Costume pictures, Easter bunny pictures and Santa pictures since Hunter was a baby. I still like to just sit and look at how much he's changed over the last four years. I'm looking forward to just getting away and enjoying time with the kids too. We usually go to the Apple Orchard and then, have some Fall/Halloween fun at the campground. Costume Contests, and Trick or Treating around the Campground. Can't wait!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!! It's my last day of the week at work...(doing the happy dance)!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture People Pretties

We went to Picture People Tuesday night to get our Annual Halloween Costume Pictures. I always get pictures for the Portrait Album. I have portraits for all the birthdays, Halloween, Santa pictures and Easter bunny pictures. They always send us the free 8x10 coupon. This time, I paid for two other sheets, which were 20% off the regular price. Not bad at all, and it was fun. The kids both did very good. Hannah just didn't like the Sack that her legs were in. She likes to be FREE! Here is Hunter, in his Cat in the Hat costume. I don't think he'll ever get tired of anything Dr. Seuss related.

(I took a picture of the pictures of him and her. It worked, just so I could blog them:)

LOVE that smile, Hunter!
My Hannah Banana and her sweet face.
Our two kids.
Hunter ADORES his Baby Sister. He loves to hold her, make her smile, laugh and just be near her. She's the first thing on his mind in the morning and last thing at night. He loves her so much
Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!! It's a COLD one today!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let Cold and Flu Season Begin....

Yesterday, I got my Annual Flu Shot at work and I'm hoping it works good for me. I seem to get the bug every year. I'm hoping this year is an Exception.

I've got some pictures of the kids but I'll have to post them tonight. I slept like a baby last night. I think I have a Sinus Infection again. My face is tight and I've got all the Congestion/Cough. I had some Prescription Cough Medicine I got last month to help me sleep and it worked like a charm. That Codeine was hard at work.

Just three more days and then, Friday, I'll be leaving for our Annual Fall Camping Trip. I'd like to be well but that cold, mountain air gets me every time. I think I'll swing by our local Patient First tonight on the way home to get checked out and get some meds.

Have a great Tuesday and don't forget those Vitamins during Cold and Flu Season:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two More Items Off My Shopping List....

We did a little Christmas shopping today and this is what we found....
This is the New Leap Pad Tag System and it's awesome. Hunter will love it. In fact, he looked at it today at Target and couldn't get enough of it. He's so close to reading, it's not even funny. He's known his alphabet for over a year and he counts to fifty. He knows how to spell Hunter, Hannah, cat, hat, go, stop and several other beginning words. He'd rather read than play any day. He LOVES books. And Dr. Seuss is his favorite author. I think he has every book of his. They fill up the entire bottom shelf of his bookcase. Mike and I opened this System tonight to check it out, read the instructions and install the software to download all the books. I can't wait to see his face when he sees this on Christmas Morning!!

And we got Hannah a Cd Player for her room. She loves music, just like her Big Brother. He still goes to bed with his Lullabies and loves it! I'm sure it's very soothing to them. I just love this particular one because it's so girly. Now, I'm officially DONE with the kids. These are the last "Santa" gifts so now I'm finished with them. I'm just trying to get done early this year since we're going to Disney World in December. But it's nice to be done anyway. I'm always picking up something I forgot at the last minute but this year, I'm determined to enjoy all the Festivities.
Friday night, we ended up going to Ruby Tuesday for Mike's birthday. It was great, although I missed the kids and our lazy Friday night. Grandma and Grandad kept them and they were in good hands. I was exhausted and we both went to bed minutes after coming home. ( I won $20 from work too so I was able to use it towards our Dinner, in our effort to not eat out as much and save money) Mike had to work Saturday so I took the kids to a Special Event through the After School Program that Hunter goes to. We met Don Roberts from Wavy TV 10. He's on the morning news that I watch every morning. He talked to the kids about Safety and then, they had some music and dancing. It was interesting and Hunter seemed to enjoy it. Here he is, in the background, doing the motions he had learned.

We enjoyed a nice Saturday night at home and to bed early again. Sunday, we went to Church, to visit with our Granny and Papa, and then home for a rest. Hunter took a nap after lunch while we cleaned up a bit. We got ready for our week and then, went to the Poquoson Seafood Festival for a quick bite of Seafood. I had a Crab Cake Sandwich, Hunter had Shrimp and Mike had Clam Strips. It was yummy! It wasn't too expensive either. I'm a Seafood Lover. We stopped by Target on the way home so I could get some ideas for Christmas for their gift. We, originally, went to look at the Leapster but was way pleased with what we found.
Hunter jumped around this really cool jump room at the Festival that had balloons and it had air blowing through it. He kept trying to catch a balloon but it was So hard. Here, he finally got one..

Well, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I'm headed to bed. I've got to get up early again on Monday, head downtown and pick up the paperwork for my Notary Renewal. Only four days for me at work this week so it should be nice. Friday, we're headed out camping, after picking up Hunter from School. We're going to Verona and I can't wait. I hope it will be pretty but it's calling for COLD and RAIN. It's usually warm but I'm ready for those Fall temps. The kids get to "Trick or Treat" around the campground Saturday. It's always alot of fun!! Hunter is going to be Cat in the Hat and Hannah is a Ladybug. Here's a picture of my Hannah, after Church today. Her tights were too big for some reason but I bought her some more so she should look better next time. I think she's wearing this dress Monday since we're celebrating Mike's birthday at Piccadilly for Dinner, where I have a Gift Card from my birthday. Her new tights are the new warm ones, that feel like socks. It's so much fun having a girl!!

OK, Good Night and have a great Monday!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mike!!

Just wanted to post a picture of my wonderful husband, Mike. Today is his birthday and we're going to Dinner tonite. We have a DATE!! He wants to go to Texas Roadhouse so that's where we're going. Mike works hard every day, at work and at home. He's a great Husband and Father. I love you very much, Mike. I hope your day is as special as you are to us!!

Grandma and Grandad are watching the kids tonite so we can have our Date. Tomorrow, Mike has to work for a couple hours so I thought I'd take Hunter and Hannah out to play somewhere for a little while. I'd like to go to Howl a Scream at Busch Gardens Saturday night but it looks like it might be a wash out for the entire day.. I think we'll end up playing and having fun at home!! Saturday would probably be our last chance for Howl a Scream since we will be camping in the Mountains of Va. I can't wait. I just hope it's cool out and the leaves have changed

Well, I'm off to feed my Baby Girl and get ready for work. Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did you think I was Missing??

Sorry, I haven't posted any pictures or updates lately. We've been busy, busy, busy. And any free time I have is usually spent with the babies.

We walked Saturday for The Alzheimer's Association before Mike had to go to work. Hunter, Hannah and I went to the mall to pick up some things for Mike's birthday. It's Friday and he wants to go to Texas Roadhouse for Dinner. I'm looking forward to our date!!

Sunday, we went to the Credit Union Picnic at our local park after Church and a short rest time at home before. (as well as visiting with our Grandparents, our Sunday Ritual)

This week has been crazy busy. Mike was off on Monday because of the Holiday. He spent the day with his Grandparents so our Aunt could have the day to her self. He went to the Dentist afterwards for three fillings but one fell out several hours later. He had that repaired today before picking up some Fried Chicken and side items. We all met at Menchville Park for Dinner. It was wonderful!! Yummy food, time together and then, Hunter got to play outside quite a bit.

I'm off to bed because I've got an early meeting. Busy week....I can't wait until Friday. That's my hubby's birthday and our date.

Have a good Thursday!! God Bless!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!

Real quick post today. I just fed my baby girl, packed her bag, put a roast in the crock pot and now, I'm going to get ready for work. I hope to have Family Night at home tonite, walk for the Alzheimer's Association tomorrow, then clean around the house while the kids sleep and Mike has to go to work. Sunday, we're going to the Credit Union picnic at our local park.

Monday, Mike is off for the Holiday and he's spending it with his Grandparents so our Aunt can enjoy a day to herself. She more than deserves it. She takes wonderful care of her parents. She's awesome!!

It's been a long and busy week and I'm THRILLED it's Friday.

Hannah has a 4:00 PM 4 month checkup and she gets 4 more shots!! OUCH!! I did it last time so it's Mike's turn now. Poor Baby!!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Honor of My Nanny Puckette

I just wanted to post a picture of my Nanny Puckette. Saturday, Mike and I will be honoring her by walking for The Alzheimer's Association. My Nanny and I have always been very close. I always loved staying with her at her house. She made the most delicious Oatmeal. It was JUST the right amount of sugar and butter. She used to ride the City bus downtown to get her hair done and I loved going with her. We'd go to Woolworth and have lunch. We'd shop afterwards, before going home. Now, she is in a Nursing home. We go see her every Sunday and Hunter looks forward to it. (Well, we all do) Most of the time, she recognizes us but regardless, she is always so friendly and eager to see us all. The kids light up her face. My memories of time spent with my Grandmother are more precious to me than anything.

It's been a while since I've blogged. I love hearing from my friends and family that they've read it. It really means a lot. It's just been busy and I try to spend every moment away from work with my family. They are really what's important to me. They are my world.

With the economy and growing prices for everything, we've been cutting back everywhere we can. We've been going out less and staying home more. For us, it means making coffee at home. It means having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches rather than eating out on weekends. It's having popcorn at home, rather than stopping for Ice Cream. Family nights are spent watching movies down in our den, snuggling and just being together. We giggle and laugh and hopefully, we're making the memories our kids will treausre. We love having learning time, coloring and puzzles on our kitchen table. I'm not sure who is having more fun..the kids or the PARENTS! Last Saturday, Hunter and I made some crafts and decorated for the Fall. We dressed up our steps with Hunters pumpkin, some gourds and Harvest corn and talked about Seasons. Our time is so precious. We did take a little time in the afternoon to walk around the Fall Festival and play on the playground when Mike got home from work. He's able to work a little more overtime to catch up on some of his projects. He had to work the entire weekend and although we could definitely use the money, we missed him. We had lots of fun when he got home.

I'd like to ask to please remember Mike's brother in prayer. He lives in another state and lost his job recently. The area they live in has been hit very hard by the current situation our Country is in. He has a family, and bills and a mortgage like many other people do. It's hard and it's scary. We're all remembering him and praying for him daily. Thanks for all your prayers!

Enjoy your day and God Bless. I'm so excited tomorrow is Friday. That means it's time for the weekend and time to enjoy my family again. Happy Thursday!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Great weekend, beautiful weather, and alot accomplished!! That's how my weekend went. I was able to do some laundry, put out all my Fall Decor, make some Fall crafts with Hunter Man, get ready for Monday and go to the Park. (twice) We were home alot this weekend and it was nice. Today, I made several meals for the week and stuck them in the freezer, ironed all of Hunter and Hannah's clothes for the week (and part of next week) packed lunches, cleaned up, did some grocery shopping and ran some errands. WHEW! I'm TOO tired to blog so I'll see if I can't post some pictures later.
Have a great Monday!! Sometimes, it's nice for Monday to come to have a break from the weekend!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Healthy Days are HERE AGAIN

"Hunter Man"

My little man, Hunter, all well again. (and showing off his Milk Mustache) He's been sick with Flu like symptoms. We had a great weekend but he woke up late Sunday night vomiting several times. It was a LONG night. Mike stayed home with him Monday. I came home sick myself at 3. Mike had a grilled cheese ready for me and I was asleep by 3:30. Hunter seemed to be much better but late Monday, he got sick all over again. I stayed home with him on Tuesday and he seemed to be finally over it. (although, he didn't eat much)
Here's some new pics of Hannah. Pants always seem to be big on her but this outfit seemed to fit pretty good. I love her "Pretty Girl" bum. Now, if it said something like "Sexy" or "Hotty", I'd have something to say. I can handle pretty girl.
Her new thing is screaming with laughter. It's SO cool! Even Hunter loves to egg her on. She's so happy!!
SO, it's been a crazy week. Sick and then not and then sick again. Hopefully, we are all over it. I bleached everything in sight while I was off so that it ends the cycle. Hunter is going to the Pumpkin Patch with his class on Thursday and then, Disney on Ice at night. It's only about 17 of the family members going!! Can't wait! It's a little over 2 months before we go to Disney and we're counting the days. I LOVE it there!! Can't wait to see Mickey and Minnie again:)
Well, I hope everyone has a great Thursday. My Nanny and Pop are keeping Hannah since my mom is going on the field trip with Hunter. I've got to get up a little earlier to take her over there, after taking Hunter to School. UGH..I get up at 5:30 now:(
I'm looking forward to the weekend. Mike, the kids and me are all going to the Fall Festival Saturday and we're hoping to get some good walking in. We've both gained some weight and are really trying to lose. We're in the process of converting part of our garage to a work out area for us. I'm looking forward to getting back on my treadmill. Take care and God Bless!!