Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend

Awe...another weekend coming to an end. It just goes by WAY too fast. But it was wonderful so I don't mind.

-Friday, we did NOT go to the Yankee Candle Factory as planned because it was POURING down rain. It just wasn't worth taking the kids out. We had pizza delivered at home and played Wii most of the night. It was great!

-Saturday, Mike worked most of the day and then, helped our Aunt out moving some things. I got some cleaning done and got to spend the day with my kids. I also made the huge pot of Chili and Cool Veggie Pizza I had planned to make. We had a nice dinner together when Mike got home.

-Sunday, we went to Church and then a little shopping afterwards. We picked up outfits for the kids for Easter. We came home and strolled through the neighborhood. Hunter rode his bike, Mike rollerbladed and I pushed Hannah in the stroller. It was WONDERFUL out! (The temps got to 83)

-Monday, we're having Corn Beef Hash for Dinner and I think we're finally buying our doors. We were waiting for the rain to stop. Now, we just have to paint them. The week's forecast looks good except for Wednesday. I can't WAIT to get them all up. Hope everyone has a great week!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?"

I bought Hannah this 2 piece last year, which was too big then. I don't think she'll be able to wear this for Memorial Day. What a chunkers! Not sure how I got this either. Hannah is crawling now and on the move!! Here's her Excercises...

A Little Stretching...Jumping Jacks..All DoneTime To Move..
This weekend, I'm looking forward to some time at HOME. Last Saturday, we were planning on Skating early and then enjoying the afternoon. We didn't expect to be in the ER getting stitches. Mike has to work Saturday so I think Hunter and I might work on some crafts. I'm planning to make a big pot of Chili and Pampered Chef's Cool Veggie Pizza.
Hopefully, we'll be able to pick up the new doors for the house sometime. We got a new faucet for our kitchen last night and Mike installed it. He also got us a new light for our Utility Room so we'll have more light while doing laundry. We're looking forward to doing some things around the house and enjoying some Family time. We need rest and relaxation!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Know You're Old When...

You get excited about your NEW Washing machine.
(This is a stock photo but it's just like this...I LOVE it!)
Ours finally died this week and it was time for a new one. Mike hooked it up last night and I hope to run some laundry tonight. Next on our list is a new front door and storm door. I just LOVE home updating. I'm ready for Spring cleaning, a little painting, planting flowers in the yard. And of course, playing with my kids. Come on, Spring!!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Sewn Up -*Updated*

Mike, Hunter and I went to The Skating Rink Saturday so Hunter could try out skating...He's decided he doesn't like it so much. He likes Ice Skating much better.
Hunter lost his balance and fell Chin first right on the Rink. He had a pretty deep gash. He was bleeding everywhere. We rushed him off to the Riverside ER, where he got 6 stitches. Later on, Saturday, 1 popped open and he had to go back for them to look at it. It had started to spread open again and bleed. They didn't do the stitch over but placed this strip over top to hold it together. (and a band aid, of course) We also asked for a note for him to be excused from outside play. We talked to Hunter and he completely understood. He doesn't want to have to go back to the hospital to get his wound fixed again. He was, obviously very upset when it first happened. He cried all the way there and was bleeding like crazy. But then, he started watching Mike's IPOD and he calmed down. They put a thick gel over his wound for 20 minutes to numb him. He got 3 shots and they stitched him up. No problem. He was SO brave. I'm so proud of him. He layed as still as he could be. What a trooper! We're still undecided on where to have his birthday party but we're ALL in agreement that it WON'T be at the Skating Rink. Hunter has decided he likes to Ice Skate much better...
*Updated with pictures on the way and in the Emergency Room*
This was on the way to the Hospital. He had calmed down and wanted to know what it was like. (because it was bleeding so bad)
In the ER, and waiting for the DoctorTrying not to think about it..

"I'm ok, Mom. Just Look"

We were SO proud of Hunter. He was so brave. In fact, the nurses, Doctor and the staff were impressed too. He asked the Doctor what her name was, while she was stitching him up. She said "Tina " and then, he told her he loved her. She burst out in laughter and gave him a hug and a kiss. Awww...That's my Love Bug:)

(He also got to pick out a stuffed animal and he told them he needed to get one for his sister too!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Favorite Readers

Hunter got a new book about Loose Teeth. He read to us and said he really liked his new book.
HOW PROUD we are!
Daddy's being silly and making Hunter laugh
Here's my youngest reader. Is she Girlie or WHAT?
Hannah loves to sit on our bed and listen to us read books. She waves those arms around when she gets really excited. She adores her brother and is always trying to grab him!Planning her escape...
I am SO SO glad today is Friday! I'm so tired. I could slept in until 9, or until Hunter woke me up. Mike isn't feeling good so he's home today. Hannah has her 9 month appointment this afternoon. She gets 1 shot and 1 prick in her toe to test her iron. Hope she does OK but she has some Tylenol and Barbie band aids for afterwards =) She's so Girlie!
Saturday, we're planning to stay home. I want to redecorate with my Spring stuff during the kid's nap time. Hunter and I are going to work on some crafts and I'd like to make a large pot of Chili. And of COURSE, I'd like to work in my new pretty Scrapbook area. My Cricut has been CALLING my name lately and I can't wait to work on it! Sunday is supposed to be pretty so I'll try to get some time out to play. Busch Gardens opens so we may try to make it up there for a bit. Whatever you do, have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Way I See It #51

"Americans spend an average of 29 hours a week watching television - which means in a typical life span we devote 13 uninterrupted years on our TV sets! The biggest problem with mass media isn't low quality - it's high quantity. Cutting down just an hour a day would provide extra years of life - for music and family, exercise and reading, conversation and coffee."

-Michael Medved
Author of Right Turns and radio talk show host
(from my Starbucks cup)
I've gotten so I really don't watch as much TV. I used to be hooked on a couple programs. But the second I realized I thought I HAD to see it, I knew it was controlling me. So, I've really cut back. My family is the most important thing in my life and they're growing up so fast. Life can pass you by in a moment. It's scary at times. I'm thankful for all the time we have together. Sometimes, it's just being silly together, cleaning up and singing, reading a book or saying a prayer.
We really LOVE books, you know. Our favorite store is Borders because they have a wonderful
selection and there's so MANY books on sale. We find clearance books all the time, and tonite was NO exception. Here's some things we found for the kid's birthdays. (Hunter will be 5 April 29Th and Hannah will be 1 June 8Th.)This Narnia book retails for $29.99 but I got it on Clearance for $4.99!
The pictures and pop ups are AMAZING!

One of my coworkers received a flat Stanley in the mail when her granddaughter sent it to her. She was reading it in School. It was only $4.99 and it's so cute!

This book is really big and it was on clearance for $2.99!

This will be Hannah's first Dr. Seuss book. I think she'll like it! It was only $4.99.

This book wasn't on sale but it wasn't too bad. It's been very popular and I heard it's good. (and touching) It's on the best seller's list and I'm excited about starting it.

Well, have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick Day Sweeties

Hunter and Hannah went to School and Daycare looking VERY festive! I even wore a green sweater with shamrocks on one side.
"Baby's First St. Patrick's Day"
After work, we had hot dogs for Dinner and then went to City Center for a Shamrock Event. It wasn't raining but a little chilly. We were all wrapped up so we were comfortable. Hunter got a Balloon Hat that was VERY cute. We ALL got glow sticks. Hannah wanted to chew hers after a while and we wouldn't let her. We took it away from her and she was NOT happy.
Poor Girl!
Today is Happy Hump Day..YA! It's been a good week so far, busy. Looking forward to the weekend. Mike may have to work but I think Hunter and I will work on some crafts in my NEW scrap area. Pictures will come soon. We're working on some home updates. We need a new front door and storm door. That's on the top of our list now. Our storm door is falling apart and looks terrible. This weekend, I'll probably do a little Spring Decorating. I guess my snow stuff has to come down for the Season. It seems like Spring will NEVER come. Hunter starts Soccer this season. Can't wait to watch my little boy!!
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Weekend

Sweet Girl
We woke up Sunday to a great morning, and day. I had been gone most of the Saturday to a friend's house where I co-threw a Baby Shower for her. It was really nice but I needed to be home Sunday. I had some things to do and some loving to do on the babies. A yummy breakfast and lots of silly time with the kids. Hannah sure loves that thumb, and laughing and playing.
Hunter loves to color on his easel. He was coloring with Diego for a long time. (LOVE the hair)
Hannah wasn't so crazy about him being out of her sight...she kept looking for him and making noises...
She was late eating Solid Food but she's making up for lost time. She LOVES it, and has it 3 times a day. (probably not enough for HER)
And this is Hannah in her first Big Tub Bath. She's been using her baby tub but had outgrown it with the seat. (She can still use it without the insert seat though)
I gave Hunter and Hannah a bath together Sunday and they had fun. Of Course, I can't post those but they're SO cute. Hannah sat between Hunter's legs and he held her around her waist. He taught her how to splash and use a new bath toy they got recentley. She LOVED it and he always loves anything to help his sister. She sticks her tongue out all the time now.
We really had a great weekend. Friday, we had dinner and then sat in our Living Room for hours. Mike had made a warm fire in our wood stove. We sat in the floor and played with the kids and their toys for a long time. It was nice. Life gets so busy, I think we take for granted those wonderful memories at home.
Saturday, I went to my friend's house for the Baby Shower. She's having a boy and due in May. She got some great things and it was really nice.
Sunday, we spend the morning doing laundry and cleaning. The kids got to play but they rested alot. I think all the rainy weather made us ALL sleepy. I FINALLY got to tackle my den and work on my Scrapbooking area. It's not quite finished but it's awesome! I have a very useful space to work in. There's lots of room for us to play Wii or watch movies and we can all be together. Life is good.
Hopefully, I can finish up and work on it a little every night. I need to organize some old pictures and my paper stacker. Hoping to spend some fun time there this weekend!!
Have a great Monday!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring For A Day

It felt like a warm Spring Day on Wednesday. After work, we went to the park and had a nice picnic Dinner. My wonderful husband had packed us all some deli sub sandwiches, grapes, chips, dip and lemonade. It was so nice! We all played on the playground afterwards. Hard to believe the temps were near 80 and the next day they stayed in the 40's. Crazy weather! Come on, Spring! Grandma and Grandad were having grand baby withdrawals so they met us there!

Hunter wanted to wear his new hat he had made at School. He LOVES some Cat in the Hat!

He was so sweet to push his sister in the swing
Hannah LOVES to swing!
Look at those fat legs! Love my chunky baby!
Grandma's STILL got it!My Love Bug!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! SO SO SO glad it's Friday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Kids

Hannah, sporting her sunglasses and hat on one of the unusual warm days here.

Hunter, sporting some St. Patty's Day colors.
Sharing some love..
showing off his crayons.
Today is my first day back to work after being sick Monday and Tuesday. I had some sort of Intestinal Virus, which was NO fun. I'm better now but I'm sure it will take a while to get my strength back.
It's going to be in the upper 70's today and tomorrow night, we could get a winter mix.
No WONDER everyone is sick. I really can't wait for Spring!
This weekend, I'm having a baby shower with another person for our friend, Mindy.
She's due in May and expecting a sweet little boy.
Hunter is reading like crazy still. He's doing great in School and at home. He loves his sister more every day. He hugs on her and helps us any chance he can. Hannah just got her first tooth up top and now, has two more teeth coming in, one on each side of it. WOW. She's been OK, a little fussy at times but not too bad. (She has two on the bottom)
Have a great's Happy Hump Day! Ya!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Curly kids

This is Hannah, right after her bath. Her hair is SO curly and as it dries, it's not so much. It had already dried a bit in these but wanted to post them anyway. I just PRAY she'll still have some curl or wave as she grows up. I love to rustle it up after her bath and show those pretty locks!Hunter LOVES to hold his sister right before bed and give her goodnight kisses. She loves it too!

It's Sunday morning and we've definitely slept late. I was gone all day with my best friend to look at Wedding Dresses yesterday. She's getting married July 4th and I'm her Matron of Honor! We hit all the stores in Newport News and Hampton. It was a great day. She has some favorites at David's Bridal to look at but no definites yet..
Not sure what the day holds for us. We're going to Church and then, to visit our Granny and Ellen. It's supposed to be in the 80's!! YA! I'm SO ready for Spring and camping I don't know what to do. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

We LOVE Dr. Seuss!

We've just started working on the Birthdays for the kids so we can get them planned early. Hunter is having a Cat in the Hat party and we're really excited! He loves anything Dr. Seuss. We just love that he loves to read so much. Last week, when we were at Sam's, he found a large Dr. Seuss book with some different stories. He grabbed the book, sat right in the middle of the aisle and started READING it. He's really come a long way with his reading.

We're so proud of him!

This weekend is supposed to be WONDERFUL. Temps in the 70's and 80's! We've got some things to do around the house and then, I want to get outside and play with the kids. Now that we had our snow, I'm READY for Spring! Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Day