Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What a frustrating night! I went to Linens and Things to pick up an online order I had placed and the colors were so off from the website. I decided to wait and be in a better mood before I made a decision. I asked 2 girls that worked at the store where the bed skirts were and they stood there and argued with each other and didn't even notice I walked off. Then, I go to do my exchange for another color and she calls the manager in the back. As I'm standing there, I realize she's taking her sweet little time because she's cleaning all her rings with Jewelry cleaner, RIGHT UP AT THE SERVICE DESK! She's brushing several rings while talking on the phone, dropping it several times since she's holding it with 2 fingers. I just laughed it off but I was in no mood to look at bedspreads and sheets. Here's the Coverlet that I bought..

I'll just go over the weekend and take care of it. I'm SO tired from cleaning this week. I got up at 6 this morning to collect and throw out 4 bags of trash. (Mostly old shredded bills from my floor since my filing cabinet broke) I've collected all the toys and baby stuff my SIL let me borrow and returned them, cleaned up our office and our bedroom, worked on laundry during lunch and ran some errands. WHEW! I wish I could rest on Thursday but I'll be paying bills and finishing cleaning. (and maybe going to see our grandfather again) Friday night, we're going to see Chicago on the Naval Base with some friends. It's another one of their free concert series..We have fun. It's nice to just sit back and enjoy the evening, provided it doesn't rain on us. We need it so bad. It would be just my luck to rain THEN. I love Chicago. They're awesome!! Saturday, we're planning to go to Water Country with some other friends, just for about half the day. Wishing I can get to painting while Mike studies.

I looked at my furniture tonite again and made sure they still had it in stock. They were actually having a big sale on mattresses so maybe they will still be on sale when we get ours. I can't WAIT to get one these tall Pillow top mattresses. I can't imagine how NICE it will be to sleep in so much COMFORT:)

I kinda like the Terrace Cherry finish more since it's not as dark as my Cherry Queen Anne Furniture I have now and it's so pretty. here's the other finish...

Alright, I'm tired and I've had a headache since this afternoon so I'm going to bed. Hunter has an eye appointment with the Specialist, Dr. Chamblee, to make sure he doesn't have the same birth defect as I do. I think it will be fine. He has never showed any signs of it but because it can be hereditary, she suggested he get checked.

Have a wonderful Thursday and SO GLAD to be "Over The Hump" this week

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Looking Up

I saw my PaPa today and he looked better. He was awfully confused, after having Dialysis today and it was hard to see him talking about his experience. I just know that there are so many people praying for him and God is watching over him now.

On a lighter note, I've been working on plans for my bedroom. (it's helped to take my mind off things too lately) I'm hoping to have my bedroom painted by the end of the weekend. I found a soft, warm yellow today at Lowe's that looks perfect with my area rug. (Valspar Earth Elements EE2044A "Sunwashed") We also have to pull up the old floor molding and replace and get the bedroom floors refinished. I think we're going to rent the machine to do that one weekend. We already have new furniture in mind that we really like but wanted to get this done before for ease. Here's the Bedroom set we're looking at...

I love the wrought iron accents with Home and Gardenish..LOL! It feels good to be working on something. I love painting and can't wait to get started. When we purchase our furniture, we're getting a new mattress set too. Our box spring broke, which has also ruined the mattress but after 8 years, it doesn't owe us a thing. I'm just looking forward to getting a good night's sleep again:)

Speaking of sleep, that's where I'm headed. Something went wonky with our lap top's network configuration so I have to use our desktop computer in the other room. I miss my laptop in bed, while watching the news:( I have cleaning to do tomorrow after work, bills to pay and planning on starting to move the furniture. I'm excited..I'm such a tomboy sometimes, the way I like working on the home projects:)

Good Night and have a wonderful Hump Day!


I'm not really sure where to start. I'm sad again today. But, it's a little different. I think I know why. My Papa is sick. It's actually my husbands' Papa but I love him as much as my own. No one really knows what is going on right now. It's believed that he may have had a stroke last weekend and now his kidneys appear to be shutting down. Saturday, he had his first Dialysis and it takes several hours for him to go through. Now, we just don't know how he can survive this 3 times a week and without it, he may not survive either. He's in his 90's and I can't imagine life without him. I can't imagine our Granny or our Aunt Ellen without him. How did this happen so fast? I know that over the last few months he has had several health issues but this happened so fast.To walk in a room and see his smiling eyes just makes our day. He has a crooked little smile that looks like he's up to something. My son inherited his smiling eyes and when Hunter laughed or smiles still today, I see Papa. I love to hear the stories he tells. I love to hear him talk. I love him in so many ways and now my heart is hurting because he's sick. I know that he has lived such a wonderful life and that when it's his time, he'll see Jesus. Am I selfish to say that I want more time with him, or that I want him to be well again? Please pray for our Papa. Just please pray for God's will to be done.

Today, I spoke with my sister in law after a long time and we had a very nice conversation. It's been about a year since our family relationship fell apart. I think today we took the first steps to rebuilding our relationship again. She is the most talented person I know and I hope that along the way to recovery we can use our common interests to grow as a family again. I hope that she can mentor me in Photography and Scrapbooking, the two biggest things that we share the love for. Please pray for our family. Today, God opened a door and together, we walked through.

It's late and I'm tired. I just wanted to reflect on some things going on in my life. The good, the bad and the things we'd rather not always share. It's about real life and I'm learning that it's OK to admit how you really feel. It's OK to say everything isn't always happy and that we need prayer and care and concern. Goodnight and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. May God bless you all!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sad For No Reason?

Today, I'm just sad. Do you ever feel sad for no reason? I'm not terribly upset or anything. I just feel sad. It's strange but normal, I'm sure.

I had a good weekend. Friday, I spent the entire day with my grandparents. It was their 60Th Wedding Anniversary so all the kids and grand kids surprised them. We were all picked up in a limousine at their house and taken to The Spirit of Norfolk for a wonderful Lunch cruise. We danced, ate WAY too much and enjoyed the view from our table. My grandparents said they'd never forget their 60Th Anniversary. I know I won't either. It was so nice to just sit back and relax for a moment. Just watching the water was calming.

Saturday, I went to Weight Watchers and found out I gained 2.2 pounds!! I wasn't surprised after my Friday of Celebrating and eating. Then, I went to the hospital to see our Pa Pa and spent the rest of the day at my Aunt's. We had a yummy lunch and while she ran errands, I sat with our Granny. She took a nice nap and I read my Weight Watchers magazine I had brought with me. Our Aunt Ellen takes such good care of her parents. I don't know how she does it but somehow, she always has everything perfect for them and they're so lucky to be in her care.

Please continue to pray for our Pa Pa. He will probably be in the hospital for a couple more days and could really use the prayers. He's better today, talking more but his kidneys are shutting down. They aren't working properly and Saturday he got his first Dialysis. I don't know all the details of his symptoms and care. We just want him better. He means so much to us.

We ate a quick dinner on the way home and stopped by to look at mattresses. My box spring broke and that and the Mattress are about ready to go!! I'm not sure how many more restless night I'm going to be able to stand...

Sunday, we skipped church since I had been gone all of Saturday and saw Spider man 3 with Hunter and Mike. It was great!! I had promised Hunter we'd see it soon and it was worth the wait. I love that series!!

I guess I'm probably down because my "friend" came today and I had really hoped it wouldn't. My hubby and I have been trying for a second child for over a year and a half now. I know it takes time and you shouldn't worry about it but I still do. Now, I'm just concerned that something might be wrong. We love our son so much and if it's God's Will for him to be our only child than that's OK. I'd just really like for him to have a sibling like I did to argue with (hope not much, anyway) and to protect. Every month that that friend comes into our life, my husband just hugs me and says it will be OK. So, I'm praying about his will to be done.

We played with Hunter tonite and read several books. He enjoyed sitting on my lap and leaning back on me while I read to him. He feels SO good when he does that. I felt bad I didn't see him that much yesterday but I think today MORE than made up for it!!
Maybe I'm just tired too. I wanted to work on some scrap booking or scanning some layouts in so I could post them on Two Peas.

I would just like to learn so much and get back into being creative. I would love to know how to use the scanner without getting help from my hubby. I'd love to know how to work with my photos in Photo shop and make them into beautiful works of art. I know that I'm not very talented but I'd love to feel like I'm good at something.

I feel like there are PEOPLE in my life who constantly think I'm copying them and striving to be better than them and it hurts alot to think that because it's just not true. I shouldn't worry about what others think of me when they've practically written me off anyway but I do care and still love them no matter what. I think I'm babbling about things I can't control so I should think positive. But, does that mean I'm not REAL? I try to have a positive attitude about life. If you reflect on the bad things that are going on, don't you feel down alot more? I'm just TIRED of having my name slandered in public and on the web.

I don't need sympathy or people feeling sorry for me. I certainly don't want everyone looking at me and have to be the center of attention. It would be nice to know that people care sometimes and that I make a difference in people's lives. I'm not a terrible "in law" relative, KWIM?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I think I'm going to try to do that myself.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wishing Applebees's was NOT in the Neighborhood...

What a wasted night! Mike, Hunter and I stopped by Applebees's tonite after picking up Hunter from Grandma and Granddad's. The service was HORRIBLE! We went there specifically for a salad and soup. I like that they carry Weight Watchers selections.

Our waitress was nice but didn't seem like she had a clue. We waited almost 50 minutes for our meal. Mike wanted to walk out and go next door to Subway but I didn't want to just leave and not pay for our drinks. Of course, twice she bought us each a drink and twice they were gross! I got Ginger Ale the first time and it was completely flat. Then, I get a Coke and we BOTH noticed that they tasted like soap. I finally got my salad and it was hardly made. It was a bed of mixed greens with shrimp on top. No snap peas, no tomatoes, no dressing. Mike had ordered a chicken salad with no bacon. We don't eat pork but guess what was on his salad.

Hunter's chicken fingers seemed to be the best and he ate every bit. We wasted almost an hour waiting for a meal that was disastrous from the start. My soup was good..

I spoke to the manager and he said they had been very short staffed in the kitchen. But even after talking to him, I asked 3 times for the dressing. He bought me more shrimp in the meantime and then, when I got the dressing I got more shrimp. By the time Mike got his food I was full from the grilled shrimp.

The manager gladly took care of our check and wrote us a letter to come back and try them again for up to $30. The sad part is that we went there all the time when we worked at Cracker Barrel after getting off. Great service, great staff. It sure has changed. I have to commend the manager for making it right. But what a waste of an evening.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!! I'm looking forward to catching up on the things I DIDN'T get done from getting home late

I do have to say I was so proud of Hunter. He had 2 milks and let us know several times when he had to potty. He was pretty good, considering he was ready for bed. He, gladly colored and hugged on Big Diego. I'm so thankful for that sweet Lil' boy:) He was the best part of our dinner:)
Good Nite!

What kind of things stop me from being creative?
-thinking about other things to do around the house
-spending time with my hubby and son. I can't stand cropping while Hunter is awake.
-an unorganized scrapbooking corner
-no MOJO
*What stops YOU from being Creative?*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Going On...

5 Things I Do Every Day, Without Fail
1. Watch the Today show while getting ready for work.
2. Have breakfast with my little wonderful!
3. Open my blinds and let the Sunshine shine in on us
4. Call my husband at work and say Good Morning
5. Thank God for ALL our many blessings

So, my parents went to Outback for my mom's birthday. I was SO in the mood for a takeout of their Shrimp on the Barbie appetizer. Mike went and "got gas" while I put Hunter to bed last night and this was what he brought back. We had a little party and it was DELICIOUS! I thought it was SO sweet that he did that. We had scrumptious shrimp and some of the best fresh baked bread with their mouth watering special sauce. YUMMY! This is the card I made for my grandparents for their 60th Wedding Anniversary and Mike's Grandparent's 70's Wedding Anniversary. They are all so wonderful and I'm so thankful for them. We see them faithfully every week, in addition to my grandmother who's in a Nursing Home. The blessings that we reap are just as much for our well being as theirs. It TRULY gives us so much joy to spend time with them.
This is my dear friend, Melissa at her Baby Shower this past Sunday. We went to High School together and have remained in contact ever since. She's expecting a Baby Girl in August. I'm so excited for her! This is Melissa's sister Lindsay with Melissa and their mom, Mrs. Stief. What a wonderful family! They are so nice!!
I love this picture of Lindsay. She is SO pretty and I love to see her smile!!
Someone had made this cake for her and I'm talking WONDERFUL. Cream Cheese Frosting, Apricot fruit filling (I think) and sweet as sugar!!
And these are the 2 new items I picked up from Ross...
This tea length dress is SO stylish for the season and I love the way it feels!
My NEW bikini...WOW...I haven't wore one of these for years!! I'm loving it!!
So, that's what's been going on the last week or so. We were supposed to go camping but because of the following prayer request we are going to postpone. I was looking forward to going but also looking forward to staying home and getting some things done. Our grass needs cutting and I'd like to rest at home. I REALLY want to scrap some Saturday night. We might go see Spider man 3 and we'd like to go to the local Farm nearby. Hunter has never been and I'm sure he'll love it. I LOVE to see his little face light up:)
A Couple Prayer Requests

Our grandfather, Pa Pa may have suffered a small stroke this past Sunday and is going through a time right now. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Our Aunt, Ellen gives of herself every day to take care of our Granny and Pa Pa. I don't know how she does it; She is TRULY an Angel. Please pray for her strength. I know she works so hard and I admire her in so many ways. She doesn't just take care of them...She is WONDERFUL to them! God Bless You!!

My Mother and Father In Law's dog, Cocoa is very sick. We've known that he has Cancer and a while back he had some surgery for tumors. Right now, he is having trouble going to the bathroom by himself and they don't know anything yet. Dogs are JUST like people and I'm sure all of you can relate to what they mean to us. Please just keep them in your prayers. I know it's tough right now ..
Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. Hope everyone has a good week. It's been HOT here and stormy looking but so far, not much rain. We could use the rain. Well, I'm headed to bed. Goodnight!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

This is my mom and my best friend. Yesterday was her birthday and I was so busy that I didn't get to post this. I just wanted to pay her a tribute today for the wonderful person she is. She is so supportive, loving, and caring of my family. I know that if I'm having a bad day or going through something she won't judge me but just be there with me to give me a hug or cry with me. It's nice to know I don't have to be someone else with her. She loves me on the good days, bad days and sad days.

Happy Birthday, Mom...You're the BEST!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July 4th

These pictures are from last night when we went to Busch Gardens. We were only there maybe an hour and a half but had plenty of time to see the fireworks and ride a couple rides. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! I'm headed out to Busch Gardens again for the day for some fun and sun with the family!! I'll post pictures later of the fireworks. I got some pretty good shots!

Happy July 4th!! Have a beautiful day!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun with Family

We ate at Piccadilly tonite for my Uncle Mark's birthday. Here's Hunter, LOVING some Chocolate pudding:) My Nanny, Pop and Aunt Kitty

We stopped by to see Mike's grandparents and Aunt afterwards. Doesn't Paw Paw look comfy??

Granny watches Hunter play and watch tv. It was almost his bedtime and he was getting sleepy

Ellen's blind by my flash
(It was dark and it kept firing test shots...Oh NO:)
Hunter took his shoes off and took a "nap"

Look at that laugh...he's so silly
Dinner was good at Piccadilly. They actually have it in my WW Dining Out guide. I was surprised but glad I could count my points. We stopped by Ellen's to see her and Granny and Paw Paw. It was fun and we were glad to see them. It was later than we normally stop by and I wish I had the time to stop by over the weekend. Granny seemed tired but she smiled and laughed a little at Hunter and that makes us happy. I LOVE her beautiful smile. It was near Hunter's bedtime so he was a little energetic. You know how they have to run off all that energy before going to bed.

We were ready to go and he decided he wanted to sing to them. Silly boy:)
It's good for him, though, as we're really working on his speech. It's getting better every day

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow off..I can't wait to go to Busch Gardens with my family.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday again..

I went to Ben Franklin's on Sunday since I met Mike for lunch near by. Hunter and I went to church and Mike had to go to work. I got some cute little boy stickers. I cleaned my den and a couple closets up this weekend and my allergies did a real number on me. My eyes were swollen most of the weekend but hoping that some cool compresses will help it not be swollen during the week. I just didn't get as much cropping done as I wanted but nonetheless, it was productive around the house.

On the General Scrapping board, they posted a challenge on what plans we have for July 4th. I'm planning to go to Busch Gardens with my hubby, son, parents and maybe my brother. These are some of the shots Mike and I got the last time we were there. I love to watch the animals and Hunter does too. I can't wait until Wednesday!!

Love the Depth Of Field on this...Mike took this one! (slightly blurry but will try to sharpen later)

This one's for my FIL. He loves Eagles!

And this is my little man, Hunter. He loves to run!!
This coming weekend, we're headed to North Carolina. We'll be on the boat and in the sun..YA!Hope Everyone has a wonderful Monday!!