Thursday, February 28, 2008

Circus Pictures

Here's Hunter and Grandma, with matching Circus shirts on that she painted
TOO cute!
Jeff and Hunter with their matching "noses"

Uncle Jeff gives Hunter an Eskimo Kiss

"This is SO much fun"

"I LOVE these binoculars!"
The Elephants were Hunter's favorite. (He LOVES Dumbo and asked if there would be tents there:)
The Elephants were ready for bed!
They had 6 motorcycles inside at 1 time!Jump Jump Jump!
Good Night, Everyone!Hunter PRETENDSo be sleeping on the way home!
The Circus was a blast. We had a great time and I'm SO glad we went. Hunter stood up and danced the entire time, I think. We were in the last row of our section (so no one was behind us) but row 6. It was towards the bottom and GREAT seats.
I wish today was Friday...I'm ready for a relaxing weekend. I hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's A HAPPY Hump Day!!

Hunter got all dressed up Tuesday for his School pictures. I love his new outfit. He got to hold a real bunny, can't wait to see the pictures!!
I spent 2 hours in my attic last night, going through most of Hunter's clothes. I was looking for any bodysuits/onesies, sleepers and outfits that little Hannah can use. I found LOTS of good clothes. I organized them in Holiday order so I could see what we had before putting them in a huge box.
I have every piece of clothing that Hunter EVER wore in our attic. I HAVE to get rid of them. I could hardly move around up there! My SIL is coming over in a couple weeks to pick out what she wants (in case she has a boy next) and then the rest is going towards our garage sale this summer. We're outgrowing our house...FAST!
Mike is at his Motorcycle course all weekend so I think I'll wash all these clothes and some other clothes we got from other friends. My washing machine will be BUSY but it'll be great to get it all done. I might work on the extra rooms a bit, start moving some books downstairs and vacuuming the entire house. (while Hunter sleeps)
And I think I'll do some scrap booking and change my blog for the season. I can't BELIEVE it's almost March!!
TONITE is the CIRCUS! We can't wait. I've got all my batteries charging and I'm getting ready to download all my pictures from the memory card.
Hope everyone has a great day!!
God Bless!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Clean Clean Clean!!

We've been cleaning most of the weekend, sorry no pictures..YET! We've got about 7-8 bags going to the Thrift Store, a couple bags of trash, 2-3 containers that I have to go through this week and a lot of dust! I'll vacuum later....too much stuff now in the room. But it SURE is nice, using my new vacuum. That thing sucks up EVERYTHING and has a filter to help with allergies.. It was important we got something that works good, now that we'll have another baby crawling around in a couple months! We've been going through our office, which will be our little boy, Hunter's new room. We're getting there fast but after working on it all Sunday morning and afternoon, we had to walk away. I thought I'd have to go to work so I stayed home from Church yesterday. Mom took Hunter, though so he wouldn't miss it. We got SO much done. We still have some work to do but the hardest part is probably done. I can't believe ALL the stuff you accumulate when you get married!! I'm just hoping I can get a lot done tonite and tomorrow, after Hunter Man goes to bed

Wednesday, we go to the Circus and Thursday, I'm going out with my Mom and Grandmother. WHEW!!

Mike has his Motorcycle Course next weekend so he'll be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may get a lot done while Hunter sleeps but no painting yet....

I went to the Visitation yesterday afternoon, which was really nice. She looked really pretty and they had a really neat slide show with some wonderful pictures. She had a beautiful smile and it was wonderful to see her so happy, enjoying her grand kids and family. Afterwards, I stopped by Target to find Hunter some pants. I found him a cute outfit to have his picture taken Tuesday at school. The pants were a little long so I rushed them back over to my mom's house, and she hemmed them right away. (I was planning to leave them but she didn't mind doing them so I could take them with me) He's gone through a MAJOR growth spurt and now, his pants we got him right before Christmas are TOO short! He's really stretching up. (and fast)

Hope everyone has a great day. Not sure what the weather is like today but I'm ready for Spring!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crazy Week and Ready for Bed...No time for Blogging....

It's been a crazy week. Busy, Busy, Busy and this next week will be about the same..
I won't be at Church on Sunday, as I may have to go in to work. We had some remodeling done and some of us may go in to help clean up. After that, I'm going to a Visitation for a wonderful person from our Church. She had Cancer and passed away Friday morning. Although it's so sad she won't be with us anymore, we know in our hearts she's with the Lord in Heaven. She's not suffering anymore. She had the cutest personality, always cared about our family like we were her own, and her smile could light up a room. She will be truly missed!

We went and saw the new Veggie Tales movie tonight with Hunter at Cinema Cafe. It was really cute and he, of course loved it as much as we did. We're about ready for bed now. I'm exhausted. Mike got me some new Stereo speakers the other day for my SUV and installed them today. I painted the letters to spell "Hunter" and "Hannah" for their rooms. Hunter slept while we got a lot done.

We're going to the Circus Wednesday night and Thursday night, I think I'm going out with my Mom and Grandmother. Two nights in a row....whew....but ALL worth it.

OK, I'm falling asleep. Hope you all have a good Sunday and I'll try to post some pictures later.

Good Night!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Debit Card Is On Restriction!!

My Precious Hunter
This was Hunter, right before his nap Sunday.

This is the quilt we bought for Hunter's new room. (the top and bottom) We love it and he helped us pick it out. We're going to try to find a stoplight to put in his room. Mike, of course loves it because it's alot like his job, a Civil Engineer. He gets to design lots of roads, parking lots, utilities, and things like that. We have several Disney posters that we've gotten when we've bought the DVD's so I think they'll look really cool in there. Plus, he has a new train set table he got for Christmas that will go in there also.
And the matching pillow....
They had a bag full of small car shaped pillows also we'll probably get later. How cute!
Here's the baby's new comforter set. I LOVE it!!! I wanted a garden theme so this is perfect. It's called Ladybugs, by Tiddliwinks from Target. It's SO different with the black and red accents.

Friday Night: We went to Olive Garden for dinner, used a Gift Card that paid for our dinner and our tip...YA! We went to the movies after that. We saw 27 Dresses. It was SO funny. (a little language to ignore, but other than that...) Mike MUST love me...he took me to a "Chick Flick". It was SO nice to have a real date with my sweetheart!

Saturday: Mom and I had a Bridal Shower to go to for a friend that I used to go to Church with. It was really nice, awesome food and we got to see some people we hadn't seen in ages. Christy was pretty as ever, and seemed to be so happy. She has the most beautiful red hair. I always thought Hunter might have red hair since Mike's beard always grows in red..funny I know. But the two boys both have sandy blonde/light brown hair that's still a great color.

Anyway, it was a great time. We stopped by Michael's on the way home to pick up all we needed to make the baby announcements. I think they'll be so pretty. We're going to work on them soon so they're done and all we'll have to do is add the baby's picture. We also got new letters for both the kids rooms. Some of the letters in Hunter's room had fallen and broke. I got navy blue satin spray paint for Hunter's and colonial red satin for the baby's new room. I think it'll look neat!

The baby's name is officially "Hannah Grace"
We're excited!!
(Hunter Glenn and now, Hannah Grace)

Saturday Night: We went to the Carter's Outlet, to look for some baby bedding. No such luck..Just blankets. But I DID get some clearance stuff. A new turtleneck, a beautiful yellow plaid button up shirt for Hunter to get his picture taken in and some warm pj's. Two cute hats, a Santa bib and some adorable dress shoes for Hannah.
Mike FINALLY got a new leather jacket from Wilson's Leather .They had them on sale for 70% off and his was ripped on both pockets and almost white from fading. I was SO happy to see him get a new one, and it has a little more padding so it's warmer too.
We found Hunter's new Quilt from Target, where we went after coming back from Williamsburg. He got the matching pillow and some new solid sheets to go with it.

Sunday: We went to Church, Anna's Pizza for lunch afterwards with my grandparents, then to see my Nanny Puckette and Granny and PaPa before going home for Hunter to take a nap. My Nanny Puckette (who's in the Nursing home and has not been in good health lately) had gotten Pneumonia again this week but we were suprised to see her in her wheel chair, dressed and MUCH more alert. What an answer to prayer!
I went BACK to Target to look at bedding for the baby. I found one and LOVE it. I got the Comforter set and then went to Lowe's to get paint samples. We finalized the paint choices so we're hoping to get painting this week..HOORAY!
SO, we're trying to get all the big expenses out of the way so we can save and rest later. It's just been one thing after another. Our Debit Cards are On Restriction:) FOR REAL! LOL!
Today: Mike is off for the Government holiday so he's got to pick up the camper from the shop(another huge bill), work on clearing out our extra room (that will be Hunter's room), go grocery shopping, vacume and drop a ton of stuff off at the Thrift store. I wish I was off too to help him! He IS the man!
Ok, I'm off to work. It's been raining all morning and there's a tornado watch for today. I think I'll stay at work and eat lunch. I hate driving in the rain and it seems to be a real mess
Hope your day is good and productive. God bless!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

~It Was A WONDERFUL Love Day~

But isn't EVERY day terrific when you're in love??
My Valentine's Day was wonderful but nothing too fancy; JUST the way I like it. We were planning to have some leftover Chicken from Wal-Mart the night before, as well as some fun Family time. As Mike and Hunter were on the way home, Hunter begged his Daddy for some Taco Bell. He loves tacos! SO, they called me at home and I said that sounded good. They came home to pick me up and get some goodies. I had a little decorated gift bag for them each with some decorated mini cookies, a box of the conversation hearts and a couple peanut butter chocolate hearts. Hunter got a Spiderman tin full of caramel popcorn and Mike got a LARGE bag of Starbucks coffee. He also got a small box of Chocolate from Starbucks. Hunter got some balloons, which he loved. We sold flowers and balloons at work for our Relay for Life team and it's such a good cause. I was glad to contribute! We exchanged some great cards and Mike got me a new Willow Tree figure, titled Welcoming Angel. I just started collecting these and I love pineapples around my house, since they stand for Hospitality so it was a perfect gift!! I love it. (I'm planning to get 2 more that have a Father and Son and the Mother and Daughter)

I had a great evening with my family!! After Taco Bell, we stopped by Sonic and had a 99 cents JR Banana Split. It was JUST enough, a small amount of ice cream with a little strawberry, chocolate and pineapple topping. YUMMY! We had a coupon for ColdStone but decided we'd use it this weekend. I did NOT want to fight crowds on Valentine's day so we avoided it all together. Tonite, my parents are watching Hunter while we go to Olive Garden for dinner. We've still got some gift certificates so I'm looking forward to using them!! I'm looking forward to spending some time with Mike too. I'm more in love with him EVERY day. He's the best!! guess that's it for today. I have a Bridal Shower to go to tomorrow and Mike is working. My dad is watching Hunter during his nap time while we're gone and then, when Mike gets home, we're starting to clear out the other room for the Baby. I'm SO excited about getting started. We found a new bed set we like for Hunter's room and hope to get it this weekend. We'ge got some painting to do in both rooms and I'm VERY anxious to get started. Maybe this week....

Hoping I'll have time to do a little scrapbooking Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. I've made a ton of cards lately, which was really fun but I'm itching to get cropping. I've gone through and "purged" alot of my stuff. I need to get rid of what I don't use. It's getting so organized I can hardly stand it:) Here are the cards I made for our parents. (my parents got married on Valentine's Day so that's why it says Anniversary) They are all REAL sweethearts too so I wanted to remember them. I'm not sure where we'd be without our parents.

Well, have a good weekend!! I'm excited about my "Date Night" tonite with my sexy husband!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's almost Valentine's Day Eve!

Hunter sat nicely tonite so I could get a Valentine's Day picture. What a cutie!!

This was a meme that was posted online that I thought would be fun for Valentine's Day.

1. What's one physical charateristic that you love about your mate?
His smile
2. What's one personality trait that stands out about your mate?
how much he cares about other people
3. How long have you been together? Married?
almost 12 years since we started dating, 8 years of marriage and friends since 10th grade High School Spanish Class, a REALLY long time ago:)
4. Would you say that you loved your husband first for his brains, his brawn or his bankbook?
I fell in love with how considerate he is of others, and his desire to help any way he can.
5. Did you pick out your ring or did he surprise you with it?
He suprised me with it, although we had looked a little bit. I would have been happy with a Cheerio...I just love being his wife. The jewelry doesn't matter to me!
6. How did you choose where to be married?
We both were/are going to the Church that I grew up in. We both always wanted a Church wedding, because of our strong faith. Without God, where would we be?
7. How is your marriage different that it was the day you married?
We've learned what works, what doesn't. Communication and support is the key. Our marriage is stronger today that it ever has been and I love him more every day.
8. What do you love the most about your mate?
his faith, his desire to do anything God wants him to, Just who he is and what he stands for.
9. What's something that you do to keep your marriage happy?
Date Night, keeping things interesting/spontaneous, telling each other what we mean to the other
10.List one word to describe your mate for every year that you've been together
funny, silly, laid back, hard working, faithful, supportive, loving, romantic, sweet, sexy, thoughtful and caring
Speaking of my mate....Here he is with me at our Christmas Party this past year.
Hunter celebrated Valentine's day at school today since he doesn't have school on Thursday. It's a teacher work day. He took some Diego Valentines in for his friends. He got some really cute ones in return. I think my favorite was the one that said "God made you special". How true is that! I think we're the special ones because of God's love. He is so gracious and kind. I thank him so much for this baby. We're so thankful for this little girl, and our little boy, and good health and a roof over our head. All the things that we have and take for granted. It's not about us, it's Christ in us.

The week is flying by, it's going to be WEDNESDAY already. I have an early morning meeting, a couple errands to run on my lunch hour and then, going home to clean up a bit. We're not going out Thursday night but a family night at home would be nice. Mike and I are planning to go to Dinner on Friday to celebrate Valentine's day, when it's not so crowded. I just don't want to fight the crowds on the actual day. Mom and Dad said they'd keep Hunter Man so I think we're planning to go to Olive Garden. (MAYBE to Coldstone Creamery afterwards, since I have a coupon) It's just nice to have a night out, once in a while for a "Date Night". I'm looking forward to it!

I'm going to go get ready for bed. I need to iron some clothes before going to sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open now. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. (It's Hump Day:)
God bless!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

OK, the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was the Ultrasound on Saturday. We found out we're having a GIRL!! We wanted a girl so bad!! SO, here she is...

Just checking out her heart first....All four Chambers look great!
This is the back of her
Here's her pretty little face..awwww
This is the heel of her foot..
And a PERFECT shot of the bottom of her entire foot! See those cute toes?

Here's her "girly" parts
This is our new 15'inch TV for our kitchen. Our old (a 5' size) one just broke after several years. I LOVE this one....much bigger and better than the old one . (and SUPER priced)
Here's some of the paper I got from the LSS today. The top one is my favorite. I just think it's GORGEOUS!
I got it the other day to make some cards and needed a couple more sheets. I was out of the store within 10 minutes since I spent $50 when I was in there last week..LOL! ( I have a paper addiction!)
I'll be making some cards Monday night but was cleaning tonite. We had a great weekend. Saturday, I was on CLOUD NINE! I'm SO excited I'm having a girl. Hunter is all excited about it too, he said "COOL, Thank you, MOMMY!!"
He's appreciative of EVERYTHING!
Ok, I'm tired and going to bed. Have a fabulous Monday!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

And Here We Go Again....

Yep, ONE day I'm well and now, my Hunter Man is sick. Just the last day or two, he's had a cough and his nose has been running clear stuff. We've been giving him couph and cold medicine but tonite, at dinner, he spiked a fever within minutes. Hunter doesn't complain. He doesn't cry when he feels bad. He never has. He just gets real tired when he gets a fever and he may cry then. He layed his little head on his seat at dinner (which he didn't take the first bite of) and I just knew something was up.

We took him to the Patient First near us, where they did a strep test, a Flu swab and they took his temps/vital signs. He had a 101.4 fever, tested positive for Strep AND the Flu, as well as a slight ear infection in his right ear. I couldn't believe it. We even asked him what hurt and he said that his ears were ok. It was the same Doctor that's usually there and so, he remembered him. He said he was a VERY sick little boy and he needed to rest all weekend. The only time he fussed is when he had to take his Ibroprofin. He usually takes his meds pretty good but I think he was ready for bed. He was so tired. We talked him into it and then, he got a sticker and a piece of Chocolate. He got an anitibiotic and another medicine to lessen the effects of the Flu.

One prescription they had there and the other one, Mike picked up at the store after we put Hunter to bed. He took it after he got home with it and then, went on back to sleep. It looks like I'm going to set my alarm for the middle of the night and check his fever periodically. Right now, he's been asleep for about an hour and his fever has dropped quite a bit. The poor guy is sweating like crazy.

We're going for our Ultrasound Saturday morning but Grandad said he'd sit with him while we're gone. He doesn't mind missing it (Hunter) and we told him we'd have pictures for him to see later. I'm looking forward to coming home and just holding my little boy. He was SO hot and weak tonite. I know fevers are your body's defense system at work but they sure scare me. He's may be sick but not the first complaint out of him. What a trooper!

If you get a chance, please say a prayer for my little guy. He's really precious. (hard to believe the picture below, in my previus post was just last night) Ok, I guess I'll have pictures to post later of our other new little baby. (Maybe it'll give me my, much needed MOJO so I can get some scrappin' done while Hunter sleeps) Guess I better head to bed now!!

God bless everyone, and hope you have a good Saturday!!
**Today's Question on 2Peas**
What are my scrappin' plans today?
-working on Our Office Album (for work)
-working on my Uncle's Memory Album
-Making some Valentines Day Cards

Friday, February 08, 2008

MUCH Better

Just sharing a picture of my Hunter Man Thursday night. He's a little OCD in his ways sometimes....LOL. He refuses to eat ANY grapes until they're all off the vine and in his bowl. He LOVES grapes, and loves most fruits and veggies for that matter. I'm glad for that. I believe he thinks his Gogort (that yogurt in a tube) or the bag of baby carrots are a REAL treat for him. I'm glad he doesn't want sweets and, as he says "Junk Food" first:)
What a joy that child gives me!! We thank God for him every day!!

I seem to be over the Flu now. I was home all day Thursday, resting. I had Diarrhea the night before and was exhausted by yesterday morning. I must have been dehydrated, because after taking my bath, I was dizzy and really lightheaded. I drank Ginger Ale most of the day and had some Jello, crackers and light foods. I'm still QUITE tired but I think if I drink fluids most of the day I should be better in NO time:)

Thank God It's Friday!

Not sure what our plans are tonite but I could go for a salad bar Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. (if you're reading this, Mike, HINT HINT:) It's so good, and healthy.

Tomorrow is our Ultrasound and we're excited, and a little nervous. We can't wait to see what the sex of our baby is but no matter what, God is in control and we'll be thrilled either way. I'll DEFENTLEY be posting some pictures this weekend.

We're got some work to do around the house this weekend so I'm not sure I'll get to my Crop Saturday but excited about getting things DONE lately!

I need to print some pictures for a Memory Album I'm working on for my Uncle Hudge. He passed away several years ago and was much like another Grandfather to me. I'm also working on an ongoing Scrapbook for our office at work. I'd like to get a good amount of work done on those this weekend. I ALSO need to start our NEW baby's Scrapbook. Hunter had the CM Baby album but since it's discontinued, I'll probably try to find one on Ebay. I LOVE it!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and Weekend!! God bless and Take Care!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SO Glad To See The Day's End...

Today has been crazy. And I hope to not relive it for a while. It was pretty the first part of the day and I think the temps may have made it to 80. WOW, I have Spring Fever. I'd like to hook my Camper up to the car and head out camping somewhere. Unfortunately, Mike had to take it down to get looked at this afternoon. It appears our skylight in the bathroom is leaking. He's sealed it up but every time it rains, it leaks stll, just a little bit to be annoying:) Can't wait to get it back. Just to know it's there if we want to go on a moment's notice.

However, the way I'm feeling, I won't be going any time soon. I woke up this morning to find my sugar completely bottoming out. It was too late to recover, just make for the best and get something to eat pretty quick. I was in a daze at work and by 10 A.M. , I was sick. I just couphed it up to not being able to get a fix on my sugar in time. I got it to go back up but I was exhausted.
It appears I have the flu, or some sort of Virus...UGH!
I came right home, changed my clothes and crawled in to bed. I've been here ever since. Mike was wonderful; gave Hunter a bath, did his Speech homework and read him a bedtime story before bed. I miss it...We always do the Bedtime thing together.

Hunter was a real angel and stood by the door while I was sick. He wouldn't leave my side. I explained to him I couldn't hug or kiss him or even touch him for that matter because I didn't want him sick too. He just had this awful sad look on his face and said "Mama, I'm so sorry you're sick". Talk about your heart melting....

It's after 10 and my bottom is hurting from laying down..LOL but I needed to eat. Mike had gone to the store for a couple household items after Hunter Man went to bed. He got my some Ginger Ale (my favorite-WELL or sick) and jello cups. It hit the spot. I knew I needed to eat something.

I called the Patient First near me and asked if I did have the flu, could I get that medicine that you take within 24 hours of getting the Flu and it's supposed to weaken the effects. I can't take it though, because I'm pregnant. SO, I'm making do and getting better by resting and drinking fluids. (even if they aren't staying down)

I've got to go to work tomorrow and be better. First of all, Hunter has school and speech he needs to go to. Second, we're super short handed at work and I couldn't stand the thoughts of leaving them worse than they are....I hate calling in and I hate being sick.

Well, I'm going to get another Jello, drink some "Gin Yale", as my Pop always says and then, go to bed. God Bless and have a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Way Overdue...

These pictures are some of the ones from The Childrens Museum the other weekend. I hadn't felt good and forgot about uploading them. Blogger is giving me some crazy message that I'm out of memory or something...I have no idea but am TOO tired to investigate tonite:)

Hunter, doing some grocery shopping and then, going to the Dentist.

The Cousins are cruising!! They look like superstars with that light..LOL!
PaPa and Hunter look at one of the first exhibits...and looking amazed!!

Ok, I'll post more later. Going to bed now. Too tired to type almost. Just finished ordering my pictures for the shoot I did a couple weeks ago and picking them up tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT!!
Have a Happy Hump Day!

Another Terrific Tuesday..Here We GO!

Temps in the 70's today. It's REALLY hard for me to not plan a camping trip REAL soon but I know that these temps probably won't stay that long. If I'm not going to get ONE more snow then I'd LOVE for Spring to come early. Time is flying by and honestly, I need to slow the clock down a little. In just a couple months, our new baby will be here and we have lots to do. We're switching Hunter's room to our current office and making his room the nursery again. We're also having someone here soon to remodel our bathroom. It's been left quite a while and after that, we have other things to do to the house. We're having our hallway and kitchen floor replaced, our other bathroom painted and hopefully updated too and then, some work in our kitchen to get it remodeled. Eventually, we're going to be thinking about moving and those things have to be done. I'm excited, but nervous too at the thought of it all. Of course, I get excited about a new coat of paint, a new flag out for The Love Month, and just every day I have with my family. I guess, this weather just makes me want to open my windows, wash some curtains and change things around.LOL. I don't know where that leaves my scrapbooking addiction but it's nice to know I have a space to work when I only have a little time, here and there...

And no pictures today on my blog again! I better get busy tonite. We've been busy this week. Hunter got to watch Dumbo before going to bed since he was such a good boy yesterday. I've also got to order the pictures tonite for my Photo Shoot I did a couple weeks ago. And getting rid of boxes, a little every night. Whew!! I need a couple more hours in the day I think!

We got a good report on our dog, Bailey. His blood work came back fine so his skin condition is caused by some sort of Allergy. We just have to find out what it is and hope his new medicine will work. We went for another walk last night and it was WONDERFUL. It felt so good to breathe that fresh air, to know we're staying healthy and hopefully, keeping my weight down. My pregnancy weight is right where it should be but because of my sugar issues, I tend to gain more in a short amount of time after four or five months. We've been fruit and veggie junkies lately so hopefully it's working. We're going for another walk tonite since it's going to be EVEN warmer. If we walk around our block, it's about a mile. I wanted to walk another time around but the dog and Hunter were getting tired. But they enjoyed it and it's SO great to get outside

Well, gotta go eat my Raisin Bran Cereal before getting ready for work. God Bless and have a great day!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Is Spring On It's Way?

Great temperatures here in Va. this weekend. We went to Church Sunday with light jackets and the sun was just shining! It was a great sermon from our pastor and I felt refreshed afterwards. On the way home, we stopped by Jason's Deli, where I had a delicous salad from their salad bar and a bowl of French Onion Soup. It's my usual, but it's SO yummy. I love salad bars! We went to see my grandmother in the Nursing home, who didn't look as good as last week and was asleep. Usually, we can rub her hand and wake her up but she was out cold and couldn't be waken. Hunter took it well and told her that he was sorry he missed her and loved her. (awww, I wanted to cry JUST at the sound of his sweet little voice) SO, we headed over to see our Granny and Papa before finally, heading home. They were in good spirits and glad to see the sun shining in. It was TRUELY a beautiful day. It was really Hunter's nap time but because it was later, we went home, changed clothes and headed for the Park. There was a lot of people there, playing and having a blast. We saw some of our friends from our church who had their grandson and nephew, Cameron. They play together at church in the Nursery and had an awesome time on the playground, and for a while too. When they left, we walked the track while Hunter got to ride his bike. We had our dog, Bailey with us so he could get some excercise. He seemed to have a great time too, to be outside and able to run around and smell EVERYTHING. (He's a beagle....'nuff said!) We had leftovers for dinner so we could enjoy Roast Beef, Carrots and Potatoes for dinner tonite and after Hunter's bath, he went to bed, with almost NO interruptions. I know he was exhausted, as well as Bailey. They were both quiet as a mouse. I barely hit the bed before I was out too. It was a long day but we truely, enjoyed the day to the fullest. Now, another week. It looks like warm temps again today and tomorrow so I think we're all going to be going for a walk tonite and tomorrow. (as long as there's no rain) Saturday is my Ultrasound and I can hardly wait. I'm nervous, but my biggest concern is to have a healthy baby. I know God is in control and that's enough for me. God bless and have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Saturday

That's how my day has been! I got up early, after all I DO have a toddler! He woke us both up, telling us about what a pretty day it is. He was hungry so Daddy got him a banana and back to bed he went. Then, up a couple hours later for his breakfast. Mike took our dog to the Vet. That part was NOT super and if you don't mind, our Bailey could use some prayers. He has some sort of skin condition where his coat is rubbed and his skin is exposed. I know it bothers him. We've been giving him antibiotics for some time, as all the Doctors could tell us is that it seems to be an allergy infection. Well, it's spreading now all over and he's been pretty miserable. Today, they gave us MORE medicine and did some bloodwork. They're worried he might have some sort of disease that is causing it. I hope not, I'm praying. Bailey is like our "first child" and Hunter adores him, as we all do. Hopefully, some new meds will kick in and work soon!!

I had to make Hashbrown Casserole for work on Friday and promised the boys that I'd make some for them too. So, I made a big dish of it for them this morning and it was yummy. My dad wanted to take Hunter to get a haircut so I gave them a big container too. The things Grandparents will do to see their grandkids but I'm not complaining. How sweet. He stopped by their house before bringing him home and Hunter showed off his haircut. He got some yummy fruit and snacks that they're having for their "Superbowl Party" on Sunday.

After Hunter went down for his nap, I went to the mall and got my hair cut and highlighted. It feels SO good after a hair cut. I needed a little update, after getting my new glasses. They are SO different than anything I've worn before but I LOVE them. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I got told by THREE people at work that I look like the Naughty Librarian....LOL! Whatever! (but we had fun laughing over that one anyway) Makes you want to see them, right????? Just kidding!

Well, I'm off to make sure my Little Guy is in bed and get ready for that myself. We've got Church in the morning, then visits with the Grandparents. I'm making a Roast in the Crock Pot for lunch tomorrow and hope to get more accomplished here. Today, we got a great deal done and it feels great. (although, there's ALWAYS more)

We had Homemade Strombolli's that Mike made tonite and they were SO GOOD. We'll have leftovers tomorrow night, with some fresh fruit and veggies while we watch the Super Bowl. We usually don't watch Football but seem to always watch this particular game. It's fun!

Hope to go for a walk or to the park first, though after Hunter's nap. It's supposed to be beautiful weather!
God bless and enjoy your weekend!