Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ready for some FUN

Ok, I didn't even watch my Grey tonite...I heard it was a rerun but I can check it out online later. (We went to dinner with our neighbors) This week, I'm hooked on my Bold and the Beautiful. I love my Channel 3 Soaps; Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless:) But B & the B has me glued to the tv from 1:30-2. (I love my 1:00 lunch hour)

Oh cool...They're playing Hootie and the Blowfish on October Road..I saw them twice and the last time was at Strawberry Banks in the pouring down rain. What an awesome concert! I LOVE Hootie and the Blowfish!

Last night, we went to Mike and Tom's for a cookout with the neighbors and some friends. It was fun...I'm going to miss them SO much. But we've got numbers and email so I'm sure we'll stay in touch. Tom is leaving Saturday morning but I think Mike and Justin aren't leaving until the end of April. We're probably going camping with them the weekend after Easter in King and Queen County. Everyone there is so nice! Can't wait...I've got major camping fever

Here's some pics from Wednesday night.

Mike and Tom...maybe the last time hanging outside together. I know he'll miss Tom's advice on fixing stuff. (We already warned him we're going to email him and expect to get step by step instructions, with pictures...J/k, Guys!)

Tom with one of the babies, and Mike and Hunter Man together...Can you tell they're buddies?

Tom's coworkers , with Justin hanging out

Our other neighbor, Janice with JustinThe Babies..Millie and Spencer. How cute!

Ok, and Hunter's Easter outfit. What a cutie he'll be. I think he's going to wear this to go see the Easter bunny (maybe?) and I think I'll try to get some Easter pics this weekend. Easter really snuck up on me!!

And I *finally* bought me a new camera strap, with Mickey Mouse, bought it on Ebay. I've been looking at these since I left Disney World in December. I saw SO many people with them at the park and it made me want one! But, I didn't have my SLR yet. When I got the Sony in January, I started looking on Ebay for one. I wanted one that I hadn't seen before. I also wanted one that had nylon straps to connect to the camera. I have a tapestry one I got already from Ebay but it has metal clips on the side and I can't stand the noise or the damage it could do to my camera. Loving this one..never seen the blue! Can't wait to get it. I also ordered me a Tamron one that would pretty much match anything when the blue Mickey didn't. (like I'll want to take that one off) Both connect with the nylon may seem picky but I figure if I spend that much money on a camera, I want to protect it any way I can!

Ok, gotta go to bed. We're going out Friday for Jess's Bachlorette Party sorta. Not sure where we're going but I'll have the Durango full. (Gotta love that 3rd row seating) Mike and Rod are doing the male bonding thing and going with us but not with us:) Lynn, Jess, Mindy and I are doing the girl's night out thing and can't wait! We may just be in different areas of wherever we go or not too far away from the guys. It's going to be a blast and I'm DEFENTLEY looking forward to the adult time. (especially from all the fun we had today just talking about it...How about those pizza adds...LOL:) Hunter's staying overnite with Grandma and Grandad and I'm sure he'll have a ball. Taking my older Sony point and shoot so my pics may be a little different but glad I'll have that convenience of being compact. Have a great weekend=) I'll try to post a little later Saturday but got a lot planned!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Wednesday already!

Here's my, not so little, little boy in his NEW Diego sandals and Hawaii shirt from Maw Maw and Paw Paw. He looked so cute!! Today was one of the days where I wanted to kiss him all over. (until I found out ALL the kids at Daycare were not on their best behavior today:(
Ugh Oh....
How is it that life is so busy? How is it that it's already Wednesday and it seems the weekend was just here? Days go by faster and faster. I work from the time I get up until the time I lay my head down and still, don't get everything done. Almost everything but not all of it and I've got another busy week. Tonite, we're supposed to be hanging out with our neighbors for a cookout and then, tomorrow, we're going to dinner with them. Friday evening, the moving truck will pull away and Saturday, another family moves in. I'm just sad!! I know I'll never have neighbors like them again but hoping to stay in touch. I've got phone numbers and emails. (and Justin's MySpace...HA! I can still keep my eye on that boy..LOL)
We've been joking that we can meet in Disney next December. We're planning to stay 2 weeks this time. This past year, we saw, not only Disney but Universal Studios. We LOVED it, and since then, Hunter has fallen in love with the Cat in the Hat, who we saw there. There's so much to see in the area. If we don't see them then, we were talking about maybe taking a trip to WI to see them and Mike's brother, Rich and his family. (Mike's already emailed me some info on condos in the area:) That's next year. This year, it looks like we'll be finishing our bathroom and Mike will be taking his PE Exam in the fall. He's got a mountain of paperwork to get filled out with his school and work credentials and signed by them. It's coming up quick so I told him I'd have it ready for him by the weekend. He's really worried but he passed his FE Exam the first time and most people fail that one, atleast the first time. It's just been a stressful week for me. I know I've got to get that done and then, his teeth again. We were at the mall to pick up new cell phones and ate at Ruby Tuesday. Mike could hardly eat because his gum is infected and the bone in his jaw has grown back, after having part of it cut out last week with 3 stitches. (originally from having his wisdom teeth pulled) Next month, he's having over $1000 worth of work done (out of pocket) to fix 3 crowns. And the PE Exam alone is costing us a small fortune too. ($60 App fee, $210 to take the test, then an ODU Review class and a $100 book) I'm thankful that we have it but GOOD GOSH, when it rains it pours. Do you ever feel like you're living in the Money Pitt? So, I'm so looking forward to sitting back tonite and chilling out for a change. Just a breather...

I got a lot done this weekend and was able to still play at Busch Gardens Sunday afternoon. Hoping to go this weekend but gotta get my work done first. Justin will still be in the area too so his dad and he might go with us, along with some other friends. Here's Hunter this past weekend, riding the boats and the bugs and the baby bumper cars. It was getting chilly so he was nice and warm in his ODU sweatshirt and stylin' in his Diego glasses. All about Diego....

Have a great Hump Day:)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the Way Out

It's FINALLY warm here!! Ya!! I'm out the door to work in my yard with Mike, while Hunter helps us and plays on his swing set! I've got flowers to plant, grass to cut, a screened in porch to clean and lots of cleaning! We were going to start last night it was SO wonderful out but Mike wasn't feeling good, after having Dental Surgery again Thursday. He's much better today, and ready to go outside. We're in the yard all the time during the year for cookouts, relaxation and just enjoying the weather. I can't wait until I can sit outside again!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Work today, Play tomorrow:)
(although working in our yard together is NEVER a chore) This picture is another one from the park Thursday. I love new buds, such a beautiful reminder of a new season!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is Spring in the air?

So, I've been toying around with learning how to do Digital Scrapbooking the last couple months. I've really struggled with having time to do my other "Paper Scrapbooking" and catching up. Mike is always finding new awesome Podcasts for our IPOD and he just showed me a Digital Scrapbooking tuturial last night. That was it for me I guess. I checked out some info online and didn't even read the instructions. I just downloaded a couple free kits, loaded them in Photoshop and started playing. I love my new banner and I'm hoping by the weekend I can get some layouts done. I know I'll still do my paper scrapbooking but this is SO cool!! I'm so excited...I did it by myself! I am loving my Photoshop skills's finally clicking! Just wondering why I didn't do it sooner!! So, it's Mike's fault:) I have to say that those tutorials on Itunes are incredible, seriously.

Mike is asleep beside me and wouldn't wake up if his life depended on it. I wouldn't dream of waking him. He's fine but had to get a bone pulled from his cheek today. It grew in abnormally after having his wisdom teeth pulled a couple months ago. Our dentist said it was completely normal. He got 3 stitches and he's a little sore. Poor Guy. And you know what he did? When I got home from lunch, he washed my car and vacumed it out completely! (both cars, actually) I told him he was supposed to be resting but when I came home a little early from work too to take care of Hunter and him, they were in the foyer waiting for me. We went to the park and he had packed dinner and all the fixings! It was delicious and then, we played at the park. Hunter ran around the play ground and we took some pictures of the sunset and the ducks. FUN! What am I going to do with Mike? He is so wonderful, and supportive!! I love him more every minute!!I also got my Starbucks Gift Card in the mail today so we stopped by for a coffee and a treat on the way home. (Rice Krispy Treats for Hunter) I got a Caramel Mocha...yum! (Don't worry, Lynn and Jess. I still got credit for you guys...LOL!) I'm getting all the sweet stuff out of our system before starting our Spring diet. We usually eat healthy anyway but have our occassional snack that we really want to cut out. We're starting a Wellness Program at work that I can't wait to start. (Next Month) Not sure what we're doing for the weekend. May go to Busch but only for part of the day. We're hoping to get some work done around the house. I'm not even sure what the weather's going to be but I've got flowers to plant, grass to cut and a camper to clean. I can't WAIT go go camping. I have nursery this weekend at church but otherwise, SOON I hope. I have several places I want to try out that we didn't get to this year!

Well, gotta go to bed. It's late and I'm tired. (probably still up 'cause of the coffee but SO worth it) Here's a little funny that Mike emailed me this week. It was beautiful that day and he had no surveying to do outside:(

The sun is shinny, I want to play.
But I have to sit here at work on this warm, warm, warm day.
I sit her with Bryce,we sit here we two.
And I said, "How I wish we had something to do".
But all we can do is to Sit,
Sit, Sit
and we do not like it. Not one single bit.

Hunter loves the Cat in the Hat...I can't stand it because it's annoying to read!! I know that sounds HORRIBLE...but all those rhymes!!
He loves it so much that at daycare today, he wore his hat most of the day and called himself the Cat in the Hat. Our daycare provider said he didn't like it if you made any intention of removing his hat or saying otherwise:) He is SO crazy! Maybe we should have a Cat in the Hat birthday instead...(I think we're having a Diego Party:)

A beautiful end to an evening with the loves of my life!! God Bless and Thank God It's Friday!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello again!

WoW! I haven't updated my blog in over a's been SO busy! I just updated my Picture of the Day blog Sunday for the past week. That's hard back tracking so I'll try to keep up with atleast that. I have to say, it was nice being away from my laptop for a while. Althugh I've been really busy, I've been more relaxed and been enjoying my boys!!

We had a Bridal Shower at work Wednesday so I tried getting what I need to get done at home and errands run the other 2 nights. Here's Jessica. She gets married April 28th in Nags Head..Ya
Mrs. Ivey, our previous HR Vice President passed away the week before last. Her Life Celebration was Thursday and it was really beautiful. I don't think there was a dry eye there. She had battled Cancer and was so full of life. She will be missed..she was so special to everyone who knew her.


I closed Friday and was SO glad to be home. We watched a movie and went to bed early. When we got up Saturday, it was beautiful. I was ready to go to Busch for the Passholders day but then quickly found out, it was TOO cold! In the 40's, so we stayed home and played inside all day. Saturday night, we went to the Mexican Restaurant near us to celebrate 2 of the girls birthdays from our branch. 19 and be that young again..whew!!

Christy and Mandy had so much fun! They are so cute! Hunter loves hats so he had NO problem when they put the Sombrero on him. What a funny guy! Lavaughn and Jerry are in the next picture and then Lynn and David. (yes, Lynn, I printed your picture:) What great looking couples!! It was nice all getting together again. We usually go out about once a month with the branch family but it's been a little while since life gets kinda crazy lately. I'm learning to s l o w down so I can get more done..yeah right:)

We went to see Granny, Papa and Ellen Monday night..It was PaPa's birthday this weekend and Hunter had big hugs to give. He called his name again from outside while waiting for him to open the door. He kept saying, PaPa and then a little louder each time. Papa always laughs out loud every time he does it! It's hilarious!!

Granny watched The Little Mermaid with Hunter. They had some crackers too together and had a really nice time!! He told her ALL about it:) Ellen actually went out and got home right before we left. I was glad we all got to see her. She got big hugs too, several of them:) We had such a nice visit. We try to get over there pretty often. It makes their day as much as it makes ours. They are so cute! I'm so thankful for all of our Grandparents. Granny always asks, right before we leave, when can you come again. It melts my heart! I REALLY enjoy our time together!

We took Hunter to see the Preschool I think he's going to in the fall. We love it. It's a wonderful Church for 3 and 4 year olds. He'll only go 2 days a week half a day but I think it will be great. We also spoke to them about speech screening and we have him scheduled for April 24th. I know he's smart as can be but we're concerned about his speech development. I know that it can be corrected or better since both Mike and I both had to go to speech but I'm anxious to find out more information. It's been on our mind for a little while now and I'm glad they could give us the information we needed.

That's about all that's going on right now. I can't wait this long to update any takes too long to remember the

Have a good glad to be home for the rest of the week!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've Got Sunshine...

I got packages in the mail this week!! HOORAY! I just love my new Lowepro bag. I had outgrown my old one so this one is great. I also got me a new tripod since ours pretty much bit the dust. LOVE THEM BOTH! I had a lot of help with some other people first hand with it and I'm so glad everyone was so helpful. THANK YOU!

Mike got us some memory for our computers, that came this weekend. Our computer was hardly running. We needed to wipe and clean before we could use it. It was locking up all over the place!! Now, We're running ALOT faster! I LOVE getting packages in the mail.

We had a great weekend. Friday, we went to Hot Dog King and then Starbucks. My computer was so wonky that I couldn't get to my pictures of us there before. I like these better anyway. Saturday, was the Twopeas Starbucks Challenge deadline to do a layout, using 3 Gift Cards. I posted it last Saturday, after finally getting on and I WON! Ya!
This is the layout that won me a Starbucks Gift Card!!

Right now, I owe Jessica a coffee. But, I promised Mindy that we'd do that too since she hung out with me Saturday night. Jessica and I went to Panera Bread for lunch Saturday. (I did take pictures but Mike had taken my memory card out and I didn't realize it:( So, they didn't capture. I had the soup and salad combo. French Onion is one of my favorites and the Greek Salad was delicious! She wanted to go out for coffee, originally and then we decided on lunch since everyone at our office is talking about that place. It was good and I'm going back again SOON! When I got home, Mike and I went to Busch Gardens and got our season passes. It was beautiful...can't wait to post some of THESE pictures to my Photo Blog this week. The memory card is MIA. Mike was looking at it so I'm sure I'll find it tomorrow! I can't wait to go to Busch when they open! Next Saturday, they open JUST for the passholders. We're both planning to go but not until the afternoon. We're headed to NC to take care of our family's home for the season. We clean inside, outside, have a yummy lunch and decide what needs to be done for the summer. I love it there because the whole family goes and has a great time and we all help keep it nice.

We had a busy day! WHEW! We went to dinner around 5 at Tuscanny's with some great friends, Rod and Mindy. It had been a while so my parents kept Hunter. He had a ball and so did we! Our dinner was so good. I had Ravioli stuffed with Lobster, covered in a Crab Sauce. I've never had anything like it but I'll probably get it next time!

We also went to see a movie, Bridge to Terabithia.

Let me just say, it was awesome. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more. Mindy and I were sharing tissues. It taught me a lot about myself. I can definitely relate in SO many ways. I'm going to have to own it when it comes out. LOVED it! I also think I'm going to download the Soundtrack eventually. The music was great!! We hung out at home for a while with Rod and Mindy, until well after midnight. We had to get up early to go off but we have so much fun with them. It's hard getting together since she's usually out of the country every other week but we try to drop a line and say hello. We're going swimming ATLEAST 3 times this week and can't wait. She's such a great motivater!! I need my practice...

Sunday, we went to the RV Show with my inlaws and we had a great time. I'm hoping it's a tradition we can keep up since I really have fun. I don't want another camper any time soon but really enjoy looking at the newer technology. My feet are a little tired but it was worth it! I saw ALOT of VERY HUGE RV's that were really nice but I love my non sliding, wonderful 25 foot travel trailer. It has everything I need right now so why change? Hunter loves it and it feels like homeWe had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and it was so good. I have leftovers for lunch. DELICIOUS!
Well, tomorrow, I should have more pictures. Wasn't sure where my other memory card was when I started this.
I had an awesome weekend. Sometimes, I feel like things are going better for me and my family than they EVER have. I'm so proud of Mike for all his hard work at work and at home. I love my son and my family and feel like God is truly, blessing my life!!

Ok, I've gotta go read my Photography assignments before going to bed and I can hardly stay awake!! (But the info is wonderful!!)

Hope you have a good night!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Little Shamrock

Hunter was having fun last night, after finding this Shamrock hat and glasses. He's so silly.
I was planning to get some St Patty's day pics soon. This was TOTALLY unexpected.
We had fun playing with him. Hopefully, he will do this good again when I really do want some shots:) *We MAY get a little snow today...cross your fingers!* (I'm not getting TOO excited!)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Banana Bread Gone Terribly Wrong

My poor little Guy. He loves to cook with me so I decided to make a Banana Bread Mix with him this afternoon. (Every morning, he stirs up his Cheerios and says, "Mama, I cook". He did great and there was little to no mess. He poured the measuring cups in the large bowl, just as I had instructed him to. After I put it in the oven, I washed his hands and cleaned off the table. So how he got SOMETHING in his eye and on his face, I just don't know. At first, he was rubbing his eyes and I thought he was still sleepy, as he just woke up from a long nap. Then, I turned around to see his face look like THIS. I immediately knew he was having some sort of allergic reaction but couldn't figure out what it was. If it was the mix, would THAT make his face so splotchy? He didn't complain a bit but he put his cup of cold milk to his face so I knew it was burning him. He also asked for his frog we keep in the freezer. He loves it when he has a boo boo and even when he doesn't. Mike took him upstairs and washed his face with a cool cloth and then went to Walgreen's to get him some medicine. The Pharmacist was really helpful and said that the Children's Benadryl would knock it right out. His right eye was still swollen shut when he went to bed but the puffiness and redness had gone down a lot. He was in good spirits and never complained, though. I felt HORRIBLE. I know we cleaned up but I guess these things happen. I just hated to see him hurt. Hoping all will be better in the morning...My precious little boy.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Cat in the Hat

Happy Birthday!!!!
Welcome, Cat in the Hat!!

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast for $1

Look at Hunter and The Cat!

MMMmmm...Birthday Cake! We went to a Birthday Party for the Cat in the Hat today, held at the Navy Exchange. It was awesome!! I can't believe how much fun we had. When we got there, all the kids got to watch the movie, The Cat in the Hat. Then, the cat got there and everyone said hello. Hunter just happened to be the closest to him so he got the first hug! He sat on his lap, got an activity book and the reading of the book on CD, balloons, pizza, punch and birthday cake...It was all free. The only charge was a plate of breakfast for $1. Biscuits, ham and green eggs. It was so cool!! Mike loves working for the Government!!
We'd love to take an opportunity for him to work overseas for a couple years. Once he passes his P.E. Exam and becomes a G.S. 13 he'd be eligible. As long as we have family, especially parents and grandparents in the area, we wouldn't even consider it right now. But, maybe in a couple years, we'd love to. Not sure if we will but it's nice to dream. We talk about it ALL the time. My Uncle just passed away and they spent several years in Germany while my aunt taught American kids. They were so lucky to have that kind of opportunity! I hope someday we will too.
We got some other pictures around the area while we were out. It was gorgeous today; the sun was a little harsh but we had fun anyway. I was glad I had my new Circular Polarizer. It really helped. We stopped by a really neat camera store in Portsmouth. I got a new filter holder. One of my cases had broke and they take up a lot of room in the cases anyway. This looks like a billfold but has protective padding all around and it holds up to 6 filters. Right now, that's exactly how many I have to fill up. I still need to get the Neutral Density filter but Ritz was out of it last week. I know this will be so much easier for me in my bag!
I found a new bag that I may have to keep an eye out for. I love my backpack but since I got my new lens It's definitely getting a little tight. I'm already outgrowing it and I KNOW when I get my flash I won't have room for it. Mike is actually talking about saving for his own DSLR...we share ours now. It's definitely a passion....
Anyway, I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted from being outside with the boys today. What a fun day! I've been sleepy all week. I'd LOVE to think that there was a reason for that but I can only dream. Maybe..just maybe...
Good Nite...going to bed with my new sheets and cuddly pillow. I've got a list of things I want accomplished tomorrow. Mike has to work, he's swamped so I'm on my own. Not complaining, I just miss him. At least, he gets the OT (Ya:) and I get more organizing done. Take care!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a week!! We went by and saw Granny, PaPa, and Ellen Tuesday night. We had so much fun. Hunter was a little wound up since he had a little chocolate. He was good though and we ALL laughed at his antics. He always says Granny and PaPa but when we get there, he always calls PaPa from the door! I don't know where he got that from but it was histerical! He calls him, every time a little louder than the last and then when he opened the door, he waved and said Hi, PaPa!! He's really got a cute little personality now! Of Course, we heard PaPa before we saw him since he was laughing before opening the door:) Granny looked really pretty in her blue. Hunter told her ALL about Donald Duck but she didn't mind. She just smiled. He can talk up a storm now.
Ellen is modeling her new glasses. They look great on her! We had a nice time and I was just sorry it had been a couple weeks since we saw them. We really enjoy it there! I had a little cough that I wanted to clear up before I went. I get it every year. Allergies but sounds like I'm dieing!So glad that's done!
This is Ellen's kitty. She looked nice and comfy in her bed. Hunter always likes to say hi to her!

Here's my little Hunter Man, taking a bath. Not sure what I'm going to do with this shot but I love it. He has SO much fun taking a bath. I love watching him play. He's learning too. He has all the Alphabet letters in the tub that he likes to play with and then he loads them up in his ducky net before we get out.
And look what I got in the mail this week?

Yes! My new Adobe Lightroom! We were using the Beta Version and then I got my Jury Duty pay! I was already planning to get it but excited when I got that little piece of joy in the mail.

This program is awesome!

I LOVE getting packages in the mail! It's so much fun! I haven't been able to load it yet. I've been asleep before 9 all week. Today is my last day of the week to work. I'm off tomorrow to get some things done around the house so we can go to the next step on our bathroom. Hopefully, Mike can work on it this weekend. He's working so much overtime that he's had to go in a couple weekends. I don't mind. I'm SO proud of the person he is. I just miss him but I have other things I get done. We have a busy year...HOPEFULLY he can take his PE Exam this fall. If not, he'll take it in the Spring but he's anxious to get it past him. We're planning on taking several camping trips not too far away so he can just relax and study! Can't wait to go camping!! I've got the fever!

Ok, a little bragging on Mike:)

We've been really into Martin Bailey Photography lately...the man is so talented!!

Well, Mike posted some of his pictures and he got SEVERAL comments from some other Professional Photographers that said his pictures are excellent! He was so excited but didn't want me to say anything about it! He's not one that likes to toot his own horn and I probably won't mention anything else. But I'm so proud of him! Maybe some of those middle of the night photo sessions at the beach were worth it! Just kidding...that wasn't even the picture!

I was thinking about taking a class at the community college near me but I think now we're going to take an online course so we can both benefit from it! It's so nice that we love this together. Hoping I can finish early tomorrow to go out and "shoot" before Hunter and Mike get home.

Anyway Have a great day! I've got to get ready for work!