Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy 80th Birthday, Aunt Kitty!

We went to a surprise party for Aunt Kitty on Saturday. It was really nice! This is her house all decorated. She went to lunch and while she was gone, the party moved in!

The food was SO delicious!!

And everything looked beautiful!!

Aunt Kitty (in the middle) with the 2 ladies that catered the party

The Cake Table, with a picture of Aunt Kitty beside
Brenda and ChrisSome of my favorite people:)

That was the biggest thing going on in the weekend. Friday night, we went to Steve and John's with Mom and Dad for dinner. It was so had been a while. Saturday, I went to the mall and to Ritz Camera. I finally got my filters. (I got the Circular Polarizer, Diffuser and Cross Filters) I had them for my 49 mm lenses but needed to get them in the 55 mm size. I can't wait to use them. I got to use the Polarizer at the beach Saturday night. We went by and got some pictures of the sun setting. Mike didn't think it was going to peak but it did. Very pretty!! Mike had to work Sunday so I went to church, took Hunter by Pizza Hut inside Target for lunch and then picked up a couple groceries to make chili. How's it look?
This is my Picture of the Day shot for Monday! Ok, gotta run. I'm going to bed! I have an early meeting in the morning downtown:(
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a catch up part 2

Ok, my blog's new look isn't finished. I was trying some stuff out but didn't get home until after 9 and too tired to finish tonite:)

Got my Durango back tonite. Turned out to not be the transmission, completely. The filter had slipped off. SO strange since we haven't touched the transmission fluid since last year. But got a FULL flush and clean so we should be good to go. Can't wait to go camping soon and that's a weight off us that the truck is in good shape..YA!!

I'm still coughing like crazy so I'm going to try to go to the doctor Wednesday, even if it's the Urgent Care near my house. That place is incredible and probably better than any doctor's office around. They do everything!! I'm so tired of my eyes water, getting all choked up, all of it.

Hope you have a good Hump Day!

*Prayer Request*
A very special friend of mine has a young kitten and she just found out that he has Cancer. She only found out because she took him in to get neutered and during routine checks, discovered it. This little kitten has been a great companion and I know everyone can relate how our pets ARE our family. Please pray for a miracle or a healing or just peace to be with my friend. I love her a lot and know she would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a Catch Up!

Mike and I had some friends over for lunch Saturday. His friend Jae, that he used to work with, moved to Indianapolis and was home for a visit. Their other friend, Bryce, his wife, Charlotte and new baby, Braxton also came over. It was fun! This is Braxton; isn't he SO precious?

The Dublin Family
Jae Kim Boys will be BOYS! The Turnage Family
Hunter's sporting his lil' nautical outfit!
We went to a friend's church Sunday and Hunter looked so cute! He wore his lil' button up shirt and Nautical sweater vest. He had fun too! He walked right in the nursery and started playing. What a great kid:)
Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Friday, I had to close so when I got home we had yummy spaghetti and chilled out at home. Saturday, Hunter had his last swim lesson and then we had to run over to Norfolk. It was beautiful but I didn't have time to get any shots since we were having company over. I wanted to get home and wasn't really in the mood anyway. We laughed and had a great time. It seemed strange to not see them at a country music concert:) It had been a while since we got together.
Sunday, we went to our friend's church and really enjoyed it. Then, went to Williamsburg for the afternoon. We ate dinner at the Mongolian Barbecue Grille...YUM! It was so good. It had been forever since we went. As soon as we got home, Hunter went to bed and I crashed out within minutes! I was so tired.
Also, finished 14 Wedding Shower Invitations for a friend at work. They turned out cute. I'll post pics later.
OH! I got my check from Jury Duty and I ordered my Adobe Lightroom...WOOOO HOOOO! I can't *wait* until it comes. We have the Beta version now and have been using it for a while but it ends at the end of the month. I just hope it comes SOON...
I'll be stalking the mail at work, waiting for it!
Plus, I might be taking some pictures for a friend, who is really into Archery. I'd LOVE to get a picture of her at the park, in action. How cool would THAT be?
Mike was off today because of President's Day and got a ton of work done around the house. He also took my car down to the Dodge Dealer. I have an appointment for Tuesday; Pretty sure that I need a new Transmission in the SUV...UGH! But I bought a warranty and it's covered, except for a $100 deductible..thank GOD! I've been really lucky with my SUV and our new car, never had them in the shop. Mike's truck's another story but running great now since he has to drive it all week until I get mine back.
Ok, I'm going to bed. I'm tired and I have to work until about 8 tomorrow night because of our Annual Meeting. Not feeling good and probably have Bronchitis again. Maybe I'll go to the "Doc in the Box" tomorrow night if I still feel like crap. I come!
Good Nite!

Friday, February 16, 2007

In memory of

This is my Uncle Leroy in 2005. My family met he and his wife, Wanda in Myrtle Beach, SC. He passed away Thursday morning. He had been through so much. He had 2 pig valves and a plastic aorta installed in his heart and later, had to have a part of his legs removed. This was all after Christmas. Although we will miss him so much, we know he's in Heaven with Jesus today. What an exceptional man he was. He has 3 grown children and 3 grand children he adored. He served in the Navy and later became a teacher. His wife was also a teacher and she had a wonderful opportunity several years ago. They spent 2 years in Germany so that my aunt could teach American children. He learned to speak German very well. He was such a smart man. He always enjoyed History and we shared that love. He always had interesting facts to tell you and you just smiled to be near him. Today, I believe this post should be dedicated to him and the legacy he leaves behind.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

This s one of our Christmas Pictures from Sears Portraits. (We have the Copyright Release for it) They are myTRUE Valentines! I love them so much. Hunter's staying with Grandma and Grandad tonite while Mom and Dad go to Outback for dinner. I can't wait! And selling flowers and balloons at work for our Relay for Life team. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hunter got a haircut today...Look at this picture! I don't know what it was...I just love that face. That's why I'm glad I take pictures. I want to preserve these special memories! What a joy! He is such a wonderful Valentine and a love bug, just like his Daddy!
I had my class tonite. It was good, talked about composition and all different situations. Next week is on Vacation and Travel. (how to care for your camera /equipment and how to maximize your Photography) I can't wait. Ritz didn't have any Portfolios but they recommended someone so I went by and got my FIRST portfolio. YA! I want to have lots of pictures I've taken before my class. As it stands right now, I'm taking 2 classes at TNCC in March and April and then I'm going to see what else they have. They actually have 2 Associates in Photography I'm kinda interested in. I know it will be years before, or if I ever do anything big with my Photography but I want to be educated. I want to learn all I can and about all the situations. We went to Yorktown last night to take photos and it was nice not questioning myself about the settings. I found myself changing things and adapting to the situation. I think that's what it boils down to. I was really excited!
Well, it's late. I'm tired and I have an 8 am dentist Appointment. Tomorrow, I have some invitations to finish making and hoping to get some pics printed for my new portfolio. I love it!
Have a great Tuesday. It's almost Valentines Day and I can't wait to go out with my man! We're just going to Outback and I don't want a thing. I just can't wait for us to spend an evening together. He, truely, gets better every day! He's so kind! Love ya, Mike! Thanks for always being there for me and being my very best friend!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ok, what an exciting day Sunday was! Mike and I tried to get some Valentine Pics of Hunter. He was not as cooperative as we wanted but not bad for an almost 3 year old! (Plus, not having the pacifier for the first weekend) This is just one of my favorites. I love that face. I will post more tonite!

The other picture is of the Coleman Bridge. There's more on my Photo Blog with the story behind it. I had a blast with Mike and Hunter at Yorktown Beach getting these shots. For the most part, they sat in the car while I ran out in my wool coat, hat and gloves to get a great shot. There were a couple that they got out...Hunter had fun and it was good for him to get out just for a bit. COLD COLD COLD! We got them from Yorktown and Gloucester but by the time we were on the Gloucester side, it had really dropped in temperature. What we do for a picture!! It was worth it...I'd do it all over again. I hadn't been there for a while. It looks totally different in Yorktown. It's beautiful, and there's a parking garage! I DEFINITELY want to go back. Well, gotta run. Hope to post more later. (I have my Photography class so it will be much later)

Another funny shot of Hunter and Brittany at church...he adores her!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baking some Love

We had some cookie and brownie mix I needed to get out of the house. (TOO much temptation) SO, we thought it would be fun to make them with Hunter. He had lots of fun, wanted to do everything himself. ("Me, Me!") He did very well:) This is him and his FIRST time breaking an egg. Hmmm, he really likes to crush the shells in his hands:) SO glad this batch wasn't leaving the house:)

He was very careful pouring the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Can't believe he let Mom help him, and YES, that is me in my Mickey Mouse flannel PJ's. I had to be comfy for THIS job!

Mix, Mix, Mix...this is hard work!!

JUST making sure the Peanut Butter Mixture is fully blended!

AND the brownie mix...

We really had fun with Hunter in his first Kitchen Experience. He did well, didn't mind getting a little help from Mom and Dad. LOVES getting his hands in the batter..hmmm!

So, that was Thursday night. Friday, Mike made a yummy lasagna and had a fire in the fireplace when I got home. I stopped by Food Lion and got some Texas Toast and Cheesecake. UGH...wonders for the diet huh? I just thought it would compliment such a nice meal. It was delicious!

Saturday, Hunter got up early and was ready to go. He was up around 7:45...he usually sleeps until 9 on Saturdays but that's ok. We THOUGHT it was the first night without his pacifier but he had one hidden in his bed. He may have been off schedule because of that but not sure if he knew it was there or not. We got up and had a nice bowl of Cheerios. Swim Lessons at 11:30 and then I went off with my mom.

We had dinner with Mike's parents and had a great time. It had been a while since we've been sick. We all had the flu and Hunter had an ear infection before that.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's and then Borders for a coffee. He got a little Valentine suprise from Maw Maw and PawPaw and a frog with some sweethearts at Borders. BTW, he loves his froggy. It went to bed with him and he was showing some love!

They're always so photogenic...I'm jealous!

Hunter's all smiles, showing off the whipped topping on his cheek

The lady at the table behind us gave Hunter a paper frog...He was thrilled and giggling histerically!

Hunter loves his music! Do we have a DJ on our hands?

Friday, February 09, 2007

A Warm Night at Home

Mike had a nice, warm, fire going when I got home from work! It felt wonderful. I sat by it for a while before eating dinner. After giving Hunter a bath, I wrappeed him up and layed him in front. He loved it!! I think I've started something here....

Not much time here today...tried to post some cute pics of us baking last night but didn't have time. I'll post tonite. Just wanted to share some warmth. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Look

Well, I finally found the header I like for the month of Febuary. My little man LOVES Elmo and I love HIM a ton. I've also come to love Elmo too. Hunter gets lots of Elmo stuff, as well as Diego, and Dora and Blues Clues, and WELL, back to the subject, we ALL love Elmo. He's so huggable.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's tonite for dinner and then to Borders Bookstore. We had fun. It was nice being together and taking a moment to breathe. The last couple days have been crazy! I got a new Photography book and Hunter got The Cat in the Hat Returns. He was VERY happy:)
My header is actually, a banner they had displayed in the kids area. I loved it and took a quick picture. I had been looking for something different and cute anyway. Hunter is the most important thing to Mike and I and we're SO blessed to have him. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a picture of him with his hat on. He came in to work tonite to see me and he looks so cute in that hat. Love those little puffy cheeks of his..

During the love month, I wanted to focus on some things I LOVE...
-my God

-my family

-my church

-my bible

-the freedom to read my bible anytime I want

-Good Health

-Strawberry Limeades from Sonic

-lots of big fluffy snow to make snowmen out of and go sledding in

-my computer:)

-my Camera, my SONY ALPHA DSLR, carried more than my purse these days. Love ya, Bud!

-my friends; If you're reading, you mean the world to me!

-Grey's Anatomy..and I love McDreamy too! LOL!

-hot baths after a long day of hard work

-laying down to go to sleep in my warm, comfy bed at night

-learning new things, like Photography and Photoshop

-flannel pj's that I'm usually in within 5 minutes of being home from work:)

-walking up to my door in the evening to see Mike, Hunter and Bailey all waiting for me w/ a smile
-getting the mail out of the box everyday...who knows...I've always gotten excited about that!

-Reading the Lifestyles section of the Daily Press on Sunday Mornings...and then looking at the ads! I'm a nerd!

-listening to my IPOD 'cause there's SO many types of Genres of music and I go through stages. This week's stage is Third Day...I LOVE them!

-reading to Hunter at night and watching his little eyes dance and laugh!

It's not Thanksgiving but just wanted to say how much I have to be thankful for and things I love in life. My life is busy and full but at the end of the day, I know God has truely blessed me! Happy Love Month, AND Happy Hump Day!

"Let us love one another..." 1 John 4:7-8

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's LOVE month!

Sonic's Sweetheart Blast..MMMM!
Hunter is ready for bed! The idea was to get a picture of BOTH my sweethearts but Mike decided to take pictures of useless "ART" instead:(

*I picked up a Sweetheart Blast for Mike and Hunter last night, after my Photography class. The class was good but pretty much, a refresher for me. I think for everyone, actually. But the teacher had been sick the week this was taught so she went back over it. She discussed Editing and Sharing. I did learn some things though. *
-Mike and Hunter had fun playing...Hunter looked pooped when I got home:) The Sweetheart
Blast looked really yummy when I saw an ad for it so thought I'd pick something up for the boys.
Mike was so nice to me the other night..What a great guy! I get so discouraged when I can't
figure something out with my Photography or Photoshop and he wouldn't allow it, and -I- won't
now. He really made me feel better. Now, I think I have a whole new perspective on it. I know
that I have a lot to learn and I'm just having fun doing it. I've learned A TON this week about
the F-Stop and most of all the White Balance. I've really been reading up on this and I've done
some practicing. This is really neat. In fact, Mike taught me a couple things last night about
metering. He has a Podcast on his IPOD that I think I'm going to check it out...sounds SUPER
informative. It's amazing how much I HAVE learned in one week! I need to look into some
Valentine photos for Hunter now. I've had several people approach me about taking pictures for
them for practice. YA! That would be the best! Photography defentley has become a passion
that I enjoy and wish to pursue to the fullest. Mike is my #1 fan and I love him so much. He is truely my sweetheart:)
(except for last night when he created that dumb ART that took 15 minutes to take off my memory card!!)
Can you believe it's Febuary already? This year is flying! Seems like Winter finally hit but wondering if we'll get some snow today. I WANT SNOW! If it isn't too cold I'm going to sneak over to Walmart today. They have some GORGEOUS tulips. A friend of mine got some there and they are really awesome. I've got my Photo Challenge Pictures taken care of but may have to get a couple extras. :) :) :) :)
  • Have a great day! It's cold here...Wind Chills in the 'teens. Glad I don't have to go anywhere tonite. Hoping Mike will make me a nice warm fire in the fireplace tonite. If you're reading this, I love ya, Honey:) My only problem is I won't get anything done...I'll be TOO relaxed and sleepy:) Hope EVERYONE has a great day!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Aren't these pretty? Mike brought them home for me today. He had to work all day Saturday and Sunday since he was home for 3 days this week. He knew that this week's theme for my Photography Blog Challenge was Botanical. Isn't that sweet? I didn't ask him or anything! I was shocked! We also went to Anderson's Nursery and he really taught me a lot. When we got home, we worked on editing pictures a little in Photoshop. I just can't say enough how much I appreciate all his help with the challenge. We had fun! It's so cool that he brought me a Daffodil Bulb, since I haven't planted any bulbs for the last couple years. I have some other Daffodils and Tulips that always bloom around Easter. I guess if we aren't going to get any snow this year, I'm ready for Spring!!

Hunter seems to be feeling better but just a little cranky. He took a good nap and seemed better when he woke up but I put him to bed early anyway. I have Jury Duty again tomorrow and so he'll have to go to Daycare early again:( Poor thing, just like his dad...he loves to sleep! It occured to me tonite I haven't taken too many pictures of him this weekend so I'm going to have to snap some cute ones Monday night. I have my Photography class so Mike may have to take them for me:) I'm hoping it's not too late...this new banner is bugging me; It's just not exactly what I want. These are flowers from Disney, Animal Kingdom I think.

This is, also, the last week of Jury Duty for me and I'm so excited! Ya!

Well, it's late for me and I'm going to bed. Happy Monday to everyone!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Our New Toys Part 2

This is the turtleneck Grandma made for Hunter. Isn't she creative?
Here's my new Quantaray 75-300 mm lens!

This is my Tokina Fish Eye .42x lens

Well, just thought I'd take a couple pics of me and Mike's new toys and Hunter Man's new shirt. Grandma and Grandad kept Hunter last night since Mike was recouping and I was sick! I fell asleep as soon as I got home, about 4:30 and slept until 7. When I woke up, I was SICK! It was a long night but thank GOD that's over. Mike and I are just super sluggish today. He had to go to work after Hunter's swim lessons to catch up on some projects. I've just been playing on the computer while Hunter slept and now, getting ready to make some dinner for us. I got my fish eye lens in the mail yesterday and didn't get to play too much with it. I just didn't feel like it. It IS really neat, though the way it can get such a wide view of a room. Then, this morning, Mike stopped by Camera City and got us a larger lens. I just wish we could go outside and play with it. It was beautiful today. Cold, but beautiful. Maybe tomorrow we can get out long enough to try it out. I love the design of it! Now, have to sell my old one on EBAY (a 70-210mm) since I don't need it anymore. ( We could have traded it in but wouldn't get as much for it so decided EBAY would be the best solution. I'll probably end up paying for it for what we paid. Anyway, let me go play with my little boy. I missed him so much last night but we really needed a little break. We wouldn't have been very good parents and he had a blast at the Grandparents. I was so worried about them getting sick but they could care less. My dad seems to have a little rocky stomach, headache and nausea now but we're all hoping it's nothing. I don't want him to get what we had but he told me not to worry about it. I'll be glad when this is all out of system. Take care and have a good night!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh No..More Flu

Yep...Mike's got the flu now...full force. Poor 2 days with Hunter and now tomorrow he's home sick himself. I love them both so much but I've never loved the Lysol like I do now. Mike is really worse..Just called Ask a Nurse. He's passing out and having terrible leg cramps. They think it's exhaustion. Please say a prayer for us...He's been SO sick! I'm worried about my Mikey!
he didn't seem to get sick until right before he went to bed. He had make me a wonderful fire tonite before I got home from work. I was so cold, after picking up some groceries. Hunter roasted a marshmallow and was in heaven. Think he's feeling better?

I hope he will be all over this yucky mess. So, got my snow today ...Just a little. Now, I'm just praying for healthy vibes.Too tired to blog more. Good Nite
Lynn sent me and my camera outside to get some snow pics. It had just started and you couldn't tell yet. Well, really at all since it just didn't stick. Thanks, Lynn:)