Thursday, November 30, 2006

Through the eyes of a Child...

This little girl came in the Credit Union today and I ran over to get my camera immediately. (They laugh at me since I bring it every day but I take pics all the time. We even have our own branch scrapbook) She was so cute looking at the tree. Her dad didn't mind at all when I asked if he minded I post these on a blog. She is so cute...I love to see her facial expressions! They have so much joy, and confidence at this age. I wish we all had that sometimes.. Just thought I'd share an adorable little girl. Hunter will really be able to enjoy Christmas this year... I can't wait. This may be his best year ever!!

Tomorrow is my Sensory Test, I think it's called a ENG. Don't know much else except it's about an hour long at the hospital and they give you several electric shocks to find out how your nerves react. I'm nervous...she said this would be a little pain and uncomfortable. I'll be glad when it's over...Then the 6th is the appointment with the Neurologist to see what he says. Hope I can get some answers before going to Disney. Atleast, it isn't the MS and hopefully, they can find out more. Mike bought me a Starbucks gift card for coffee in the morning..I might be needing one tomorrow. I know I will be fine...It's just not knowing that really bothers me. I'm still having the numbness and loss of feeling.

Have a great Friday. Nothing could stop me from enjoying this weekend. Got a lot planned and looking forward to it. Good night!!

Grinch Night

This is our good friend, April...Well, we call her "Boom Boom". Anyway, just wanted to tell her CONGRATS since she recentley got engaged!! We're so happy for you, Girlie!! This is Hunter's turkey he made at Daycare. He forgot it and I just got it today:) Isn't it cute? Our daycare provider is awesome...don't know how she does all she does. Hunter LOVES going there and they love him too:) He's showing off another pair of his Christmas pj's before watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I bought him the Grinch from Kohl's today while I was there. He's SO cute!! Anyway, have a good night!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Mike was at the mall picking up tickets for us for Saturday and called me at work to tell me to meet him at Ruby and Tuesdays for dinner!! YUM YUM!! We both had yummy salads and Hunter had a grilled cheese. It was so good, and a great end to the work day. After diner, we went to the Holiday store with all the musical boxes. Hunter stood in front of this one display with all the animals and named them and then their sound. It was SO funny; Even the lady working there was laughing. He did SO good. He pointed to each one but didn't lay a finger on any of them. I celebrated my total weight loss now is 30 POUNDS!! WHEW HOO!! I'm so excited! The only bad part is that almost NONE of my pants fit. I had gained quite a bit of weight a while ago and gave up a bunch of my pants that I said would probably never fit again...hhhmmmm. Well, I could use them now. I went out this summer and bought all new bigger pants and now they just fall off me. So, amid my busy schedule this weekend I HAVE to find some to wear to Disney, as well as a new pair of walking shoes. (I usually get the Reebok Princess ones and they are so comfy for walking)Only 10 days until we leave!! Ya!! I can't wait!! We planned this trip last December; it's taken us that long to save up for it anyway:)
We finished the Gingerbread house...doesn't it look great? Mike did most of the work. He has that Engineer mentatlity so it had to be perfect:) Got a busy week and weekend. Tonight, I'll finish my cleaning so it will be nice for our dinner Saturday night. Friday night, going to the Holly Dazzle in Oyster Point for fireworks, music and kids activities. Saturday morning, we're going to the mall to have breakfast with Santa and Sunday, going to Grand Illuminations with some friends. I'm *DONE* my shopping and looking forward to enjoying the festivities!! Hope everyone has a great "Hump Day" :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

Well, we FINALLY finished our tree. I just love it!! If I DO get an artificial tree for next year, I will SO miss the smell of the real ones!! I finished my wreath last night...and hung it. May need to alter just a little...can't decide. I love this view of my tree with the 4 point star filter on my camera. I got these curtains last year before Christmas and LOVE the way it makes my picture window look so big. I love this room. I love curling up to the fireplace and sitting with my boys...What a great room and probably my favorite!!

This is the outside view I took just this morning. Mike hung our wreaths last night and put the lights out. I'll have to take another picture tonight with my star filter again. It looks so neat!! Does anyone else have one of these Santas? He swings his hips and sings Jingle Bell Rock. :) My son would let it play 24/7 if I let him. He is so funny; Always wants to dance with him playing. He's really cute but a little annoying after a while:) Mike had to run out and get milk so he swung by Starbucks and got us "His and Her Coffees" AND us each a $15 gift card for there for coffee some mornings. He really enjoys that in the morning on the way to work!!
Hunter got up early yesterday morning so I put him in my bed so he could watch his cartoons and he'd be near me. He was so HAPPY being in Mommy's bed:) Last night before we put Hunter to bed, we started our Gingerbread house. It just has to dry so we decided to decorate it tonite. I got the help from my Engineer husband..Good thing...He is VERY precise and did better that I would. Don't you like our cans holding it up:) Hunter looked like he was helping him with the directions. He's showing off another pair of new pj's. He got these last year on clearance after Christmas and is just able to wear them. Have a great day...I know I will, not that I'm done my decorating and can sit back and enjoy:)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

This weekend seems more like a week:)

WOW! What a weekend. It was nice having 2 extra days! I feel like I've been off a week...But didn't get as much as I wanted to get done. Did have a nice time though. I stayed home most of Saturday and pulled everything out. Mike got everything down from the attic before we decided we'd like to look at maybe getting a artificial tree with lights. We looked everywhere but couldn't find one we LOVED. So came home, put Hunter down for a nap and I got stuff done while Mike helped his aunt with her new computer. Skipped church Sunday since we went to our neighbor's Holiday Open House. They're moving soon after the New Year and we are going to miss them so much!! Had a great time and didn't even take my camera...What's wrong with this picture?! They know me so well; they couldn't believe it either;) This is my new fireplace rug I got from Lowe's. My other one had really had it and we use our fireplace so much, I wanted a rug to protect our carpet. (even if we are replacing it next year!!) I love snowman and hopefully, can use it during Winter, not just the holidays. Also got 4 miniature dwarf Alberta Spruces for the front and back porch. My other ones died; I think I forgot to water them so these I really have to take care of...
I got most of the decorating done in my house but will definitely finish Monday night. It was fun decorating. I had my new Ipod Docking station in the living room playing while I was "decking he halls". I'm taking it to work though, tomorrow. I got it on sale Friday...Should have gotten one for Mike. REALLY COOL! I finished my mantle but will probably be updating tomorrow. I got stuff to make a new Christmas wreath for over my fireplace that has mauve and gold poinsettia flowers, mauve Christmas ball ornaments and a beautiful matching bow to top it off. I think I'll have enough of the ornaments for the mantle too but have to make the wreath first tomorrow. My mom made the bow for me since she is so good at it. I can make them but she took a class and is really good at it. She's supposed to show me how to do it but until then, she makes my bows for me. I made all my wreaths though. The one I'm making tomorrow is just like one I saw at Michaels but didn't want to pay $60 for it. I'll make it for a little over $25! WOW!!! I'm all about saving a buck!! (especially at Christmas)

I also finished my Dining room cleaning and decorating. I cleaned all my glass, dusted, ( I HATE DUSTING:) and then decorated. I love my dining room. I love to entertain with family and friends so it has really been put to good use. I just got it last year and really love to decorate in there for the different seasons. I got the candles and stand last year really cheap at JCPenney's. The greenery is leftovers from my tree from Lowe's they gave me and the poinsettia was a gift. I love it!! And it's perfect on the stand, away from Hunter's reach since I think they are poisonous. We're thinking about having a little snack party this Sunday before going to Grand Illuminations. Some friends from work are going with us and I can't wait!! (I've never been and live 10 minutes away!!) We got Hunter a new Nativity set made by Veggie Tales. He LOVES the Veggie Tales and we want him to know the real reason for the season. He really likes it too. He recognizes Larry and Baby Jesus:) We've had fun. It's on my leaning book shelf and right at his eye level. (I'll post more pics later when everything around it is clean:) I didn't post pictures yet of my tree because I need to vacume and get everything done around it but will tomorrow. When I went to my mom's tonite so she could make my bow she had hers all finished. She got an artificial tree with lights last year and it's really pretty. We looked around Saturday for one but couldn't find one for a decent price that we liked enough so bought a real one again. I LOVE a real tree. The smell is so good and the lights are a pain in the butt!! So, we are going to look for one at the end of the season. But we love our real tree. It's over 7 feet tall and so pretty. We got it from Lowe's, the last couple years and always been pleased!! Hunter had fun helping us..He ran off with my 70's Santa and was laughing hysterically!! Before we had the lights on, he picked up some of the balls and put them on the tree! (he was very careful with them but they were all in one spot!! HILARIOUS!!) He had fun looking at all the stuff around him in the living room. It made me nervous though, since I have more to do...Feel like I'll never finish!!. After finishing the tree, I was so tired. Tomorrow, I have to vacume, put away the boxes in the attic, make my wreath, and plan my menu for Saturday. Also, need to do some last minute planning for our Disney trip...December 9th we leave and we can't wait!! My parents are going with us and it's going to be a blast!! My brother is going to meet us there for most of the time but has to go back Wednesday!! It's going to be a dream come true trip. It's terrible to say but you never know what the future holds or when God calls you home, or even if we will ever have the opportunity to do another trip together. I just want to make sure I take lots of pictures and really live for the moment. Sorry, sounds cheesy I know but we have just had fun this weekend and I guess I think about those things. Hunter was wonderful this weekend, especially more loving. He kept coming up to us and wrapping his arms around our leg to hug us...What a feeling. I kept kissing him. His skin is so soft, he smells so good and he is just so cute!! I couldn't help getting lots of cuddly pics today. He's modeling his new pajamas. He even says "CHEESE" now every time I take a picture...what a ham:) Well, see you tomorrow.. And should have the last pictures of my tree, my front porch and the front of the house and my updated mantle. I think I might even change my blog header but needed to get a Christmas shot first. Take care and have a GREAT Monday!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday Madness

Well, we spent the night at Best Buy again!! It wasn't nearly as cold as last year but it DID get mighty chilly in the WEE hours of the morn. My hands and feet were a little numb, this time, not because of the recent health concerns either:( But it was worth it..Not sure if we'll do it next year though. They didn't have NEARLY the number of computers as last year and we almost didn't get one. Plus, we got there at 8:45 PM Thanksgiving night and the line was already, all the way back to Value City right next door. We heard the first people showed up around 1 PM!! That's just plain crazy. We look like real dorks sitting out in front so early but we met so many funny people. This is a picture of a couple, who just moved here from Spain. They were really nice to talk to passing the time. We got in the door and got almost everything we planned on. (except a new electric shaver for Mike) I can't believe the prices on some things!! I got a docking station, which is part of my Christmas present from Mike for $39! (regular $99) We also got a 4 pack of tapes for our camcorder for $5. We needed to stock up before leaving for Disney so we got like 3 packs!! Mike got a 19' moniter for our desktop computer and a thumb drive?? I think that's what it's called, plus a new external hard drive and some office stuff. (blank cd's etc) We got a couple DVD's for $2 too!! It was really fun and we got a bunch of stuff on sale. It was worth it, considering we wouldn't have been able to afford alot of it if had to pay full price. Lynn met us up there with her daughter, Miranda. She had already told me what she had wanted so I ran and got her everything...she gets all stressed out about finding stuff, making decisions etc :) After finishing shopping and fighting the lines, we ate breakfast with Kim at Cracker Barrell. It was SO yummy and it was nice to sit down, where it was warm. Picked up Hunter and then we all took a long nap. We moved around the furniture but are hoping to get our tree Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to decorate but what a pain getting everything down!! Just looking forward to finishing my decorating and cleaning before our Holiday dinner next Saturday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Blessings

We had lunch at our Aunt Ellen's house with our Granny and Papa for Thanksgiving. It was really nice!! We had yummy chicken sandwiches with salad and cheese ball and crackers. Very different from the "usual" Thanksgiving menu but it was delicious. We had a nice visit before going to my family's dinner. We got to visit for a couple hours and Hunter did incredible, especially since he missed his regular nap time.

We had lots of food at my Pop and Nanny's house. We had 12 people there and we had a table full!! Wed had turkey, dressing, homemade mashed potatoes, collard greens from my Pop's garden, my Nanny's homemade soup, hashbrown casserole , and some homemade gravy. I was so full and I could have used a nap after. Hunter still didn't get a nap in all day but he was so good. He went in the living room to look at the tree, turned the lights on and then crawled up on the couch with a good book. Isn't he funny? He spent the night with my parents, his Grandma and Granddad so we could go shopping on Black Friday. He fought going to bed but finally fell asleep, and was out all night!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi, Everybody!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Just getting ready and finishing up my cooking to take today to my grandparents this afternoon!! Going to see dh's grandparents and aunt first. They don't get out much so we're having a light lunch with them before going to my family's. Also, discussing what we're picking up for his aunt at Best Buy tomorrow. YEP...we're spending the night again. Looking forward to it too!! We have a HUGE list of stuff to pick up for all the folks and we have so much fun!! Hunter Man is staying with his grandparents. I can't decide who is more excited!! SO glad it's not raining here!! That was really yucky yesterday but it's still cold. I'm happy about that because I want it to start feeling like Christmas..ya!! I'll be finished my shopping by Sunday..Going with a friend to Costco and picking up the last things. Then, I'll be officially done by Dec 1st and ready for the festivities. Well, gotta lots to do before I go. I hope EVEYONE has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I'll have to post some pics later of my parents house yesterday. I went by for lunch with my parents and brother. Kinda like old times:) Not that I'd trade dh and ds for a minute!! It was such bad weather my dad picked me up...They are so sweet. Everyone should have parents like them. They are out of this world...TOOTLES:)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Eve:)

I made 10 cards tonite!! And I made 3 LAST night!! The "Blessed" Card was made for my aunt, Granny and PaPa, Daycare Provider, Mom and Dad, and Grandparents. The other card with the poinsettia was made as an invitation to my annual Christmas dinner for my family. One Saturday every December I have 12 of my family members come over for dinner just to visit and have a great time. My aunt always comes and we exchange presents with her since she spends her holidays at home in Danville, Va. I look forward to it every year. Last year, this Thanksgiving weekend, we got a new Dining room suite. I LOVE to entertain. It's a lot of people and it makes it tight sometimes but we manage to have lots of fun together. I think Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. I got married in Decemer and this year, I'll be in Disney World. My parents are going with us and staying in the same condos, right next door. I can't wait. They've already said they're paying us to babysit that night:) I don't want their money but that's really saying something about how bad they want to keep him, huh? We are truely blessed! We watched Charlotte's Webb tonite.

It was so cute! Hunter LOVED it because he loves the farm animals and Daddy made us some popcorn..yum yum. Well, gotta go to bed for my big day tomorrow. Having lunch at 12 and dinner at 4, still need to make my casserole and dessert tomorrow morning, color my hair and then just get ready, maybe clean a little. I know I'll be going to bed early tomorrow night, if I even go to bed. Just depends on what time we decide to get to Best Buy this year. We have a list of things to get for mostly other people. Some things for us but a camera, 2 computers, 2 moniters, an external hard drive, memory card and then the fun stuff..dvds etc. Wish the SLR camera I wanted was on sale but I have some patience on that one:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!!

A thanksgiving Poem

Thought everyone might enjoy this...Thanks Maria:)

'Twas the night of Thanksgiving,
but I just couldn't sleep.
I tried counting backwards;
I tried counting sheep.

The leftovers beckoned the dark meat and white,
But I fought the temptation with all of my might.
Tossing and turning with anticipation,
The thought of a snack became infatuation.

So, I raced to the kitchen, flung open the door
and gazed at the fridge, full of goodies galore.
I gobbled up turkey and buttered potatoes,
Pickles and carrots, beans and tomatoes.

I felt myself swelling so plump and so round,
'Till all of a sudden I rose off the ground.
I crashed through the ceiling, floating into the sky,
With a mouthful of pudding and a handful of pie.

But, I managed to yell as I soared past the trees
Happy eating to all, pass the cranberries, please!

May your stuffing be tasty; may your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious, may your pies take the prize.
May your thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Twenty: A Two Peas Challenge

Thanksgiving Twenty: A Two Peas Challenge

Do you cook all or part of the meal? usually 2 dishes, wish I did more but my family likes to do the majority, while they still can
How much do you spend buying groceries for the meal? $50
Do you eat at home or go to someone else’s? someone elses,either Mom and Dad's or Nanny and Pop's :)
Describe your perfect bite? I {{LOVE}} stuffing, so does Mike and Hunter
White meat or dark? White
Stuffing with giblets or without? without
Anything you won’t eat at the Thanksgiving meal? usually don't like cranberry relish, although I know it's just me; I hear it's delicious...maybe I'll try it this year:)
Carve Mr. Gobble at the table or serve on a platter? my dad always carves the turkey to be served on a platter
Favorite pie? pumpkin or pecan
Formal table or Chinet? Depends on Nanny's mood but Chinet is fine by me...good fellowship without a bunch of dishes. But we all help wash and have nice quality time helping out together
Your menu? turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, collard greens FROM MY POP'S GARDEN, hashbrown casserole, 5 cup salad, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Roll
Favorite leftover? TURKEY, pumpkin roll
Extended family, friends, both or just the immediate family for dinner? Just the immediate family is 12 of us (Grandparents, parents, brother, cousin, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, me, Mike and Hunter
After dinner, do you go to the latest movie or football on TV? Usually go see Holiday Lights, if up yet or just go home and loaf after a day full of thankfulness
Do you watch the Macy’s Parade? YES, when home. I love it and reminds me of childhood memory. (see below:)
Christmas decorations up before or after? always the day after or later
Black Friday shopping or sleep in? Oh, Yeah, BABY...gotta get the good stuff at Best Buy:)
Any special Thanksgiving tradition? just getting together with the family, enjoying the classic menu and just being together with the people that love us:)
Favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Remembering ALL we have to be thankful for. Thank you, God for all you have blessed my family with.
Favorite Thanksgiving memory? For years, starting with my first Thanksgiving when I was 2 months old, we always went to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle live there and I have several cousins my age there. We always drove up Wednesday, went to a HUGE parade on Thursday and then went shopping all day Friday with my brother and cousins. The "Ladies" would go shopping, while the guys would take all the kids around. Saturday, we all went to the Flea Markets and ate pretzels from the Street Vendors. It's so different there and I really miss going there. My aunt now has Alzheimer's Disease and my uncle is not able to do what they once did for us coming there. They are so dear to us all and we will always remember the many years we spent there.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
"In every thing, give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Moving Right Along

This post is probably pretty boring...Went out tonite to get another Christmas present. I think the only other things I have to get are from Costco and have to go with my grandmother since I don't have a membership. Ya..Almost there!! Not sure if I will make it by Thanksgiving but atleast that's all I have left. Went to Michael's tonite so I could pick up some things I ran out of. My glue pen dried out and I was getting low on cards and eyelets. I got a new Christmas stamp, a beautiful poinsettia. I can already envision my Christmas invitations. For my Thanksgiving cards, I couldn't find a new stamp. But I have several different leaf stamps so I think I'll use those with some embossing powder. Hoping to get those done after I clean tomorrow night. Aren't these tall frames and finger puppets cute?? Thought they'd make cute little gifts and of course, the puppets are stocking stuffers. I also got some cute stamp cubes, which are so fun and wrapped some presents tonite. The only ones I haven't wrapped are Hunter's. I have to separate Santa's from Mom and Dad's:) I'm almost finished this scarf I'm making so got some more yarn for a scarf for my aunt maybe. My mom is supposed to be teaching me soon to knit but right now, I use the Knifty Knitter and I love it!! This yarn is like FLEECE...I love it and it was pretty cheap at Michaels. (I was planning to get some of the markdown ones but this one was cheaper:) The scarf I'm currently working on is my first...I'm kinda proud of it.:) Anyway, let me go. Gotta make my shopping list for DH to pick up for me tomorrow. I'm making Hash Brown Casserole and a dessert for Thanksgiving to take with me. I'm still looking for something different for the dessert. I just got the new 9x13 and bunt pan stoneware from Pampered Chef and I'm dieing to use them! We have about 8 stone pieces already and really love them. Mine are completely black from being seasoned!!

Well, hope you have a great Tuesday!! and have fun with all the Thanksgiving preparations!