Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Celebration

We went to Church Saturday for a Pancake Breakfast, Easter Reading and Easter Egg Hunt. Mrs. Sutherland reads a story about how Easter is not all about the fun stuff. It's how Jesus died for us and loves us very much. It was really nice.

Erin and her babies...they were so cute!

Gabe and his cousins. SO adorable!
Hunter is on a mission to find some eggs. After his basket got full, he used Hannah's.
Ashlyn and her Dad..

So many eggs, she could hardly hold them!

Hannah had her egg and she was content. (as long as that THUMB was close by!)
Look at my kids and their Easter Baskets FULL of eggs!
Little Miss! My Love Bug!
Robert and Delores did a great job on breakfast! Thanks, Guys! Everything was WONDERFUL!
Ready to go home with full Easter baskets
Miss Mischievous
It's been pouring rain so getting out this morning might be interesting.
Otherwise, have a great day!


Pamela said...

Great pictures! Had to laugh at that first one...she doesn't look too happy.

jillconyers said...

Great pics! THe thumb and the egg is priceless. I have a pic of dd sleeping while holding the pumpkin she used for trick or treating :)