Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Bliss

My Kids
The kids got some new clothes for the upcoming warm weather. This was after Church, Sunday afternoon.
I got her picture but she was NOT happy about it. I got this personalized diaper cover from with the Site to Store shipping option. In fact, I do A LOT of my shopping that way. Just order online and wait for the email letting you know to pick it up at your local store. SO cool!We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night, we went to "The Bounce House". It's anew kids place with all the blow up bounce toys in the NN Big Lots Shopping Center. It has a ton of different ones and even a separate room for the little kids. He played for hours there before we headed out to Dinner. We even booked his birthday party there. I think it will be awesome!! Saturday, Mike had to work but the kids and I stayed home most of the day. We read books, we played and we had a good time being together. That afternoon, we headed to Grandma's and Granddad's and played in the back yard with them for a little while. Hunter is getting really good at T-Ball. Sunday, Mike and my dad put up a new front door and a new storm door. While the kids rested, Mom and I headed to Lowe's and got new fixtures to match. It will be this week before we get everything changed over but I'll be sure to post some pictures. I also got a couple bags of top soil. After we clean up the yard, I'm starting a new area for some vegetables. I can't wait! We still need to power wash the house, get our new garage door and do some painting but it's looking really nice.
Looks like today is supposed to be a wash out. I hope the rest of the week is nice. We're hoping to work in the yard some at night. I'm off two days this week to spend with Hunter on his Spring Break. He's spending today with his Maw Maw, then with my parents the rest of the week. We're going to Busch Gardens one day. Well, hope everyone has a great Monday =)


MollyPeckham said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! :) The photos are just adorable!

Suz said...

Adorable photos! I love the little "bloomers"