Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Cruise Pictures: Our Stateroom

Just wanted to share some more pictures of our Cruise. This is our stateroom, right as you walk in. There was a door for the restroom and another door, right past, for the bathtub, shower and sink. On the other side, was a closet with a safe on one side.
This is where we slept and Hunter slept on the couch, which pulled out to a bed. Hannah slept in a pack and play right beside him. Every day, they made our bed, cleaned up a bit, and left us a Navigator to tell us what was planned for the day. At night, they pulled our bedding back, and left us a Towel animal and chocolates on our bed. We were spoiled! Shortly after getting on the ship, there was a mandatory Coast Guard Drill. Don't we look cute? Hannah cried when we took hers OFF!

Just doing a little relaxing before Dinner..
We loved our towel animals. A Swan, an Elephant and a Monkee. We went to a class too to learn how to make them. FUN!
More to come but that's it for now. Busy week. Dinner at our House this Saturday for about 14. I can't seem to find my mojo for some cute homemade Place Cards so if you have any cute ideas to share, I'd love to see them! And a little more Christmas shopping to finish.
Have a Happy Hump Day =)

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