Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Playing at the Park

Mike suprised me last Thursday by picking me up at work. He refused to tell me where we were going. Actually, he didn't say anything at all. We probably got a mile down the road before I smelled chicken. He said I was crazy but still wouldn't tell me where we were going. He had already picked up Hardees chicken, drinks and everything for a perfect picnic. He is SO romantic and thoughtful for doing that for us! We had a really nice dinner and then we watched Hunter play on the playgound. We also got to see the ducks. One of the ladies that worked there gave Hunter some corn to throw to them. He was so cute with it in his hand. He didn't know WHAT to do at first but got to throwing it to them pretty well. She also told us where to go so we could see some of the baby deer. We were really quiet and sneaked a close peek at them. They were so interesting to watch. It's really pretty out there. The reflections on the lake, the golf club and all the signs of nature were really refreshing to watch. We really take for granted all the things of nature we have in the area. It was so relaxing, just taking our time and enjoying the evening together:)

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