Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Busch Baby

Couldn't resist these cute pictures of Hunter, Grandma and Grandad. I'm not sure who has more fun! We went to Busch Gardens Friday night, just to get out and so my dad could get his pass. We had a good time. Hunter LOVES to look at the horses and ride the little rides. He's going through one of those stages, though, where he doesn't want to ride some things without Mom or Dad. It's really sweet but I hate he doesn't get to ride some things. He's perfectly content walking or riding in the stroller. He didn't want to leave the Clydesdales this time. He just looks amazed when he sees them:) He loves to jump so Grandad offered to jump with him! They looked so funny down the bridge past Italy, jumping and laughing together. Had to put them out here to share. What can I say...they're in LOVE! We had a busy weekend. We were all at Water Country by 10 on Saturday, as soon as they opened. He screams when he sees the water he is so excited. He loves to float around Hubba Hubba Highway. What a little fish we have on our hands:) We've been going a lot on Saturdays, from the time they open until about 1. Hunter has a ball, we eat lunch and then he goes down for his nap. He is such a good sleeper. He'd sleep until noon if you let him sometimes! He still takes a good 3-4 hour nap everyday! Talk about sleeping good...for Hunter AND Mom and Dad:)

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