Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beyond Blessed

WOW...what a wonderful week it's been. It started off with our Thanksgiving. We went to see our Granny and Papa before going to my SIL's house and my grandparents. They just didn't want to go out so we took Thanksgiving to them. Mike cooked a huge, 20 pound turkey for us and to share. We also took homemade mashed potatoes, Cornbread stuffing, homemade rolls, fruit salad, and a cheese ball and crackers. Our aunt takes such awesome care of them every day and for one day (and the days they have leftovers) we wanted her to be able to have it easy. (We even brought her the paper plates to eat off..LOL) They mean the world to us and it was so nice for them to be able to have a special Thanksgiving too.

We went to my SIL's next, where she had a beautiful table full of food and lots of leftovers to take with us. The kids got to play outside, since it was in the 70's and then we got a picture outside. If you're wondering, YES, we are around a leather couch. The guys carried it out for us all so that we'd have it for the picture. It was beautiful out and the leaves are just now changing to a beautiful array of colors. I thought the picture turned out great and us taking it was really fun!

Next, we went to my grandparents, where we ate another wonderful meal. Lots of food, yummy collards, homemade soup, and a picture around the tree before we left. They keep up their tree in the Living room every year so we thought it was a great backdrop for us to use. Our Aunt Wanda was here from South Carolina and we were thrilled to have her here with us.

Friday, Mike had to work and we slept in! Hunter usually gets up around 7 and the first thing he says is "It's a pretty Day!" He's so sweet ....he even says it on rainy days but we always say that EVERY day is a gift from God, no matter what the weather. Well, he got up and I told him we were sleeping in. So, in Mom's bed he went and we didn't get up until 10!! There was NO Black Friday shopping for me. I usually spend the night at Best Buy to get some Electronic Goodies with my husband. But this year, I just didn't have it in me. I'd like to get a new laptop since mine has been acting up but it'll have to wait until next year. I don't even know if I'd stalk Best Buy again, since you really have to be out there by about 3 PM on Thanksgiving Day in order to get a good seat. By 7 PM, they were wrapped around the building ....NO THANKS! We did walk around Kohl's for over an hour but just to see some Christmas decorations and the Toy department. The lines were crazy so we headed home and took a late afternoon nap.

Saturday, We went out and raked leaves. Actually, Mike raked leaves and I offered to help but he said it was OK. He thought it was too strenuous for me, being pregnant. I DID make it out to take some pictures of Hunter playing. The colors of the trees and leaves were awesome! Hunter had a blast, as Mike would make a huge pile of leaves and then, throw in the middle. I got more pictures I'll post later. That night, we went to the Yankee Candle Factory to see Santa and all the Christmas decorations. Hunter loved it..his giggles were priceless.

Sunday, we went to Church and then came home and rested. We cleaned up a little later and watched some movies with Hunter man. A day of rest...just what it should be.

This weekend, we're planning to go to Holly Dazzle Friday night to see all the Christmas decorations and do some fun kids stuff with Hunter. It ends with a large Fireworks show. Sunday is Grand Illumination in Williamsburg with a large fireworks show also and festivities. I LOVE seeing all the beautiful decorations through Colonial Williamsburg too. We'll be getting our tree and decorating all over the house on Saturday. I can't wait!!

I'm super excited about the Holiday season. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. For the most part, it's because of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. What would our world do without Jesus? He's so good to our family and we owe him our life. We're trying hard to really focus on the Reason for the Season this year. I could care less about the gifts. Mike and I are doing small gifts this year and it doesn't even matter to me. I have EVERYTHING a girl could want. My Guys are amazing!!

I just want to spend time with them and enjoy all the festivities. Our calendar is getting full with Christmas dinners and we're planning an Open House for all our friends now too. We got married at Christmas time and I think it's so romantic. We also went to Disney World for our Honeymoon and I don't think I'll EVER go another month but December. We went last year and we're planning next year's trip now. My parents are going again with us, as we'll have an infant with us next year. (Yes, we're crazy but happy) We don't have a lot of extra money but I'm so thankful for our Careers and that we always have enough for what we need. We struggle sometimes (who doesn't?) but it just makes us realize what's important.

We've had a great couple days of fun together. We've watched a handful of Christmas movies, made cookies, and just laughed uncontrollably.

I've got to get to bed now. I have an 8:oo A.M. meeting Downtown tomorrow and Thursday, an 8:00 A.M. Sugar Test...UGH! I HATE them, but have to have it since they believe this pregnancy may be higher risk with my Hypoglycemia. It's proven to be playing Havoc but hopefully, it will level out soon. Tomorrow night should be another busy one. I have my Photo Fun Club Meet Up meeting at a local coffee shop and then have some pictures to order for my parents. I also need to start working on my Christmas Dinner Invites.

Good Night and enjoy the season. I'm extremely sappy tonite...I guess that's what I get for listening to all the Christmas tunes on my IPOD for the last couple weeks. What a beautiful time of the year!

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