Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hunter was modeling his sun visor this weekend that he had found. What a smile!! He loved it, wore it the entire weekend. I joked with him that he looked like a McDonald's employee so he ran around and asked us did we want fries with that. It's such a fun time since he's just staring to catch on his talking and saying full sentences. We can all tell a big difference sine he started Speech. I just love his smiles...He hams up for the camera. NOW, hopefully he will do this good this weekend if we try to get Christmas pictures done for our cards. I know we're doing all our decorating Saturday and I can't wait!! I thought I'd be able to go to Grand Illumination but it looks like we'll be over my Uncle's house. He likes to have the family over to help him decorate and we're doing that Sunday afternoon. No problem, since I have alot more planned for the weekend.
I'm headed to bed. I didn't go to my meeting tonite. I've been having Dizzy spells, where I feel pretty light headed. It might be normal pregnancy stuff but it's different and my sugar isn't the culprit this time. I passed out at Church on Sunday but I thought it was due to it being warm in our Sanctuary. I just blacked out and it was pretty scary. I go to the doctor Thursday morning for my 1 hour Sugar test and then a regular baby appointment. I'm anxious to see what's going on. I'm about to fall asleep on this keyboard and I've got another busy day (and early morning) Hunter is going to my grandparents and they're taking him to school since I'll be in my appointment. I'm not sure which one is more excited. They're going to have McDonald's pancakes together in the morning for Breakfast. YUMMY! Well, Good Nite!

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