Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Look

These are the first pictures of our new little baby. Doesn't look like much, huh? But everything seems to be fine and he/she is the perfect size. The last time I was pregnant, this first ultrasound showed Hunter big already, about a week and a half ahead. I'm just hoping that I can get more excited about this pregnancy now. I have been SO sick and today, was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Hunter has had the flu most of the week with Diarrhea and Vomiting. He was better yesterday but today, was still going to the bathroom and a little fussy. I've been lucky to only vomit once this preganancy but today, this morning, I was violently ill. I think just taking care of him got to me today. I went to the doctor this afternoon because when I called to cancel, they suggested I still come in, with my history of being sick and sugar issues. I got a new prescription and a little piece of mind that everything looks OK. It's so hard to believe how something the size of a pea can make you so sick. I'm just hoping for a restful weekend. I'd like to take some Fall pictures of my little man, playing in the leaves (and hoping we can rake them all up after) and maybe clean up our yard, get some Colorful Mums for the porch and just have nowhere to go. I wouldn't mind doing some scrapbooking also while maybe watching a movie with the boys. I really need to catch up and work on my Scrapbook Corner.
Well, I'm turning in for the evening to watch Grey's Anatomy. My grandfather is doing much better also. He's getting a lot of rest and his nose is healing nicely. Thanks for all your prayers. I do have one more prayer request.

Someone we know suffered a tragedy this past week. She was pregnant with her 2nd little girl and due any day. She was scheduled to be induced Friday and went in Monday for a checkup. The baby's Umbilical Cord had wrapped around the neck three times and had passed away. I can't imagine what their family must be going through but please remember them in your prayers for God's Grace to get them through this very difficult time. Thank you..


Lorrie said...

Awww.... the baby looks JUST like Mike!!!! lol!
Sorry y'all have been so sick. I hope you have just gotten the bug H had, that would mean you'llbe feeling better soon! Good luck. Hope you feel better quickly.

Debby said...

I like your little Peanut. My friend's family called her unborn baby "Peanut" throughout the whole pregency. It was funny.

I will remember your friend in prayer. God keep her well and looking forward. They will be together again as this life is but a breath for all of us.

Kate said...

hard to be excited when you are puking your guts out. You'll get more in tune when this part of the pregnancy is over. Plus this is number two you know what happens. Not that everything will be the same, but you know the drill. First are always more exciting. plus you have to be mom this time that is a lot more draining. So don't beat yourself up over it!