Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I'm a day late but I hope EVERYONE had a very Merry Christmas!

It was a great day! We got up around 6, got ready and opened presents (Mike and I only) about 7. We got Hunter up about 7:15, before the grandparents, great grandparents and Unce Jeff came over and saw him get his presents. Then, we went to Grandma and Grandads, Nanny and Pop's, Uncle Marvin's and MaMa and PawPaw's. It was so much fun. What an awesome day. We came home and Mike worked on the computer for information on his new GPS unit. I cleaned up the Living Room and arranged everything nicely around the tree. It's tradition and I do it every year but because we had a huge train table on one side, it made it a little interesting to say the LEAST:) I got a Cricut machine and I'm in LOVE! We went back to Grandma and Grandad's after a couple hours so we could see our Nanny Puckette . She's in a Nursing Home but we got to visit with her and have dinner. She was in a great mood, as usual and we had a really nice time. By the time we got home, it was after 8 and Mike gave Hunter a bath. I didn't have the heart to put him to bed his normal time, since he really hadn't had a lot of time to play with his new toys. He got to stay up and play and laughed profusely!! We have to work the rest of the week so Grandma and Grandad are watching him this week. I hope to clean up the Christmas tree stuff this weekend and start working on organizing my scrap area. I've only had a short time to play with my new toy and I'm DIEING to start catching up on my scrapping. That machine is SO cool! My husband is awesome for getting it for me and so is my MIL since she told him all about it. You guys are the best:) (nothing personal because I'm grateful for EVERYONE else too:) LOL!

I'm headed out to get ready but I hope everyone has a great day. If you're shopping, be careful.. I imagine it'll be packed and today, it's cold and rainy here.

This is a picture of my tree, after cleaning under it. We got so much great stuff!! (The boxes on the right are our stocking stuffers, so our beagle, Bailey won't get into them)

I had to make a Thank You card and made this one in about 5 minutes, using my new Cricut. I wanted to stay up all night and play!! But went to bed, thinking about what's on my Wish List!!

Well, I hope everyone has a GREAT day, no matter what you do!!


Sheila Doherty said...

Just wait, soon enough he'll be waking you up in the dark to open gifts. LOL. Merry Christmas to you!

Stella said...

How awesome about your Cricut! Merry Christmas!

Benita said...

Glad you had a great Christmas & congrast on the Cricut :) Your tree is beautiful!