Friday, December 28, 2007

Twas The Night Before Christmas

These are just a few of the pictures from Christmas Eve. I had to work until 2 but right after, we went to see our Granny, PaPa and Aunt Ellen to celebrate Christmas. It was a great time and Hunter always is happy to see them. He loves to play around with Ellen. He was showing her his Daddy's IPOD that had his movie playing on it. He also loves to wear PaPa's hat and ride Ellen's rocking horse. What a silly boy but gotta love that smile:)

Our family came over shortly after so that we could enjoy some yummy snacks and let the kids play a little together. They had a lot of fun. You could hear them all over the house but it was happy, wonderful squeals of excitement. Hunter's cousin, DNK read The Story of Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas beautifully. Hunter and Baby K sat by in Mike's lap and listened. It really got us in the mood to go home and go to sleep, in hopes that Santa would visit!
Maw Maw sits with her Grandbabies

After everyone left, we went outside and threw the Reindeer food that Aunt Lou Eye brought us. It was magical, look how it sparkles!!
Hunter is modeling his new pj's. We always give him new pajamas to wear Christmas EveDo you think he's EXCITED?
And one question...why do they make children's pajamas SO tight? I know they say they are supposed to fit snug since it is a fire precaution but good gosh! These are 5T and I had to break the elastic on the sleeves JUST so he could get his arms in. OK, my rant is over now...
Thank GOD it's Friday!
I'm hoping to get a little cleaning done this weekend and then do some scrapping. I worked on Laundry last night and was so tired, I didn't get to play with my new Cricut. I've been doing a little bit every night so at least it's less I have to do over the weekend. I think we may take our Christmas tree down Sunday. That way, we can get our house back in order and I can enjoy the New Year Celebrations at home. I'm dieing to play with my new toy. In fact, today, I'm ordering the Storage Tote and 2 New Cartridges. (and getting one free with the promotion going on with Cricut before 12/31) I hope to have them before my crop next weekend at church.
Well, I'm going to get ready for work. I'm going in early to help clean up after having carpet installed last night. Hope everyone has a great Friday!!

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Marie Starr said...

What darling photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for keeping "CHRIST" in Christmas at your house, too! ;0)