Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Bride and Groom

This is Robert and Delores, my Sunday School Teacher and his Fiance. We went to a Bridal Shower for them on Sunday afternoon at Church and had a great time. They're getting married soon out of state but we'll celebrate with them at a Reception when they return.
What a beautiful cake, and beautiful couple!!
Congrats, You Guys! We're all so happy for you both!
Before we left home, I ran out and took some pictures of the flowers in my yard. I didn't plant more tulips this past Fall like I wanted to. It had been a year or two but I thought the few that popped up turned out great. I LOVE Flowers and Gardening. I get FILTHY when I work in the yard but I'm happy! It's hard to get me inside when I've been in the yard all day. This Saturday is supposed to be warm so if I can get outside early in the morning, before the rain, Hunter and I are planning to plant some more Spring flowers. He puts them in the ground, just like I advise him and even has his own gardening gloves and watering can. He's looking forward to helping me. He seems to LOVE working in the yard, like I do. I think it gives him a wonderful sense of accomplishment to see what he had a hand in creating. These aren't the prettiest but they're ours! It felt SO good to be behind my camera again!!
I pulled weeds last week but this weekend, we're planning to pick up two loads of mulch, paint our new bathroom, paint our Computer Desk, plant flowers and finish up with some boxes to go to the Thrift Store. We should be busy but I think we'll be close to finishing with the Honey Do List for each other:) The only other thing we'd like to do before the baby comes is paint our other bathroom and update it. I'm getting a little tired from all the "Nesting" but I feel like I have a new house! It's amazing what a gallon of paint on the walls can do to a room! I actually got THREE pages done in Hannah's album too and just ordered a couple more pictures to do this weekend. Busy, Busy, Busy!
OK, well, it's been a great week. I'm headed to bed. Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I'm looking forward to my weekend. I'm planning to do a little shopping Saturday with my BF to pick up some Mother's Day Gifts, while Hunter takes a nap. Hope you have a wonderful time and are able to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather =) God Bless!!
**Prayer Request**
Please say a prayer for Robert's father. He fell earlier this week and broke his hip. He's had surgery and will be recovering for a litle while. Thanks so much for your prayers!

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Robin said...

Amber Glow here we come!!!!! I can't wait!!!