Sunday, April 27, 2008

~Just A Matter Of Time~ UPDATED

Wow, I almost forgot how to log in to Blogger it's been so long since I posted. It's been busy lately; very, very busy the last couple weeks. But it's been great. Lots to be done and lots of time with the family.

My bathroom remodel will probably be done this week, I have a new floor in my kitchen and foyer, my son and his, soon to be sister have a new room, most of the walls in my house are freshly painted and my house is FINALLY clean! (which is not an easy thing to do when you're moving things around as much as we've done lately)
There's still a couple things we want to check off our To Do list before the baby but this week is all about Hunter. Tuesday is his birthday. I'm taking an extended lunch to spend some time with him at his school. They have a special time for everyone on their birthday that the parents are invited to share in. Then, Friday, Mike and I are off to get some pictures taken, and spend some quality time with him. We'll end the evening at Chuck E Cheese's and maybe a movie. (He's been DIEING to see the new Dr. Seuss movie) I can't wait!
This weekend, we're having a birthday party Saturday at TNT, a warehouse with LOTS of the blow up jumping rooms and slides and a cookout Sunday with some family. The following weekend is camping at the beach with more family; can't wait to start the camping season! Lots of things going on and hoping to get everything on the list done. But, enjoying every moment trying to get there:)
We've taking lots of breaks to spend time with Hunter. I don't want him to feel left out or that we're not spending enough time with him. He's our world and we've had a great weekend with him!
I went to the Doctor this week and it looks like I'm definitely having another Cesarean. I have to call tomorrow morning (Monday) to schedule the date. I may know VERY soon when I'm going to have this baby. She seems to be big also but not as big as my Hunter. They want me to have her before I may go into labor on my own. Even if I do, they still plan to do a repeat Cesarean. (which is fine by me) I still feel great and can't seem to stop cleaning and working around the house. (after working a 40 hour work week) I'm not a quitter, a rester. I love getting things done and I hate going to bed before so!
I DID go to a wedding Saturday night for a dear friend I went to high school and church with. We waited at the reception for a while outside before the Dinner was served. It was a wonderful time but by the time I got home, my feet were swollen double their size! I soaked them and kept them elevated but it was a bit scary how bad they looked.
Today, they're better but I was cleaning all day again. I had so much to do, from moving things around when my new floor was installed this past week.
Looks like Monday will be a wash out but hope everyone has a great day/week anyway. We're going to Dinner to celebrate my brother's 36Th birthday. (It was April 15Th)
Take care and God Bless!
June 9Th is the day for my scheduled Cesarean Surgery! We can't wait....we're counting the days down now!

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