Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, we're home from Camping. It was a nice trip. I'm just tired and glad to be home. Because, after all, there is NO place like home. Friday, we got there late because it was Friday before a Holiday at work and our A/c broke. It was QUITE warm but our Asst Manager made it better by buying us Frostys to cool us off. I just wanted to take my time getting to the campground. The rain held off, I mean, no down pours. It would sprinkle raindrops sometimes during the day but for the most part, it held off. We went to the Pool one day after hanging out at the campground for a while. One day we went out and did a little shopping. My hubby bought us new phones that I had really wanted. I love it...we played around a lot with them. We sent each other texts when we were, practically, sitting beside each other at the time. The cousins had fun playing at the campground. One hurt her thumb but it got better after a couple hours. One rode a big kid bike for the first time. It was fun. Just relaxing fun. Here's a cute picture I just LOVE of the Cousins..

Here's the kids at the pool..

And then, a bath together. I just WISH I could share the cute pictures of Hunter holding Hannah. But even the ones that don't show their body parts, I don't want to do anything that could seem inappropriate. They both have a blast together. He's very protective of her and she adores him. She leans over alot of times and just gives him a kiss. The love between them is very touching.

We came home, unpacked, put everything away, did some laundry, got ready for Work/School/Daycare and had a great 3 day weekend. Hope everyone has a great week!

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