Sunday, July 02, 2006

King of the Castle

Hunter got a new Castle Bouncer...He doesn't know WHAT to think:) Well, we got it last week and I was really excited to get it out of the box. It had been pretty out but by the time I got home from work, it was raining. SO, we made the executive decision and blew it up in our living room. (Normally, of course, it would be outside but what we do for our kids! We had to let him try it out..LOL!) We got a great deal on it, as it was on sale at It was much lower in price than the huge ones they also have. BUT, after several minutes of Mike trying to blow air in in with his mouth and looking like he could use his inhaler, we called on our wonderful neighbor, Tom to lend us his air compressor. Ten minutes later, he was ready to bounce! It's cool; 2 scords, 24 balls, and a huge round area to bounce away all that free energy. It was fun...I think he was a bit nervous about going through the entrance at first but he managed fine. I think he enjoys putting the balls in the holes in the wall better than anything. He's such a silly boy...gotta love those eyes !!

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