Thursday, January 03, 2008

Congrats, Mike!

This is Mike, my wonderful husband, after finishing his 2ND Half Marathon this past October.

Today, he found out that he passed his Professional Engineering Exam (P.E.) this past October also. To say I'm proud of him would be a HUGE understatement. He's worked so hard. He wen to school for over ten years, got two Associates Degrees, a Bachelors Degree, passed his Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (F.E.) a couple years ago and NOW, is a Licensed, Professional Engineer! He passed both tests on the first try, which is hard to do. He's so smart, he's brilliant and he's such a wonderful person. Can you tell I'm in love? OK, enough bragging. I'll stop now. I'm just so proud of him. He sets a goal and he doesn't stop until he's accomplished it. But as he says, He can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. We give God all the glory. There's been a lot of prayers going up for this one. He's finally finished, for a while anyway. Thank you to all our friends and family who have been praying for him. We love ya!! Now, it's time to party. We're hoping to go out this weekend or soon with some friends and really CELEBRATE! He deserves the recognition!

It was a great day. First, we find out that Mike passed his test. Then, Hunter had a great day at school, which is always a good thing and just icing on the cake for the day. We also got a call about our SUV that is currently, in the shop. We thought for sure we'd be spending our savings account to fix it. It's been making a horrible sound when I go to slow down and then, the wheel makes jerky movements to one side. Mike was underneath it a couple days ago and couldn't figure it out. He can tell a lot of things but if it's something technical, like four wheel drive involved, it needs to go to the Pros. The Dealership we bought it from has always been wonderful. We've had one major repair and it didn't cost much at all there. We had a recall that we took in to have fixed and it cost us nothing. Well, today they called and said I was VERY lucky that the front left wheel didn't fall off on me. (where the noise was coming from) Evidently, some of the bolts holding the suspension together there were hardly on. They said had they come loose, the wheel would have been off and my car would be sitting on the ground. They said all they did was tighten up the bolts and we owed them NOTHING. They did say I needed a four wheel drive alignment but their machine was down so I'd have to take it somewhere else. Praise the Lord. We're really trying to save more money and cut down on our spending. SO, to be looking at under $100 for the repair sounds good to me. (for the alignment I have to get) It sounds like my SUV really had angels surrounding it for me to be free from harm.

Now, if my LAPTOP would be that cooperative, we'd be in business. My power cord went bad and I've had to order another one from Best Buy. I'm on our desktop, which seems completely wrong for me, since I'm used to my laptop. I love sitting in my comfy pj's on my comfy bed, watching the News or TV, while working on my laptop computer. We get spoiled, don't we????

Life isn't half as bad as it seems sometimes. We had friends over who moved several months back to Wisconsin. They had been our wonderful neighbors and they're still, our wonderful friends. We also had our other neighbor over from two doors down and it was really a fun night.

Now, I'm off to bed and getting ready for my Friday, the last day of the week.

Hoping to clean up on Saturday morning and work in my scrap corner for the rest of the day. (unless we go out Saturday night to celebrate) If I venture out, I may get some paint colors for my bathroom. We're planning to paint it soon and can't wait to get started..

Oh, here comes those Resolutions for the New Year; painting, remodeling, SCRAPPING, SCRAPPING, SCRAPPING!

Have a wonderful Friday and Weekend. God Bless:)

*OH* My mom is having some Dental Surgery Friday that can be pretty painful. Please keep her in your prayers, if you would. She's not fond of pain (Her words, not mine) so I'm sure she'd appreciate the thoughts. Thanks!!

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