Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day Of School

WOW...Look at my BIG BOY!

He wore a Diego outfit, with his Diego backpack and new Stride Rite Shoes. And his nametag around his neck. He just looks so tall.."Hurry, before I fall backwards"
My Baby
I made these tags using my Cricut Machine. I LOVED them, and was really proud of them. He has this bag on the front of his book bag that was perfect for a snack but not big enough for lunch. I tied a string around the handle after laminating them both. The Lunch Time Tag was glued on his Lunch bag. He loved them. I included an I love you note on his napkin, of course. He also had a new Cars Pillow and a Mater fuzzy blanket for naptime at the Kids Program. Aawww...
He did fine without me...sigh. He walked right over and started playing. I told him I was leaving and he said, "Mom, I'm fine". I guess he could tell I was nervous.
As I left school, I was so happy for him. But I was also a little sad. He's really growing up. How long will it take him to not want to hug or kiss me in public, tell me he loves me, cuddle with me before bedtime? I did get a nice hug and kiss before leaving so it really got me through the day...

WOW...who's the parent and the child, right? I know I'm crazy. Or am I a normal parent? I just love my kids A TON!! Have a great Wednesday.

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Lorrie said...

he does look like such a BIG boy!