Sunday, September 07, 2008

Prayer Requests

Today's post isn't really a happy one. I'm sorry about that. I just wanted to share two prayer requests with you. The first one is about my dog, our Beagle, Bailey. He's been getting up there in age and had some minor problems. He has allergies and has lost patches of hair on his chest and legs. We give him Allergy medicine for that and it seemed to be getting better. He's lost some weight but he had room to do so. This weekend, he just stopped eating. He took a couple bites but not much. He didn't have much water either, which really got us concerned. He's gone to the bathroom on the floor a couple times and not even tried to go out, which is very out of character for him. He seemed to hurt his hip this weekend and now, he can hardly move. Mike has to help him up and out, help him back in and make him drink something. When he went outside today, he crawled up in our flower bed and wouldn't come out. Mike tried to get him back in the house and he bit him. (not hard, just enough to give him a warning) He was outside for a little while today while we went out and when we got home, he couldn't get up at all on his own. He tried but his hips just wouldn't lift him. We did get him to eat a little Chicken Broth so that was a relief. Not a whole lot of interest though. He's going to the Vet tomorrow and I'm worried sick what they may say. He's the sweetest dog and like another child to us.

My friend, Kim lost her father on Saturday. Her father was really suffering but it's always hard to lose someone we love. I'm sure you can relate, we all know how much our parents mean to us. Please pray that God will give her peace right now. Her father was a wonderful person with a beautiful smile and personality. He will be missed by many people around him.

Thanks for the prayers!

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Lorrie said...

praying for poor little Bailey!