Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun in the Park

We went to Busch Gardens Sunday afternoon for a little while and it was wonderful. Not too hot, a light breeze and lots of energy for Hunter to burn off. We had a great time and Hunter went RIGHT to bed. He must have been tired!

He always loves looking at the horses
And he likes to ride the Clydesdale ride too..
We ran into Mr. Bob, Mrs. Sutherland, Becky, Steve, Debbie and Cameron at the park and Mr. Bob took Hunter on a ride on his scooter. He loved it!!
"Look, Mom" Mike held the baby and fed her. She was awake the entire time, in her Pumpkin sleeper and seemed to enjoy the fresh air.
My Love Bug and My Pumpkin
Just wish I could get a real smile..LOL!
Hunter likes this spot in the bottom of the tree.

This was the first time I had been to Busch in a couple weeks and it was so nice. I think we would have been happy just walking around. It was good exercise for us and Hunter had a blast. He got to ride the Clydesdales, several rides in the Kid section and Dark Kastle. We were tired too but we really needed to get out and walk.
I'm hoping to get my Fall stuff out tonite. It's supposed to be cool the rest of the week and I'm looking forward to the temperature change. I've completely lost my voice now, although I feel fine. Allergies always do a number on me this time of the year. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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