Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A New School Year

Hunter lost his FIRST tooth Saturday night! He was so excited! (and surprised it came out so soon!)
Hunter didn't get a temporary Name Tag at Open House. They told us that he would get his name tag on the first day so I made him one with his important information on it.
(some info blocked for Internet Privacy) I was kinda proud of it...
Hunter said a couple kids asked him where he got that name tag ;)
Hunter with his new sneakers, outfit and backpack on the FIRST day of School
He got a Marvel Heroes Backpack
It was pouring down rain the entire morning so we drove to the bus stop. He was so excited, he ran right out of the car and forgot his backpack. He was just so excited to be going to School and riding the bus! Posing on the bus for the FIRST time

There goes the bus
My baby is on the bus...Here comes the tears..
Talking with his new friends from his bus
Headed Inside Walking to the Auditorium to get in lineSitting down, waiting to go to his ClassMy baby is all grown up...
It looks like he had a great day at School. He was definitely more tired by the time he got home. It's a long day for a little boy! But I'm excited for him going to Kindergarten. He said he really had fun and liked buying his lunch, getting to pick out what he wanted.
I hope everyone has a great First week of School. We're praying for all the teachers, staff and administrators. I know they have a hard job, especially this week!

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