Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early Morning....

Another Early morning....I have an 8:15 meeting today at work. I was up early yesterday too for a 8:05 ENT appointment. It went OK. I do have a blockage on the right side of my Sinus so I really need another Sinus Surgery. I have several Polyps and some scar tissue that has developed from my previous surgery and previous infections. He's just going to remove the Polyps and clean the Sinus out a bit. He thinks it will be a big help. I'm having Surgery November 13Th, which is on a Friday and he said I may be able to be back at work on Monday. He expects I'll have some Sinus pain for about a week. I'm glad that, FINALLY, I'll have some relief. I'm looking forward to getting it OVER with so I can move on. After all, my Disney Cruise is coming up quickly. We're making some final plans and I am getting so excited! I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping too. I hope to be completely done before I go on my trip. I want everything done. Christmas cards, Christmas tags, presents wrapped and under the tree.

Hunter was better but now his fever is back. He's supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch today but he's not able to go. He got sick on the way home yesterday in Mike's car. Not sure if he was car sick or not since that was the only time. But his fever returned and he looks weak. I STILL don't think it was the Swine Flu, though. He crawled in bed with me this morning when his dad left so I didn't get much sleep after that. It's OK. He's SO worth it. It's a messy morning so even if he went on his field trip, he would be a mess. It's been pouring rain all morning so I can imagine what the Pumpkin Patch looks like. Hope everyone has a great day =)

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