Monday, October 05, 2009

Busy Couple Days...

I haven't COMPLETELY forgotten about my blog. I've just been busy. Hunter is playing Soccer now, we're trying to get rid of LOTS of stuff in this house/our attic and of COURSE, I've been busy playing with my new Cricut Gypsy. I love it! It's definitely a hobby that I LOVE. I've made Hunter a new stoplight for his bulletin board with a Prince Paper Doll and I also made Hannah one. Hers has a Princess Paper Doll. He loves it. Right now, I'm trying to design some Vinyl art for Autumn for my Living Room. I'll post pictures soon. My laptop is almost gone so I've been using our Desktop computer (Mike's computer) alot lately. it's OK though...hopefully getting a new laptop next year with our tax return. Just wanted to say hello and say, hope you have a wonderful week =)
Hopefully, next time I'm here, I'll have pictures of some things I've created with my new Gypsy!! God Bless!

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