Friday, December 22, 2006

Animal Kingdom Amazement

These are just some of my pictures of Animal Kingdom. It was really fun there. I love animals and Hunter loves them even more than Mike and I. The first ones are some flowers I couldn't resist taking a picture of. They were so pretty and I love different flowers. The Tree of Life was amazing. They have so many animals carved into it. I've got lots of pictures of that but think I might make a slide show of that later. Hunter was really excited when he saw the was one of his favorites. He's also become a big Dinosaur fan. He loves Dinorama. He got to run around and he put his head in the dino's mouth all by himself. I laughed so hard!! He runs around making lots of Dino sounds now. He got a toy in his happy meal and is still carrying it around. He also loved the fish. Even though you can't see his face, I loved seeing him looking into the aquarium. This is one of the shots that just reminds me of what this vacation meant to me. It was fun for Mike and I but seeing the excitement through the eyes of a child was priceless. There were several times I just teared up, seeing how much fun he was having. No matter what park you're in, it's like another world in Disney World. He really enjoyed it this time but we're looking forward to going again in December 08. He will REALLY have a blast! Have a great Friday!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!! And all of those are great pictures!!
(Just yesterday Delaney and I were talking aboutthe Dinosaur ride from AK; we didn't go this last October when we went, but had gone into that park the time we went before. Next time, we'll have to make it back in there!)
Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!!

Rosy said...

Your photos are beautiful! Hope you're having a fantastic time! :)

JenSmack said...

Wow - you got some really amazing shots! Animal Kingdom is my son's favorite park - looks like you had a blast!

Jessica said...

I really love the pictures of the flowers! I think those pictures would make a great border sometime! Hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday weekend!

Missy's Blog said...

Oh my gosh ... look at those flowers. Growing up I called those first flowers "Hawaiin Flowers" ... don't know the real name, but I will always think of them that way. The second one pictured, I've never seen before ... but it is gorgeous!!

Looks like you and your family had a lovely time at Animal Kingdom ... such a fun place to visit!!