Saturday, December 09, 2006

These are the days:)

Talk about Blast from the Past!!

This first picture is the ornament that we bought in Disney when we went SEVEN years ago!! We went there for our honeymoon and the second picture is us right after getting off the plane. I looked so young!! I'm an old married woman now, had a dog, a child and lived to tell about it...whew!! We're leaving tomorrow, well, now today for Disney again. We're going for a week's vacation with my parents and brother. Looking forward to it Looking forward to getting away, going out to eat, being in that beautiful world and just enjoying all the Christmas decorations around one of the most enjoyable places. It's just like a fantasy there and I want to enjoy every second!! Monday is our 7th anniversary and what a great place to celebrate. We've planned this trip since last December. It's not easy...Disney is definitely not one of the cheaper places but we've been able to save up, and find some great deals. It's so hard to believe the time is really here. I'm looking forward to flying with Hunter. We've been telling him all about going to Mickey's house and we're going to fly on the airplane. I think it will be fun, and I can't wait to see how he likes it. We got a straight flight so that will be wonderful for him. Anyway, I'm taking my laptop so I'm hoping to post a picture a day but we'll see. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! God bless!
(When I logged in, I got the option to upgrade to the new Blogger Beta..ya!! I'm really excited. I may need some help later..noticed that my profile was at the bottom againl I even removed the video??? but just not sure what made it do that..)


Kip said...

It will be a little chilly today when you arrive but back up to the mid 70's tomorrow! Have fun!


Didi said...

How exciting!! I LOVE the see Disney through the eyes of a child!! Will be looking forward to seeing pix on your blog!

Jane said...

Enjoy disney!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, have a WONDERFUL time!! I know it will be so great!!! I've never been at Christmastime ,but would love to see the lights and decorations! (We were there right before Halloween, which was fun!)
LOVE the picture of you and hubby. So cute!!