Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Great Week:)

Just thought I'd post some of my pictures of this past week. The first one is Jess, who is modeling my NEW candle she bought me for Christmas...mmmm...she knows the way to my heart. This is one of my favorite scents; Sheer Magnolia. She got me the candle and a big bag of Hershey Kisses. The next one is Lynn. Both of them are truely great friends of mine. We have a blast at work because we really work together like a team and have a great office! And we're all like family. They've really been there for me when I've needed them and I hope they can say the same!! This is my wonderful manager, Maria. I've been at the Credit Union for over 10 years and we've been together almost the entire time, even at different offices. Jeff is my Supervisor and he keeps me in stitches. He's so silly, but really a great guy also! I got a yummy box of Godiva Chocolates from a member, a bear and snowman figurine, the candle and kisses , and the new frame. The Ipod Docking Station I got from Mike the day after Thanksgiving and I use it constantly! I love my music to make the day go by so peaceful. I got lots of goodies...I feel the love:) This is nothing new..we have fun at Christmas and get lots of little things all year through but I just wanted to post these pics because I'm so thankful to have them in my life. newest Christmas present was an early one from Mike. We saw this Coffee Station at Wal Mart last night and could not resist!! Our coffee maker was gettting a worn cord and we really needed to replace it. Mike made me a yummy coffee last night while I baked the last of my cookies and breads. It was so delicious!! Yummy caramel!! Anyway, hope you have a good day and enjoyed, yet another list of My Favorite Things.

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Missy's Blog said...

It's great to have such great friends at work ... and you all work together so well ... that's even better. The gifts you received were very sweet ... thank you for sharing the photos. The Coffee Station ... that looks awesome!! Hope you enjoy it!