Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday again..

I went to Ben Franklin's on Sunday since I met Mike for lunch near by. Hunter and I went to church and Mike had to go to work. I got some cute little boy stickers. I cleaned my den and a couple closets up this weekend and my allergies did a real number on me. My eyes were swollen most of the weekend but hoping that some cool compresses will help it not be swollen during the week. I just didn't get as much cropping done as I wanted but nonetheless, it was productive around the house.

On the General Scrapping board, they posted a challenge on what plans we have for July 4th. I'm planning to go to Busch Gardens with my hubby, son, parents and maybe my brother. These are some of the shots Mike and I got the last time we were there. I love to watch the animals and Hunter does too. I can't wait until Wednesday!!

Love the Depth Of Field on this...Mike took this one! (slightly blurry but will try to sharpen later)

This one's for my FIL. He loves Eagles!

And this is my little man, Hunter. He loves to run!!
This coming weekend, we're headed to North Carolina. We'll be on the boat and in the sun..YA!Hope Everyone has a wonderful Monday!!


Kate said...

I did the Hobby Lobby thing and Michael's this past week. Love some of the cute new stuff out there!

Hope your allergies are better!

Rachael said...

Sounds like great holiday and weekend plans!! Have fun!