Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wishing Applebees's was NOT in the Neighborhood...

What a wasted night! Mike, Hunter and I stopped by Applebees's tonite after picking up Hunter from Grandma and Granddad's. The service was HORRIBLE! We went there specifically for a salad and soup. I like that they carry Weight Watchers selections.

Our waitress was nice but didn't seem like she had a clue. We waited almost 50 minutes for our meal. Mike wanted to walk out and go next door to Subway but I didn't want to just leave and not pay for our drinks. Of course, twice she bought us each a drink and twice they were gross! I got Ginger Ale the first time and it was completely flat. Then, I get a Coke and we BOTH noticed that they tasted like soap. I finally got my salad and it was hardly made. It was a bed of mixed greens with shrimp on top. No snap peas, no tomatoes, no dressing. Mike had ordered a chicken salad with no bacon. We don't eat pork but guess what was on his salad.

Hunter's chicken fingers seemed to be the best and he ate every bit. We wasted almost an hour waiting for a meal that was disastrous from the start. My soup was good..

I spoke to the manager and he said they had been very short staffed in the kitchen. But even after talking to him, I asked 3 times for the dressing. He bought me more shrimp in the meantime and then, when I got the dressing I got more shrimp. By the time Mike got his food I was full from the grilled shrimp.

The manager gladly took care of our check and wrote us a letter to come back and try them again for up to $30. The sad part is that we went there all the time when we worked at Cracker Barrel after getting off. Great service, great staff. It sure has changed. I have to commend the manager for making it right. But what a waste of an evening.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!! I'm looking forward to catching up on the things I DIDN'T get done from getting home late

I do have to say I was so proud of Hunter. He had 2 milks and let us know several times when he had to potty. He was pretty good, considering he was ready for bed. He, gladly colored and hugged on Big Diego. I'm so thankful for that sweet Lil' boy:) He was the best part of our dinner:)
Good Nite!

What kind of things stop me from being creative?
-thinking about other things to do around the house
-spending time with my hubby and son. I can't stand cropping while Hunter is awake.
-an unorganized scrapbooking corner
-no MOJO
*What stops YOU from being Creative?*


Colleen said...

Sorry to hear your meal was so bad, but at least the manager was smart enough to take care of it and tried to get you back with a GC!

toners said...

I'm sorry about the meal! It's awful when that happens...our Applebee's has gone downhill too.

Benita said...

Our Applebee's is the same way, unfortunately :( I wouldn't doubt it if they end up going out of business if they don't change things!

Sherri Meyer said...

Sorry about Applebees...liked your challenge post