Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Looking Up

I saw my PaPa today and he looked better. He was awfully confused, after having Dialysis today and it was hard to see him talking about his experience. I just know that there are so many people praying for him and God is watching over him now.

On a lighter note, I've been working on plans for my bedroom. (it's helped to take my mind off things too lately) I'm hoping to have my bedroom painted by the end of the weekend. I found a soft, warm yellow today at Lowe's that looks perfect with my area rug. (Valspar Earth Elements EE2044A "Sunwashed") We also have to pull up the old floor molding and replace and get the bedroom floors refinished. I think we're going to rent the machine to do that one weekend. We already have new furniture in mind that we really like but wanted to get this done before for ease. Here's the Bedroom set we're looking at...

I love the wrought iron accents with it...so Home and Gardenish..LOL! It feels good to be working on something. I love painting and can't wait to get started. When we purchase our furniture, we're getting a new mattress set too. Our box spring broke, which has also ruined the mattress but after 8 years, it doesn't owe us a thing. I'm just looking forward to getting a good night's sleep again:)

Speaking of sleep, that's where I'm headed. Something went wonky with our lap top's network configuration so I have to use our desktop computer in the other room. I miss my laptop in bed, while watching the news:( I have cleaning to do tomorrow after work, bills to pay and planning on starting to move the furniture. I'm excited..I'm such a tomboy sometimes, the way I like working on the home projects:)

Good Night and have a wonderful Hump Day!

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Lynn said...

The new paint color sounds wonderful! I love to paint also. DH hates to. Love the bedroom set you picked out. Very nice. Love the wrought iron work also. Great touch.