Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun with Family

We ate at Piccadilly tonite for my Uncle Mark's birthday. Here's Hunter, LOVING some Chocolate pudding:) My Nanny, Pop and Aunt Kitty

We stopped by to see Mike's grandparents and Aunt afterwards. Doesn't Paw Paw look comfy??

Granny watches Hunter play and watch tv. It was almost his bedtime and he was getting sleepy

Ellen's blind by my flash
(It was dark and it kept firing test shots...Oh NO:)
Hunter took his shoes off and took a "nap"

Look at that laugh...he's so silly
Dinner was good at Piccadilly. They actually have it in my WW Dining Out guide. I was surprised but glad I could count my points. We stopped by Ellen's to see her and Granny and Paw Paw. It was fun and we were glad to see them. It was later than we normally stop by and I wish I had the time to stop by over the weekend. Granny seemed tired but she smiled and laughed a little at Hunter and that makes us happy. I LOVE her beautiful smile. It was near Hunter's bedtime so he was a little energetic. You know how they have to run off all that energy before going to bed.

We were ready to go and he decided he wanted to sing to them. Silly boy:)
It's good for him, though, as we're really working on his speech. It's getting better every day

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow off..I can't wait to go to Busch Gardens with my family.

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