Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What a frustrating night! I went to Linens and Things to pick up an online order I had placed and the colors were so off from the website. I decided to wait and be in a better mood before I made a decision. I asked 2 girls that worked at the store where the bed skirts were and they stood there and argued with each other and didn't even notice I walked off. Then, I go to do my exchange for another color and she calls the manager in the back. As I'm standing there, I realize she's taking her sweet little time because she's cleaning all her rings with Jewelry cleaner, RIGHT UP AT THE SERVICE DESK! She's brushing several rings while talking on the phone, dropping it several times since she's holding it with 2 fingers. I just laughed it off but I was in no mood to look at bedspreads and sheets. Here's the Coverlet that I bought..

I'll just go over the weekend and take care of it. I'm SO tired from cleaning this week. I got up at 6 this morning to collect and throw out 4 bags of trash. (Mostly old shredded bills from my floor since my filing cabinet broke) I've collected all the toys and baby stuff my SIL let me borrow and returned them, cleaned up our office and our bedroom, worked on laundry during lunch and ran some errands. WHEW! I wish I could rest on Thursday but I'll be paying bills and finishing cleaning. (and maybe going to see our grandfather again) Friday night, we're going to see Chicago on the Naval Base with some friends. It's another one of their free concert series..We have fun. It's nice to just sit back and enjoy the evening, provided it doesn't rain on us. We need it so bad. It would be just my luck to rain THEN. I love Chicago. They're awesome!! Saturday, we're planning to go to Water Country with some other friends, just for about half the day. Wishing I can get to painting while Mike studies.

I looked at my furniture tonite again and made sure they still had it in stock. They were actually having a big sale on mattresses so maybe they will still be on sale when we get ours. I can't WAIT to get one these tall Pillow top mattresses. I can't imagine how NICE it will be to sleep in so much COMFORT:)

I kinda like the Terrace Cherry finish more since it's not as dark as my Cherry Queen Anne Furniture I have now and it's so pretty. here's the other finish...

Alright, I'm tired and I've had a headache since this afternoon so I'm going to bed. Hunter has an eye appointment with the Specialist, Dr. Chamblee, to make sure he doesn't have the same birth defect as I do. I think it will be fine. He has never showed any signs of it but because it can be hereditary, she suggested he get checked.

Have a wonderful Thursday and SO GLAD to be "Over The Hump" this week

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