Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayers Please

This is our Pa Pa and I LOVE this smile of his. My son had it shortly after he was born. When I saw Hunter, I saw Pa Pa. Hunter has changed a bit but one thing that hasn't is the smile Pa Pa can put on his face. We go see him, our Granny and our Aunt Ellen every Sunday afternoon. We didn't go this past weekend because we were camping in Verona, Va. We missed them. My little boy looks forward to that visit every week, as we all do. We're not sure if we're helping them or they're helping us. It's nice to be with them. Well, Pa Pa is in the hospital and we could sure use some prayers. He goes to Dialysis three times a week, he's in his 90's and getting more frail every day. He's had a headache for a while that the Doctors can't seem to find out what is coming from. Now, he has Pneumonia, and it's serious. We're praying for him. This is the most beautiful smile that I LOVE him to show us.

This is Hunter, showing some love every week when he sees them.
He adores his grandparents!!

And here, he's telling him about a story he's read or heard. He loves to talk to them and
"show off". And we love to hear their stories when they were growing up.

Thanks, in advance for your prayers. We really appreciate them, as our Pa Pa (as well as ALL of our family) means the world to us. thanks and God Bless!!


Suzanne Webb said...

How sweet of you to take your son to see your pa pa every week, you can see their affection in the photos, sending good thoughts your direction...

Lisa Dorsey said...

Sending our prayers Jen.