Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Little Readers

Hunter is doing his Nightly reading in Mom and Dad's bed. He LOVES his Dora booksWhat's UP with the socks he picked out after his shower?
Hunter loves the way teachers read to him. He has said he wants to be a teacher someday. He likes to pretend to be reading to his class. He, especially, likes this with Hannah.
Hannah always enjoys our reading time at night. Here, she's watching Big Brother.

And here is Hunter, talking to his Lil Sister when he got up Wednesday morning. He likes to see her as soon as he wakes up and if she's awake, he'll turn her music on for her. She was singing right before I took this picture. My cute babies...

Busy day for today, since we're leaving tomorrow for Camping. We'll finish putting everything ready to go out tomorrow in the camper. We also need to pick up a couple groceries and a couple things from Target or Walmart.

I'm planning to have everyone's clothes ready for next week and make a couple meals to freeze for next week before we leave. It makes our schedule SO much easier. Hunter is having School pictures taken on Monday. I'm not sure what's he wearing yet but I'll have it ready before we leave. Tonight, we're having Lasagna, since Mike cooked it last night for us while I fed the baby.

I'm planning to take my Portrait album and add all of the pictures of the kids that I need to update. It's something I definitely need to catch up on and doesn't require a lot of stuff to take with me. (just some papers and my Cricut plus cartridges) I have all the portraits, all the Halloween Costume pictures, Easter bunny pictures and Santa pictures since Hunter was a baby. I still like to just sit and look at how much he's changed over the last four years. I'm looking forward to just getting away and enjoying time with the kids too. We usually go to the Apple Orchard and then, have some Fall/Halloween fun at the campground. Costume Contests, and Trick or Treating around the Campground. Can't wait!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!! It's my last day of the week at work...(doing the happy dance)!!


scrapperjen said...

Wonderful pictures - glad Hunter's a reader and I bet Hannah will be too.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Lily said...

Hannah looks very interested in the readings. I love that he's so into his little sis. Have fun camping!

Heather said...

Love the pictures. I always enjoy our nightly story time too. Have a good camping trip!

BonnieRose said...

those are some great pics... so sweet!