Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Honor of My Nanny Puckette

I just wanted to post a picture of my Nanny Puckette. Saturday, Mike and I will be honoring her by walking for The Alzheimer's Association. My Nanny and I have always been very close. I always loved staying with her at her house. She made the most delicious Oatmeal. It was JUST the right amount of sugar and butter. She used to ride the City bus downtown to get her hair done and I loved going with her. We'd go to Woolworth and have lunch. We'd shop afterwards, before going home. Now, she is in a Nursing home. We go see her every Sunday and Hunter looks forward to it. (Well, we all do) Most of the time, she recognizes us but regardless, she is always so friendly and eager to see us all. The kids light up her face. My memories of time spent with my Grandmother are more precious to me than anything.

It's been a while since I've blogged. I love hearing from my friends and family that they've read it. It really means a lot. It's just been busy and I try to spend every moment away from work with my family. They are really what's important to me. They are my world.

With the economy and growing prices for everything, we've been cutting back everywhere we can. We've been going out less and staying home more. For us, it means making coffee at home. It means having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches rather than eating out on weekends. It's having popcorn at home, rather than stopping for Ice Cream. Family nights are spent watching movies down in our den, snuggling and just being together. We giggle and laugh and hopefully, we're making the memories our kids will treausre. We love having learning time, coloring and puzzles on our kitchen table. I'm not sure who is having more fun..the kids or the PARENTS! Last Saturday, Hunter and I made some crafts and decorated for the Fall. We dressed up our steps with Hunters pumpkin, some gourds and Harvest corn and talked about Seasons. Our time is so precious. We did take a little time in the afternoon to walk around the Fall Festival and play on the playground when Mike got home from work. He's able to work a little more overtime to catch up on some of his projects. He had to work the entire weekend and although we could definitely use the money, we missed him. We had lots of fun when he got home.

I'd like to ask to please remember Mike's brother in prayer. He lives in another state and lost his job recently. The area they live in has been hit very hard by the current situation our Country is in. He has a family, and bills and a mortgage like many other people do. It's hard and it's scary. We're all remembering him and praying for him daily. Thanks for all your prayers!

Enjoy your day and God Bless. I'm so excited tomorrow is Friday. That means it's time for the weekend and time to enjoy my family again. Happy Thursday!!

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