Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two More Items Off My Shopping List....

We did a little Christmas shopping today and this is what we found....
This is the New Leap Pad Tag System and it's awesome. Hunter will love it. In fact, he looked at it today at Target and couldn't get enough of it. He's so close to reading, it's not even funny. He's known his alphabet for over a year and he counts to fifty. He knows how to spell Hunter, Hannah, cat, hat, go, stop and several other beginning words. He'd rather read than play any day. He LOVES books. And Dr. Seuss is his favorite author. I think he has every book of his. They fill up the entire bottom shelf of his bookcase. Mike and I opened this System tonight to check it out, read the instructions and install the software to download all the books. I can't wait to see his face when he sees this on Christmas Morning!!

And we got Hannah a Cd Player for her room. She loves music, just like her Big Brother. He still goes to bed with his Lullabies and loves it! I'm sure it's very soothing to them. I just love this particular one because it's so girly. Now, I'm officially DONE with the kids. These are the last "Santa" gifts so now I'm finished with them. I'm just trying to get done early this year since we're going to Disney World in December. But it's nice to be done anyway. I'm always picking up something I forgot at the last minute but this year, I'm determined to enjoy all the Festivities.
Friday night, we ended up going to Ruby Tuesday for Mike's birthday. It was great, although I missed the kids and our lazy Friday night. Grandma and Grandad kept them and they were in good hands. I was exhausted and we both went to bed minutes after coming home. ( I won $20 from work too so I was able to use it towards our Dinner, in our effort to not eat out as much and save money) Mike had to work Saturday so I took the kids to a Special Event through the After School Program that Hunter goes to. We met Don Roberts from Wavy TV 10. He's on the morning news that I watch every morning. He talked to the kids about Safety and then, they had some music and dancing. It was interesting and Hunter seemed to enjoy it. Here he is, in the background, doing the motions he had learned.

We enjoyed a nice Saturday night at home and to bed early again. Sunday, we went to Church, to visit with our Granny and Papa, and then home for a rest. Hunter took a nap after lunch while we cleaned up a bit. We got ready for our week and then, went to the Poquoson Seafood Festival for a quick bite of Seafood. I had a Crab Cake Sandwich, Hunter had Shrimp and Mike had Clam Strips. It was yummy! It wasn't too expensive either. I'm a Seafood Lover. We stopped by Target on the way home so I could get some ideas for Christmas for their gift. We, originally, went to look at the Leapster but was way pleased with what we found.
Hunter jumped around this really cool jump room at the Festival that had balloons and it had air blowing through it. He kept trying to catch a balloon but it was So hard. Here, he finally got one..

Well, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I'm headed to bed. I've got to get up early again on Monday, head downtown and pick up the paperwork for my Notary Renewal. Only four days for me at work this week so it should be nice. Friday, we're headed out camping, after picking up Hunter from School. We're going to Verona and I can't wait. I hope it will be pretty but it's calling for COLD and RAIN. It's usually warm but I'm ready for those Fall temps. The kids get to "Trick or Treat" around the campground Saturday. It's always alot of fun!! Hunter is going to be Cat in the Hat and Hannah is a Ladybug. Here's a picture of my Hannah, after Church today. Her tights were too big for some reason but I bought her some more so she should look better next time. I think she's wearing this dress Monday since we're celebrating Mike's birthday at Piccadilly for Dinner, where I have a Gift Card from my birthday. Her new tights are the new warm ones, that feel like socks. It's so much fun having a girl!!

OK, Good Night and have a great Monday!!


NancyJones said...

isnt it fun dressing up a little girl? happy bd to your hub and looks like yall had a fun weekend.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Sounds like some fun times for your family! Thanks for the great gift ideas!