Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Granny!

Yesterday was our Granny's birthday and I forgot to mention it here. We went and saw her last night and had a nice visit. I didn't bring my camera, which is rare, so these are some taken a while ago. She looks just as good. I try to take the camera every time because I know what a joy my pictures have been since my grandmother passed away. Pictures mean The World to me!
Granny with my "Love Bug"Mike bought me these flowers and surprised me when I got home. He's so sweet, he said he knows it's been a tough time since Nanny passed away. They brightened my day!
I am so glad today is Friday, and we have Monday off!! I'd like to make some Chili and stay home for the most part Saturday. Any running around I have to do will hopefully, be in the morning. Hannah needs a toy box for her room. I want to finish up my cleaning around the house and have some fun. We usually clean on Thursday nights unless we've done it another night. This week, we were so tired. So, we just have a little picking up and then, some organizing. I want to tidy up my craft area and get some work done in my scrapbooks. I also have a couple cards to make and I'd like to play with my Cricut. I'm sure Hunter will want to "knock me out" in Wii Boxing. He's so cute, he tells me he would only knock someone out in a game and NOT in real life. How funny! Hannah has her Dedication at Church on Sunday and a friend of ours is taking some family pictures of us afterwards. I'm looking forward to it and I'll have pictures on Monday.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you do. God Bless!

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Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh Jenn, what sweet pictures of your Granny! Would love to have a quiet day tomorrow but K has a meet and we have to be there at 6:45! Relax for me OK? LOL