Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just wanted to share the poem my mother wrote in memory of my grandmother and she read at the Funeral. It really describes my Nanny Puckette perfectly.

We're here today with a heavy heart,
To say goodbye to a wonderful part..
Of all of our lives for many years,
But we must explain why we shed these tears.
She was MOTHER to Andy, Larry, and Doug..
Never her responsibility did she shrug.
Always greeting you with a hug and a smile..
Laying her sewing down for a while...
To head for the kitchen to cook JUST FOR YOU..
How she could make a FEAST in an hour or two!
Loving grandmother and GREAT-grandma too...
Wanting to help...what can I do?
I remember years ago when our Jennifer was sick..
I'd call Mrs. Puckette and oh so quick..
She'd offer to keep her while to work I would go..
Never would I worry, for I would know..
That she would soon fix her that famous oatmeal..
And play UNO for ours 'til better she'd feel!
My parents always knew that at Christmas, just ask..
"Mrs. Katie" to cook the was never a task.
What a hard worker with not much reward.
Never considering herself really poor.
But making you think everything was "just fine"..
And never complaining about the "bad" times.
Mrs. Puckette, you were the kind of Mother-In-Law,
Who made me feel that in me you saw..
Someone who would be a good wife to your son..
Something that I've always hoped that I've done.
So now as you go to your HEAVENLY home..
You'll finally be RICH by that heavenly throne.
Thank you for the pleasure of knowing you on Earth..
I don't think you every knew just what you were worth!
I love you, Dianne.

Written by Dianne Puckette


Kerry McKibbins said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman. I'm so sorry for your loss.

rmslil said...

your mom always writes the best poems , what a great tribute