Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

These are my grandmother's wedding rings and they were given to me after she passed away. The stone is gone but the metal/gold and diamond aren't what's important to me. It means so much to me to have something that belonged to her. Something that she wore for many years of her life. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with them but I think I'm definitely going to replace the stone. This December, Mike and I will be married for ten years so maybe I'll get a new stone and it serve as a special wedding set for me. I know it's hard to tell here but it's so dainty. It's very delicate on the sides and it means so much to me.

This last week has been very hard. I know my Nanny Puckette isn't hurting anymore. I'm sure she's rejoicing and wouldn't want to HEAR of us being sad. She'd want me to remember all the wonderful times that we shared, which we've all been doing since she got sick. We just miss her so much. She was such a special person and I know that we will think of her for years. It just seems so strange to not be able to go see her. Hunter has asked about her several times. I know he seems fine. He asked last weekend if we could call her on the phone. I let him know he could pray and God would relay the message to Nanny. How sweet. That child ADORES all his family. I think I'm going to make a special album in memory of her.

On a lighter note, it looks like we may get some Winter Weather but not sure if we'll actually get some snow. I'm just glad it's Thursday and we're close to the week's end. This weekend, I'm hoping to make a big pot of Chili Saturday and have some Wii fun at home. We've had a blast lately playing Wii Sports with Hunter. We might run out for just a little bit for a little shopping. We're thinking about taking a Disney Cruise at the end of the year for our ten year anniversary so we may try to stop by a Travel Agency. No definite plans yet. Sunday, Hannah is being dedicated at Church. We're looking forward to it since we're going to try to get some Family Pictures afterwards.

Have a good Thursday and PRAY we get some snow. COLD COLD temps coming. God Bless!

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