Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are there still only 24 hours in a day?

What a day...We were busy ALL DAY LONG! We woke up this morning around 8:30, which is early for us on a Saturday, and had pancakes..Yummy. Mike likes to make breakfast for us on weekends. He went outside, afterwards, to work on some power washing he had started this week. He had already done the entire front of our house and then, this morning he started working on our privacy fence. Hunter and I watched Blues Clues for a little while and then went out and sat on the back porch to watch for a while. Mike got both gate sides finished and then, we headed inside for an early lunch; grilled cheeses and leftover cake. We went to Water Country for a little while. We live less than 10 minutes away so it's nice to have passes and go whenever we want. We had alot of fun! We were only there about two and a half hours but it was enough for Hunter to be able to run some energy off (and have a ball while doing so) and then take a good nap. We weren't even out of the parking lot before he was asleep. After we get out of the water for the last time, we dry him off and change him into his little terry cloth romper with a hood and he falls asleep almost as soon as he sits still. (It looks so comfy, I'd love to have one:) I gave him a bath when we got home and his usual massage and then down he went for a nap. Since he was a baby, I always give him a massage after his bath with his lotion and powder. HE LOVES IT. The nurses taught us how in the hospital when he was born and when they were teaching us about giving the baby a bath. We have a set routine every night so after his bath, he knows to expect it. We only spend maybe five minutes with it but you can tell how it soothes him, even now at two and a half. Then, Mike and I went to work outside in the back yard. Mike was still working on power washing the fence so I told him I'd cut the back yard grass. He started it for me while I took care of Hunter. We hadn't cut the grass in a while so of course, it took me forever, and I had to change the bag a bunch. We went through
-8- bags of grass clippings to finish JUST the back yard but it looks AWESOME! I know most women don't like to work in the yard but I love it. I love cutting the grass more than anything. I think I just like to sit back after our work is done and just marvel about what we have accomplished together as a team. Mike and I have always loved doing yard work together and then sitting in our little corner to see the difference it's made. We worked until 7:30 and then, finally, got cleaned up and went to dinner. Hunter woke up about an hour before and we let him run all over the yard. He was kicking the soccer ball and playing on his swing set. He even "pretended" to help me move the furniture from our screened in porch so I could clean it. I swept that out real good but tomorrow we are going to power wash that and clean it up really well. When it's nice in the evenings, we eat outside sometimes. Plus, Hunter has some toys out there that he likes to play with. We're also going to clean out our flower beds and get them ready for fall flowers and mulching. I may post some more pics of the house tomorrow, after we are completely done. Overall, we got so much accomplished. The grass is cut, Mike got most of the power washing done, he washed all three cars and the camper, we had tons of fun with Hunter and I may make it to bed before 11. We went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. It was so good but I can tell I don't have my total appetite back yet. I finished almost all my sandwich and I was full! Since I'm dieting, I think it's great that I eat less and get full now. Hopefully, I can get back on schedule tomorrow. I've been pretty good but Mike bought me a small round cake for my birthday that we finished off today, with some Reese Cup Ice Cream for lunch. It was yummy, but I can't take alot of rich foods like Mike can. He has SUCH a sweet tooth. It's cute to watch him too with a treat. He's like a kid in a candy store:) Anyway, I hope everyone had a good day today. I was just in the mood to document what we accomplished. I love this purple flower in my yard. This is now a beautiful tree in the back corner of my yard. When I got it, it was a stick. I got it free from a horticulture club and it, literally, looked like a stick in the yard. Mike and I laughed today at how far that tree has come. The bell is from my grandfather. My grandparents have one at their house and everyone in the family loved it. So, when he found some somewhere, he bought us all one. I love it. It really has special memories, and Hunter LOVES to ring the bell. Good Night:)

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