Friday, September 15, 2006

Long Week..Maybe Long Weekend

Just thought I'd post a pic of my Hunter laughing with his daddy:) We were playing the other night with him and he really hammed up. It has been SUCH a long week. We've been gone a couple nights taking care of stuff, trying to redecorate the entire house it seems. We got some new tables for our den last weekend but I need new lamps. Plus, that room is a mess because tonite, we pick up new tables for our living room. Then, tomorrow, I'm trying to convince the hubby to let me do some painting. We wanted to go camping next weekend but we
really need to work around here. We may try to finish up this week. We hoped to be working on our bathroom by now but looks like we will need to replace our floor in our hall and kitchen soon. Then, probably some new carpeting. Are we moving? No, but it seems like it I'm sure. We just want to update our home and have it look a little more modern. I'm excited about the new look. I know our house is our best investment but it sure feels like the money pit sometimes:) The truth is, we love working on it together. I'm glad my hubby and I share that love for hard work and doing so many things together. But it makes for long weekends for us. Hopefully, we can get it a good part of it done and enjoy Saturday night together. (We get most of our work done while Hunter is taking a nap or after he's gone to bed; I hate doing anything while he's awake. That's my "Hunter Time" :) We have some plans with friends on Sunday and so that day is pretty full. I'm tired and really want to chill out tonite..huh! My dad has been out of town and comes back tonite. I KNOW he'll want to have dinner with us somewhere so he can see the little boy. He has withdrawals, as he calls it and I wouldn't dream of depriving him of seeing Hunter. He and my mom are such a big part of his life. We went to dinner at my favorite, Ruby Tuesday's last night. I had yummy brocolli and cheese soup and salad bar. It was nice to relax with "The Boys". Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm so glad to be feeling much better, except for a sore throat. That's just allergies's that time again. Hot one day and cool the next. Looking forward to just the cool. Gotta look for those fall candles to decorate with and burn now...Take care!

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