Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another New Start

Well, I finally did it. I rejoined Weight Watchers. I went regularly before having Hunter but stopped going to meetings when I found out I was pregnant. I DID still follow the diet during pregnancy since my OB/GYN thought the program is wonderful. I'm happy to report that after having a 10 pound 6 ounce, 2 weeks early little boy, I only gained 27 pounds, thanks to Weight Watchers. I've been eating healthy with my family for a while but thought it was time I got the motivation and support that really helps me. I can't wait to start, and Mike is following it with me so that makes life so much easier. I'm thankful for our healthy lifestyle that we have tried to pass on to our son. I think it's so important right now while he goes through such an impressionable age. (of course, it's NO problem for Hunter since he LOVES fruits and veggies:)

I made this card for my friend, Lynn that our office is going to sign. She lost an aunt who was, also a very special friend. She had Cancer and she will be missed by so many people. Please remember her in prayer, as she is at the funeral today.

Ok, Gotta run to work. Hope everyone has a great day. I'm SO looking forward to starting my "OFFICIAL" diet today:)

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La Tonya said...

Good luck! I've just joined Weight Watchers too:) Love your card, too cute!